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  1. Alright then, I'll get to it once I finish watching all seasons of Dexter
  2. What the- No... not that... I'll try asking my brother about it next time I visit him. He's much older than me so he might've played it enough to remember the title.
  3. I remember years ago I just loved watching Samurai Jack on CN, but it's been so long, I hardly remember any of it. I really want to check out the 'reboot' (though it's technically a continuation), but I don't know if I should see the original series first. The plot of the reboot might feel weird with a lot of things I don't remember, or it might be very open to new watchers... I could get really into the series by starting to watch the reboot and then regret not starting out with the original first... The reboot might have a completely different style that makes trying to watch the original awkward (like playing an old game after its brand new sequel). I don't know guys. If anyone's seen the reboot, I'd love some input (though no spoilers from either shows! >:3)
  4. Nah, that's not it. I played it somewhere around 2001-2003, but I'm pretty sure it was a 90s game. Graphics were at the very least 1995 and up.
  5. No, that's not it. It wasn't a shooter, but some kind of platformer or something. Maybe a puzzle game. But I think the beach level might be the only level in the game, except the pyramid, but I don't remember going inside it, though it does appear at the beach just like I drew. The cops would just ignore you after you ran far enough away from them, so no wanted system.
  6. None of those games look close, it had a much more colourful and cartoony style. And yes... I am being serious. And I really doubt my brother would let me play porn games at the age of 5-7. It was on Windows 1998 I believe.
  7. @Crazycrab Alright, take a look
  8. @Crazycrab I sh*t you not, those are the very details I remember clearly. Hell, I could make a quick drawing based on my memory.
  9. Okay so I've had this one particular game on my mind for a while now. I remember it as one of the first games I ever played, but I've never seen or heard about it since, and I have no idea what it's called. Let me try describing it to see if any of you can recognize it. It's an old 90s PC game with 3rd person platforming. You play as this weird orange/red midget man on a big beach with big wooden platforms and railways all around. I remember there are kids throughout this beach making sandcastles that you could destroy, but if you did these hot police babes would chase and attack you. I also remember at some point later in the game, a large black mechanical pyramid shows up hovering at the shore and you have to do some stuff under it or something. I also remember this very distinct pain sound when you took damage. A manly voice high-pitching a clear and short "Owh!" Here's a quick sketch based on my memories: That's all I got, good luck.
  10. Windows 10
  11. Hyper Light Drifter! Just... LOOK AT THIS!
  12. Your lack of commas and punctuation really bothers me... As for what I think, I'm fine with Fallout 4's graphics, and that has to do with perspective. Almost all the fans crying salty tears about Fallout 4's graphics has the perspective of the 'standard' of graphics at the time of its release, while I have the perspective of improvement over the graphics of previous games. My point is, Fallout 4 has FAR better graphics than Fallout 3, and that's the only thing I think matters. Sure, if you look at some generic screenshots you might think otherwise, but Fallout 3 honestly looked dull. Sure, some models might have had some decent quality, along with textures, but if you look at things like the landscapes, colour filters, lighting and shading, reflections, there's definitely a big difference. Not to mention the completely rigid and stiff animations literally everywhere in Fallout 3. But we do need a new engine. Not for graphics, no, that could be an added bonus. But we need a new engine that can actually handle indoor environments together with the outside world, so we don't have to sit through a minute of loading every time we enter a shop! The new engine should also optimize loading times as well, for consoles at least. The other thing is, it needs to be stable. It shouldn't be unplayable at release, it shouldn't crash randomly that often, and it shouldn't be littered with progression-stopping bugs. That's why TES:VI needs a new engine, not because of 'greeephix'.
  13. I have never seen characters being aware of me restarting a game before...
  14. Thanks, this is really helpful! I've only had GTA installed for around 4 months though, with no mods or anything. I've also already made sure nothing's big's been unnecessarily taking up processing power, and absolutely all graphics options are either at their lowest possible, or disabled, including everything you mentioned. I don't know much about overclocking, but isn't it something you should generally avoid? I see people selling CPUs writing "never overclocked" as if that makes such a big difference. And finally, how does the i7-3770k perform compared to the i5-3570k? Does it need much more power, or cooling?