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The Red Mark

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  1. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by The Red Mark in Creating RTS Game   
    I Have a question does anyone know where I can get the software to make a game and where to buy it?
    The reason for asking is because I want to make an RTS game and I want to do a good job doing that. 
  2. TheDrowWarrior1 liked a post in a topic by The Red Mark in YouTube Heroes Experiment   
    Hello, Angry Army my name is Anthony Cruz and I have been in this army for 6 months. A little bit of information about myself is that I am a college student studying for a marketing degree and I love making videos (some of the videos I do post are on my channel The Red Mark) and playing video games . However during that time with every thing happening to youtube especially with youtube heroes program. I have been wondering since the program is still up and one of the benefits include mass flagging is there a way to undo it by another inside the program? I mean if the program can allow people to troll content creators is there a way to people in the system trying to counter act the mass flagging and keep the content creators from being victims. I am planning on doing this youtube heroes program and run an experiment and what it will include is try and set up a little bit of a defense for content creators from trolls that have too much power to begin with. throughout this experiment I will have weekly reports about my findings in the program loop holes for content creators to keep creating videos and earn a living in the process. However this is just myself going into the program and If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below also wish me luck in the experiment.
  3. The Red Mark liked a post in a topic by Cyborg-Rox in Hi, I'm the new recruit   
    Greetings Mark. I'm also new here, and I'm quite the Warframe player myself.
    Mastery rank 22, have all weapons/frames, 2,600 hours, played since Update 12, member of the Design Council.
    What about you?