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  1. I Have a question does anyone know where I can get the software to make a game and where to buy it? The reason for asking is because I want to make an RTS game and I want to do a good job doing that.
  2. Hello, Angry Army my name is Anthony Cruz and I have been in this army for 6 months. A little bit of information about myself is that I am a college student studying for a marketing degree and I love making videos (some of the videos I do post are on my channel The Red Mark) and playing video games . However during that time with every thing happening to youtube especially with youtube heroes program. I have been wondering since the program is still up and one of the benefits include mass flagging is there a way to undo it by another inside the program? I mean if the program can allow people to troll content creators is there a way to people in the system trying to counter act the mass flagging and keep the content creators from being victims. I am planning on doing this youtube heroes program and run an experiment and what it will include is try and set up a little bit of a defense for content creators from trolls that have too much power to begin with. throughout this experiment I will have weekly reports about my findings in the program loop holes for content creators to keep creating videos and earn a living in the process. However this is just myself going into the program and If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below also wish me luck in the experiment.
  3. this is for a statistics class project
  4. How many people read comics? answer yes or no
  5. hi i was just wondering about having a RTS game tournament for stronghold 2, men of war assault squad 1 or 2 or earth 2160 with no prizes and it will be just for fun. I would like to know who I would have to talk to about doing this event?
  6. hey I'm just wondering if there's a clan or league in Warframe because I just back in playing it.
  7. men of war 2 assault squad or stronghold 2
  8. thanks for letting me know and what is flamewar stuff if you don't mind me asking because i have never heard of it until now.
  9. hey I was curious about this because i'm a you-tuber (not in the big leagues like angry Joe and many others)and i have done videos as past time when I'm not busy with school or work and trying to find things to have on my videos and one of my upcoming videos would be about talking about upcoming games from e3 and what i think about them. I understand that this is Angry Joe's website and I don't want to create problems with putting up videos and that would end up with me being in big trouble. I'm still very new to this and just very curious about the policies for videos.
  10. hey, this is something that i was wondering about do we have something about GTA online and if not who do we have to talk to to get something going for that? also would it work if it was for PlayStation 3 or 4 or would it be better to have it on PC?
  11. in that note does anybody think that the arrow, the flash and the legends of tomorrow are trying to create a justice league show some how.
  12. this is a topic that I think that should be discussed by the angry army. the Justice League is my favorite team of all time and the shows were great. the new animated show looks bad ass and with that I am excited for the show when it comes out. the movie however feels wrong and the way it feels wrong to me is by the way the trailers made it look. to me it feels like the justice league is taking what the avengers did and speeding it up and it looks sloppy. the thing is also aqua man is going to be a bad ass and cyborg hopefully will be the same as well. but the thing that should of been done was that these characters should be introduced in their own movies and have the other characters make cameo. but the only thing i could hope for is that the movie will not suck. also the movie should add martian manhunter or give him a movie
  13. big fan of the show I heard a lot about the army. Quick bio about myself this is the first gaming community, I go to college, love War frame and DC universe online and happy to return playing them. the name is from my YouTube channel and super hyped to play with war frame fans that love the game and hopefully i get to meet fans of DC online. Also super hyped of meeting many gamers and hopefully make a lot of new friends. never been a part of a clan so this is going to be a fun new experience. I'm ready for the frontlines