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Iker Viderique

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  1. xbox1x

    Hey about the escorpio edition is like a new generatin of consoles or is just like an xbox one s that looks better?
  2. Hi Fox I love your idea of bringing back old games and prove new ones for future events so my suggestion is first Halo (I have all of them except the halo wars series), Killing Floor 2 that is a new games that I just bougth recently is very fun basically is Doom+Call of duty Zombies but with 10000 more explosions and 10000000 more dumb fun. Also i would like to suggest for honor, but the peer to peer conection is kind of horrible so no thanks I hope this suggestions were helpful. PD: here some memes
  3. Rigth now the games that i got are: Battlefield 4 Farcry 4 cod modern warfare 1 y 2 Halo 4 Halo reach Halo aniversary Assassins creed 3 Assassins creed black flag Titanfall Red dead redemption Destiny
  4. Well hello My name is iker rigth now I´m 16 years old I´m a huge fan of videogames, I grow up with them and in the future I want them to be my job. I´m originaly from Mexico but now I´mliving in Canada so excuse me if I make some gramatical errors I still getting use to the english. Now I´m an Xbox 360 player coming soon I´m going to buy an Xbox one and my gamer tag is PoisonousSkate7 I know it is weird and if someone have some time to show me the forum i will appreciate it very much. PD: yes, is my first time in a forum or a web page like this one