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  1. Already beat ya to it, m8. It was awesome indeed. I really like Rick's character, how he appears cold and uncaring, but secretly cares about his friends. Also, deep down he has some seriously screwed up shit, as seen in the 'Party' episode and the end of the 'Unity' episode. Will get started on BoJack Horseman now too, since that's also on Netflix in Norway :>
  2. Almost thought this was some triggered Tumblr user judging by the title...
  3. It's supposed to be a serious moonbase maintenance simulator, but since it has a text-to-speech voice in the chat system it's become famous for being nothing but chat spamming all sorts of random stuff, particularly the name "John Madden". There's loads of hilarious videos of it on youtube, check it out.
  4. My favorite Text based game is Moonbase Alpha. . . . . Cmon, don't try to tell me anyone does anything in this game except spam the chat with dank may-mays.
  5. CA $ 48,076 / 50,000 34 hours to go. It's definitely going to make it. Just 12 hours and it got 2k, and it just needs 2k more, which it's gonna get within 12 more hours, giving it almost a whole 24-hour day to spare. I pledged 29$ myself just now. Why not.
  6. It's got 1,6k more now, 10 hours later. If it keeps on going like this, it should get ~53,000 total at the deadline.
  7. The Kickstarter page says it's at 41,722 / 50,000, which is about 2k more than when I posted my first comment. I guess I could at least try the demo then
  8. Okay, yeah, Rick And Morty is pretty great. Luckily it's on Netflix here in Norway, so I get to watch it with no hassle. 6 episodes in so far, and man, I can't believe they literally just screwed up their own reality and abandoned it.
  9. Huh, 10,000 dollars in 3 days seems unlikely unless they do some really good promotion. Looks kinda interesting though, but I'm not a big fan of Dark Souls-like gameplay and brutal difficulty myself.
  10. Clicked topic expecting 4k resolution Kappa icon. I am disappoint.
  11. After watching this Nostalgia Critic editorial (I know, kinda odd place to post, but I feel much more established here on this Forum) I've started considering watching BoJack Horseman. What are your thoughts about it? Without spoilers, of course e_e I mean, I have this issue where I'm kinda turned off by weird odd visuals and artstyles, and BoJack Horseman looks really uh... odd. It's a problem that can easily go away if I catch onto the show fast enough, but is it worth it?
  12. I've only played the 3D games (and imo the whole "2D vs 3D" war is kinda ridiculous), and I have to say that I liked New Vegas the best. Fallout 3 had a better and more interesting introduction to the world, but I liked the story, sidequests, and DLC of New Vegas much more. Another minor (yet major) difference is that passing Dialogue checks isn't a chance that gets higher with the skill, it's a lock on a specific level, which means you can't just quicksave and load a bunch of times no matter your level, and it made those magazines you could collect very valuable, something I thoroughly enjoyed. Passing a dialogue check felt really satisfying, and there's quite a lot of them in New Vegas.
  13. Actually, I saw the first episode today (and marathoned the rest ewe). That flashback wasn't from any of the older episodes. They just made it up. They had probably planned to have an episode showing how that happened before making the 50-year gap back in 2004, if that even was the plan back then. That last episode doe... E X T R A T H I C C
  14. Fell over a cliff? Huh, that sounds like the episode where Jack climbs a snowy mountain with 3 monks and almost gives up on his quest as the cold gets to him. He wedges the sword into the mountainside during a fight with an ice/rock golem thing and later falls down and has to climb back up to get it. Other than that, there's an episode where Aku gets a hold of the sword in a cursed graveyard and fights Jack head-on with it, along with viking Draugr-like zombies. There's an episode where a rabbit steals the sword (and his coat) and he has to chase after it naked. Then there's the final possibility I can think of, where Jack and Aku are in a fist fight in human form in a desert area, and Jack hides his sword in the sand, along with a bunch of fake swords he scatters around to trick Aku with later. Ring any bells? Ah, doesn't matter, I'll start watching the new season tomorrow anyways. Really excited!