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  1. I want to get a wireless headset with good audio and microphone. I like to watch movies together with my online friends, and if I had a wireless headset I could do that on my couch with my TV instead of my PC desk. Any good recommendations?
  2. Warframe, TF2, GTAV... Spiral Knights
  3. Is Captain Marvel necessary to see before this one? Because I really don't wanna have to dodge spoilers for 3 months.
  4. Uhh... You're about 12 years late to the party...
  5. ...Are you me?
  6. I never see him around here anymore. Looks like he hasn't been online in months either :c Miss ya man
  7. Just another nail in EA's coffin at this point. I have absolutely no faith in anything with their name on it anymore. Sad... just sad.
  8. I played it for a couple hundred hours, since it's my friend's favorite game. Was never that invested in it though. Every time I play it, it just gets kind of... boring after a while. Might be the MMORPG gameplay I'm just not used to.
  9. So uncivilized
  10. *Unexpectedly lands behind you* Hello there!
  11. boi you just pulled a Skyrim 2 with that title
  12. This was so great! Just the first chapter, and I spent like 4 hours just getting through it! Can't wait for the rest!
  13. I wouldn't put it past them to do something like that...
  14. Okay... firstly, I was completely sure this was a spambot post until I noticed your user stats. Secondly... You kinda forgot to mention what game you're talking about.
  15. Ahhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck! That's really disappointing...