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  1. Your lack of commas and punctuation really bothers me... As for what I think, I'm fine with Fallout 4's graphics, and that has to do with perspective. Almost all the fans crying salty tears about Fallout 4's graphics has the perspective of the 'standard' of graphics at the time of its release, while I have the perspective of improvement over the graphics of previous games. My point is, Fallout 4 has FAR better graphics than Fallout 3, and that's the only thing I think matters. Sure, if you look at some generic screenshots you might think otherwise, but Fallout 3 honestly looked dull. Sure, some models might have had some decent quality, along with textures, but if you look at things like the landscapes, colour filters, lighting and shading, reflections, there's definitely a big difference. Not to mention the completely rigid and stiff animations literally everywhere in Fallout 3. But we do need a new engine. Not for graphics, no, that could be an added bonus. But we need a new engine that can actually handle indoor environments together with the outside world, so we don't have to sit through a minute of loading every time we enter a shop! The new engine should also optimize loading times as well, for consoles at least. The other thing is, it needs to be stable. It shouldn't be unplayable at release, it shouldn't crash randomly that often, and it shouldn't be littered with progression-stopping bugs. That's why TES:VI needs a new engine, not because of 'greeephix'.
  2. I have never seen characters being aware of me restarting a game before...
  3. Thanks, this is really helpful! I've only had GTA installed for around 4 months though, with no mods or anything. I've also already made sure nothing's big's been unnecessarily taking up processing power, and absolutely all graphics options are either at their lowest possible, or disabled, including everything you mentioned. I don't know much about overclocking, but isn't it something you should generally avoid? I see people selling CPUs writing "never overclocked" as if that makes such a big difference. And finally, how does the i7-3770k perform compared to the i5-3570k? Does it need much more power, or cooling?
  4. @Crazycrab @Apex Spartan Alright, so I ran the program Crab suggested, and it passed on everything. Also, I used Process Explorer to track performance during some game testing. After about an hour of playing DOOM on High graphics settings, this is the results: After about an hour of playing GTA V on low settings (using about 25% of the video memory) this is the results: And it was just barely starting to stutter. It can get much worse if I play it long enough. So,what's the verdict?
  5. So last year I upgraded my computer with a new CPU and GPU. The old ones I had were GeForece GTX 650, and Intel Pentium G2030, and the new ones I got were GeForce 970 and Intel i5-3570k. They both work fantastically, as I can perfectly run games like Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and DOOM. However, when I play GTA V, after a couple of hours of completely smooth frames on max settings, it will start stuttering horrendously when driving longer distances, crashing, shooting / getting shot etc, and it's really annoying. I fear this might be a problem with my new processor, as I bought it used (the graphics card was used too, but very little, and it was handled pretty professionally imo). What do you guys think? Should I run some diagnostics or something to get a more accurate estimate of the problem I'm having? In that case, what tools should I use for that?
  6. Take a look at this video, it should cover pretty much everything you're asking. I've linked it to where the relevant info starts, roughly at the 10-minute mark, and ends on the 20-minute mark.
  7. help

    I don't know, something seems dodgy about that "wish" website you get them from. I keep seeing the exact same keyboards at different prices, some up to 10x the 'regular' price, but discounted massively so it's actually close to that. I have a feeling those keyboards are gonna be cheap as hell with China quality... Plus, those Enter buttons are way too small imo.
  8. help

    So something seriously annoying has gone wrong with my current keyboard: The A button gets stuck if I press it too hard, making me have to 'scoop' it back out, and it happens very often. It's a Trust GXT 280. So... now I have to get a new one, thanks to 1 button :/ I have some requirements of what I'd like the keyboard to have. #1 is length. It needs to be no bigger than my current one, which I think is 50cm wide, and that already needs to be slightly sticking out of my desktop plate. #2 is LED-lights on the buttons, so I can easily see what buttons I'm pressing in my poorly lit room. (preferably red lights) #3 is sturdiness. I don't want my new keyboard to start falling apart in 1 year. #4 is, well, price. It doesn't have to be wireless, or have a crazy design, as that just adds to the price unnecessarily. Appreciate any suggestions you guys can give me c:
  9. People should know that major online games get changed a lot over time. Hell, even in the review Joe says that it will probably get changed, so at that point all the viewers have to do is look at the date of the review and put two-and-two together.
  10. I can't tell if this is surreal art on par with Picasso, or a very rough sketch
  11. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnope. Effect is a subject and Affect is an action. To help remember this in the future, try keeping the phrase "The effect affects..." in mind. The effect affects an effective effect that affects an effect. As for the OP, I hope Bethesda has considered some of the critical feedback regarding Fallout 4 when moving onto the next Elder Scrolls. Some of Fallout 4's changes (and lack thereof) is something I REALLY don't want to carry over to the next Elder Scrolls.
  12. Well, it's not exactly boring. My heart was pounding with every shocking realization. You do need to pay close attention though.