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  1. Alright, I just played GTAV for 3 hours, and there was hardly any stuttering at all, and when it did, the stutters were very quick and short, so it wasn't really annoying me at all. I checked temperature while playing, and the highest I saw was 76 degrees. So unless you got something to add, I think I can finally write off this topic as resolved C:
  2. Well I ran the OpenGL tests on all 4 ratios, and only after the CPU tests. What exactly does this "480 cp" number mean? Ran the test again at 3,8 and I got 480 instead of the 477 I got before.
  3. Alright, I've done all of this now, and after running tests at 3,4 Ghz (normal), 3,6 Ghz, 3,7 Ghz, and 3,8 Ghz (max), here are the results: Is it just me or does it look like 3,8 is actually worse than 3,7? I could run the tests again the next time I'm having a long GTA session.
  4. I think I'd like something more basic than Sony Vegas
  5. I've recently started recording some stuff with Shadowplay, and am now looking into video editing software. I downloaded Filmora, and even finished a little project with it, and I'm liking it so far, but it puts this obnoxiously big watermark on your videos with the trial version. Any other recommendations?
  6. Hello New! xdddddddddddddddddd But seriously, welcome aboard m8!
  7. @kaz32 Aaaaahhhh, I see. Must've missed that review
  8. This has seriously been puzzling me for months...
  9. Honestly, I'm just so damn excited to find out how terrible this game is going to be. It's like an actual thing I'm looking forward to! I'm legitimately excited for the game to come out, so we can all completely bash it together!
  10. Well, would you look at that? It's been a year now! Alright, I'm bringing up this topic again because although GTAV performs well now and it takes more time for the stuttering to start, and it's not all that frequent, it's still annoying, and I'm willing to spend some munneh on some processor and/or RAM cards if I have to, but first I want to give overclocking a try. So... I would appreciate if my crazy crabby IT expert (or anyone else) could walk me through that process. How do? Where do? How much do? How good for 500w PSU?
  11. Opening up a topic titled "F*** that game" with Angry Joe's favorite game of the year... yu gon get bashd son
  12. I've recently started using Shadowplay to record some fun footage of this silly Gmod-esque indie game where microphone usage is a huge deal, but I've set it up to have 3 different Push-To-Talk keys in game. First is C, which is default, second is Mouse 1 if you have a walkie-talkie out, and third is Mouse uh... whatever makes your browser go back. Just for convenience in all situations. However, Shadowplay can only have one Push-To-Talk key, and it won't allow mouse buttons to be used either. Are there any workarounds for this? I would just have Shadowplay mic always on, but my mic records a lot of white background noise and I can literally hear every key press, breath, lipsmack, and saliva I swallow. Shouldn't there be some sensitivity options in Shadowplay? How about external software? I've tried a program that blocks my mic until I press set keys, but that was very limited to what keys I could set it to, like Shadowplay. Maybe there are other, better programs out there that do the same thing, but to the extent I'm actually looking for. Anyone have any idea?
  13. Because they're still probably working on the fundamental parts of it. They show what's ready in each trailer. First trailer was simple, it just had an environment, the protagonist, and the baby (and the footprints). Later they settled for the style of the enemies, and fleshed out the settings more, and thus we got to see them in the 2nd trailer. Now with the 3rd trailer, they've fleshed out the story and settings even more. Point is, they'll show gameplay when they're settled on what the gameplay will be, and actually making it. That can take a surprisingly long amount of time, you know.
  14. Alright, looks like there are newer drivers since when I bought this thing. I'll see if that fixed it.