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  1. youtube haters, content

    I couldn't agree more with you two. It's sad to see Joe being hurt by his own audience like this, and think that all of his hard work isn't appreciated, when it clearly is. Joe, you're mah man. Just keep on being awesome, the way you always have, and the people that have always supported you will keep on supporting you. No. Matter. What. Don't let yourself be discouraged by a really loud and toxic minority that are better off unsubscribing anyways.
  2. It's a low-budget indie game made by 2 developers. It's kinda like Counter Strike and Rainbow Six Siege, where there are 2 teams fighting each other in a round-based match setup. One team has an objective to achieve and the other team needs to prevent them. Only this game, it focuses a lot on stealth. Surprisingly fun and immersive stealth. But hands-down the best feature in the game is a region-based microphone system. This basically means that when someone talks, you need to be close to them to actually hear them. You do have walkie talkies to talk to your whole team though, but the enemy can still hear you if they're close. It all adds up to an actual immersive experience, sharing tactical information with your team. What to do, where enemies are, who's dead, so on. Now, that's fine and all, but where this game shines much more is with its community (albeit small). The community is an incredible fun bunch that will often make the game very hard to take seriously, and I love them for it. You can be a guard in a security room and hear in the faint distance "I'm comin' for dat booty, boiiiii!", or you can spawn and see someone instantly ragdoll-dive to their death as they shout "I AM THE MAAaaan who sold the wooooorld...". Me myself, I've embraced my inner Arnold impression pretty much full-time while playing. Sometimes, teams will even get together to partake in some fun activities, like blowing ourselves to space with all of our C4 combined. It's really great. Here's a great example of what I'm talking about: Now, the game isn't on Steam, so you need to register on this website to get the game. https://superbossgames.com/intruder/ It's only 10 dollars, and it's really worth it in my experience. I've played nonstop for 3 days since I got it. There's usually only 1 server with active players in it, so if you pick up the game, then listen for the crazy Arnold impersonator.
  3. Wait, they LITERALLY had to shoot that rooftop scene 68 times!? I thought that was just an exaggerated joke! Well then, this movie just turned a lot more interesting.
  4. There already is an unofficial clan though, with around 50 members.
  5. Well, like last time I had this issue (in GTAV), I decided to wait until the next day and see if the issue persisted, and like last time, it was completely fine again. Guess my PC just isn't feeling like giving 100% every day... lazy bum
  6. 7.9 GB, according to the task manager.
  7. So today, I got about 10 minutes into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided before I got a memory warning, which then closed Steam to make room for more memory. Then, a few minutes later, the game just crashed, with the same memory warning popping up. I try shutting down the PC for about 30 minutes, restarting, closing pretty much anything that isn't the game, it crashes at the end of the loading screen (in-game tram ride loading screen). This has never happened before, and I've played the game for 20 hours through about 5-7 sessions. I mean, my PC isn't the best, but I can run it on high graphics with fine framerate, and the game tends to stutter a bit if I have any other processes doing anything after playing a while, but nothing like this. I remember having a similar problem with GTAV a while ago, but that was after leaving the PC on for the whole night. This time I didn't, so I dunno whut todooooooo!
  8. Well, the series started in 2003 so I'm pretty sure it's just a coincidence... a damn big coincidence.
  9. Took me a good 20 episodes to notice this, lol!
  10. Thanks!
  11. You know, at the end of every Angry Joe video, Joe shouts "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" while slowly pointing down at the description as a metal song is playing.
  12. ...There are several series!?
  13. I love the way he screams
  14. The TennoLive stream from yesterday's TennoCon started off with this incredibly awesome gameplay reveal: OPEN WORLD!!! We go from small rooms and corridors randomly generated into a maze of a level, TO THIS!!! This could be the single most incredible change to the game... EVER! And that's saying a lot given its 5 year active updating and content additions! The developers even said they're aiming at making an open world area like this for every planet! SUHFSIUFHASPGJSDOGHRTDIGSOEFSD
  15. Unlike most people, I can actually manage not buying a brand new game at full price for one whole month. That's because most of the games I play, I play A LOT of, and I only buy games when their prices have dropped, and have a sale. There's only veeery specific games I'd have to be super hyped for to buy on release.