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  1. It has been many months since I've seen a new game that has looked so bad it looked good. What even is this game.
  2. When I get around to getting it I'll probably play as a sneaky assassin type character. Killing enemies in the shadows and stuff like that. Then I'll do a pacifistic hacker, and finally a 'guns-blazing' route. Kind of what I did for Dishonored tbh.
  3. I doubt that Obsidian is going to make a 'Fallout: New Orleans' game. They said if they did one, they wanted to do it in the Boneyard (part of Los Angeles). As for the question, never got a full playthrough in, but I plan to, so I can't really answer. Seems fun though, not really in the style of the older games, but I don't really mind that.
  4. Gah, of course it had to come when my Xbox breaks.
  5. It does seem like an interesting exploratory title. The $20 price tag seems a bit steep for me, so I'll probably wait for a sale if one comes along.
  6. Yeah, trying to battle troll is next to near pointlessness. The more you tighten your grip on them, the more trolls will just slip through your fingers. Still, kudos Blizzard.
  7. Why not type "ez gg"? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Completed: Painkiller: Black Edition Platform: PC Released: 2004 Painkiller is a first-person shooter in the same vein as games like Doom and Quake. Minimal story with a large focus on player mobility, crazy enemies and even crazier weapons. It is worth noting that the 'Black Edition' of the game came with its first expansion pack Battle out of Hell, but I never got around to playing that, so I can't really say anything about it. Story: The story of Painkiller is extremely minimal. The only hints of a plot are revealed through cutscenes at the start of each chapter (the game is split into a number of chapters, each with a slew of levels). Spoilers, up ahead, I guess. Not that it really matters at all. You play as Daniel, a man who dies in a car accident with his wife at the start of the game. You are sent to purgatory while your wife goes right up to heaven. You aren't very pleased about that, but you are offered an ultimatum: Satan is mobilizing his forces, and you must kill his generals if you ever want to see your wife again. You agree, and set out searching them out and killing them one by one. You meet a couple characters along the way (two, to be exact), Eve (of the garden of Eden variety) and some random demon guy who's name I can't remember. He's you're friend, by the way. There's a bit more to the story, but I'll explain that in the gameplay section. You'll see why in a bit. Design: The level design overall in Painkiller is fantastic. From ancient ruins to eerie opera houses to a Vermintide-esque medieval town, each level expresses its own unique tone and mood, with perhaps the exception of the first few levels, which felt uninspired in my opinion. The graphics also hold up quite well for being 12 years old. They aren't spectacular, but they aren't terrible either. The enemy design is also very unique, with each level seemingly having its own, unique, enemy type. They are very imaginative, with some levels having you face off against agile ninjas while others through swarming hordes of undead German soldiers from World War 1. They all have to be approached slightly differently, with different tactics working for different opponents. As an extension of this section, the bosses are also generally well crafted, which each beings staggeringly huge, dwarfing not only you but the map itself. Finally, the weapons' design are pretty good. Just as the enemies, they are all unique, with the signature weapon being a soul-capturing blade thrower that doubles as an energy beam weapon. They're pretty awesome. Gameplay: Like I said earlier, Painkiller is all about moving fast and killing demons. Nothing out of the ordinary in that department; if you're used to the newest Doom game or Quake-style arena shooters, it's pretty much that. However, Painkiller does have a few tricks up its shelve: the tarot card system and the soul-capturing system. The Tarot Card system is basically a power-up system in which by completing challenges you can gain 'Tarot Cards' which come in two varieties. One consists of permanent buffs and the other of one-time per level buffs that can be activated with the touch of a button. The Soul Capture system is pretty much the same as DOOM's system of killing enemies to gain health, with certain weapons being able to dispatch enemies and drag their soul directly to you. You can also pick up health throughout the levels, but they can be few and far between. But there's a catch, one that made my time with the game very very less enjoyable: the hardest difficulty, the 'true' difficulty as it is referred to, eliminates that system entirely, completely unbalancing the game. Not only that, but one of the main plot points of the game is that by draining souls you have become corrupted with power, and continue down to hell to kill Satan himself. But, on the 'true' difficulty, that never happens. You literally end the game a chapter early with one the lamest endings I have ever seen. In conclusion, pick up this game if you want a cheap way to have a fun time killing things. Just don't play on the hardest difficulty.
  9. Tbh, this is now far too common for me to even care about anymore. Between this, the examples above, the Vampires: Masquerade fan-remake, and the Skyrim LOTR mod (yes, technically not a remake but still a harmless, free, fan-made project) it's come to a point that whenever I see an example of someone starting a fan-made project, I can't help but think that it'll get shut-down almost immediately. In fact, the only one I can think of that hasn't been cancelled (at least in my memory) would be the Morroblivion/Skywind project.
  10. I'd be good with season passes worth any price as long as it has the content to justify it and the base-game was still worth its retail price in content and polish. It's only when season passes offer what the full-game should have or when they're overpriced (like DOOM) do they become ridiculous IMO.
  11. This should be fun. I haven't gotten around to playing Payday 2 in quite awhile.
  12. Gamertag: angry argonian0 Forum: Angry_Argonian
  13. I remember having some fond memories with the Marvel Alliance games. Too bad the ports are so bad, or I might have picked these games up again. I hope the upcoming Spider-Man game will turn out good. Marvel has next to no presence in the video game department atm.
  14. The worst game I've played recently would have to be Destiny. I've probably played worse games before that, but honestly I can't remember for certain. Destiny's only redeeming qualities were interesting visuals and fun gunplay, but even that couldn't save it from being a repetitive borefest with tired voice acting and absolutely no story. I also didn't enjoy the PvP element very much, though it was by far more enjoyable than the PvE, at least in my opinion. And all of these faults of Destiny became all the more painful knowing that the game came from the devs who made Halo.