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  1. For me, nothing's topped Update 14's total facelift of the whole game, with player ships, UI rework, and the introduction of quests and Vor's Prize. Specters Of The Rail came close (yes, I count that as a separate update, otherwise just "U19" would've beat it for sure), but this update really might be it. However, we should probably stop derailing this topic any further. If you wanna go on you can PM me instead c:
  2. Man, I can't wait! This could be the greatest update in the game's history! Might even take Update 14's place as my new favorite update c:
  3. Yayy, he's back! People can lower their pitchforks now! Honestly, I'm actually glad this game turned out like this. Makes me proud to be a Warframe player :3
  4. I know you're probably right, but you can't deny the irony levels in that line, lol.
  5. I'm seriously trying to think of a single Metroidvania game I've played...
  6. Alright then, scratch the mission editor. As long as it has vehicle control and AI squad command. Ghost Recon Wildlands is something that was kinda there, but that game has some shortcomings, and is currently very expensive. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was on consoles, but they really screwed that one up. There's not even any vehicle control. It seems that after Operation Flashpoint, Codemasters kept the franchise while Bohemia Interactive kept the talent and made ARMA, lol.
  7. My brother's looking for a game like the ARMA series and the old Operation Flashpoint, but they're not on consoles. Anyone know of any similar games? They're like open-world military simulators with very detailed mission editors.
  8. I've enjoyed Gabriel Iglesias, Jeff Dunham, Bill Burr, and Louis CK so far. Any other recommendations you can make based on that? Say, what would your top 3 Stand-up artists be, apart from those I listed already? Also, it's a big plus if it's available on Netflix.
  9. Ah, alright
  10. No Warframe? :<
  11. I think half a century is starting to be a little too late...
  12. Yeah, but I'm thinking like, maybe someone back then had the idea of downloading all the episodes from the website, or something like that.
  13. This is your first post, huh? So you literally went through the trouble of registering on the Angry Army Forums just to ignorantly post your raging demands.
  14. Uhm... future preservation? While on that subject, I have a slightly related issue. Something that hasn't been preserved is all the original Angry Reviews from the old website. From what I know, there are around 20 Angry Reviews that were never uploaded to AJ's channel, and pretty much all of the early reviews get cut off short because of Youtube's old 10-minutes-only rule. Anyone have any idea if there's any place I can watch all the old reviews?