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  1. and your mostly right. its just that the mechanics and gameplay of just cause would be perfect for the G.I.Joe theme. also, if i may mention agian, it would be cool to not have an "all-rounder" character to play as, but instead have multiple characters that have their own special way to create chaos. but i totally agree, it would be lazy to create an entirely new game but with the same code. if anything, a game such as this would be for nostalgia purposes. hey, maybe it would make more sense to introduce other playable characters besides Rico just cause 4, if it ever happens that is. i made this post just because it was in my head, and i wanted to share. that, and i feel as if G.I.Joe deserves a good standalone game.
  2. so your head might be spinning by now just by looking at the title. OF COURSE ITS A GREAT IDEA! when i played any Just Cause game, yes i felt like i was in an action movie, but i also remembered the time i was young and playing with toy soldiers (G-I-Joe). then it hit me, what if you put G-I-Joe characters and put them in the Just Cause world? a multi-character action sandbox, that's what! Snake Eyes would be a melee and stealth focused character. Duke would be a tactical carbine and duel pistols character. Roadblock would be the heavy weapons specialist. Scarlet would be a equipment specialist such as her traditional crossbow. Tunnel Rat would be an explosives specialist ETC. i would personally like the characters listed to be be playable. now imagine a setting similar to traditional Just Cause scenarios: bad guy owns land, bad guy abuses land's resources, bad guy makes enemies, enemies become rebels, rebels hire "enemy-of-my-enemy" specialist(s), specialist(s) bankrupt bad guy by blowing up everything he/she owns in glorious Hellfire. Personal subtopics: i personally want the devs to try and implement a melee combat and stealth system particularly for Sneak eyes and Scarlet. it would be a nice mechanic to have in a sandbox game. i really want the devs to make every character unique and try and create a system that does not have the traditional "All-rounder" gameplay like Rico. basically, each character would have their own special way to sabotage enemy resources and supply. it would also add replay-ability to the game. they should definitely include other G.I.Joe characters on the side as potential quest givers or NPC partners and even playable summons: Ace is considered the best pilot of the Joes, and he would be a playable jet fighter summon with extra stats. there are also other joes that have specific roles within the universe and they could make small appearances within the game. for example, Thunder is the artillery: imagine that there is a artillery strike summon and Thunder speaks by communications from every use. ETC. ETC. CO-OP. more characters will give the game more Co-op potential. i dont know if every character should have wing-suits, parachutes, and grappling hooks to get around, or if they each should have their own unique mobility (ninja speed and super jumps for snake eyes, please...). Conclusion: that's all i got to say. action sandbox G.I.Joe game made by Square Enix and Avalanche studios. thoughts?
  3. so... mod support on PS4 is live. thought this is great news, there had been reports that some accounts do not work with the in game login. and im one of the victims. this has been happening for about 2 months. anyway, back on topic and one thing i had forgotten to mention, NUKA WORLD!!! .....its good guy gamplay is dull, its exploration is great, and its settlement based additions are more "bad guy" focused. in the end, nuka world feels like it should have been in the game in the first place. it seems obvious that the DLC is just there for the players that wanted a bad guy side. much appreciated, but again, the content would have been much better if it where in the game in the first place. anyway, im going off topic. as i mentioned before, the settlement additions are mostly raider focused, and on top of this, it is required for the player to become involved in settlement gamplay in order to progress as the "bad guy" in the DLC. i do admire how the devs managed to link the main game and the dlc with settlement building. but that is the only compliment i have about the settlement content. overall, there was still no additions to any of the games features except settlement building. there was no major weapon ws, power armor ws, chemestry ws, armor ws additions, just more focus on settlement gameplay. whats more depressing is that this is apparently the last DLC Bethesda themselves will give to fallout 4. its up to the moders now, as always. Moders of Obsidian, save us.
  4. OK! fallout 4 has no mod support for PS4. of course, this would barely effect me if i did not have the game on PS4. to bad that i do... good thing is that PS4 players are realizing just how much value the base game (even with DLC) truly has.
  5. i think we all can agree that fallout 4's true value has been recognized over time. hype for its previous titles and all of its features are still worth talking about. for fallout 4, i am mostly only hearing criticism and nostalgia for the base game; especially on the games main forum. all compliments and critical thought all go to the games settlement building mechanic, which can be a very bad thing. this means that there is nothing else worth talking about in fallout 4 besides settlement building, weather it is for bad reasons or good ones. barely anyone is talking about what bad-ass gun they made or what they have encountered in the game. .even if you talk about settlement building in a bad way, it is impossible to just say that it is bad in general. it is actually a very good and balanced mechanic (not including the building limit). it doesn't suck, but some players are just against it for an entirely different reason; the reasons listed above.
  6. the workshop DLC's are very nice additions to the game for giving players more options when building their settlements. however, what makes them disappointing to me is the fact that they are only limited to the settlement mechanic. there are many other workshop related features in the game, such as the power armor and weapon customization. so, every moment you step out of your settlement, half of the dlc available no longer matters because you would need to be in your settlement at all times in order to actually experience the workshop DLC. anything else outside of settlements is just finding the materials in order to build the content the DLC has to offer. limiting the DLC content to only items that can be placed in settlements seems very disappointing for one of the few DLC available. though these items are fun to use or just to have, merely adding something to only one of the games many features doesn't seem right for Fallout. to me, the workshop DLC themselves do not makes sense considering you would need to contribute one or two of the settlements to its additional content in order to save space for others in order to have fun with what it has to offer. so why was there not a power armor, guns, medicine, or ammo workshop DLC? it could be that Bethesda is putting in a little too much, if not enough, to there new settlement building feature rather than their more traditional content. you could say that mod support will benefit the games future, but even the greatest of mods lack value. not receiving any more content from the experienced game developers themselves decreases the value of the game. after all, if the game developers wanted to place so much faith in the modders, and if the modders make such high valued mods, then why did not they just let the modders make the entire game in the first place? why didnt they give them any currency if they are going to play a big part in the game? mods may change the game, but they lack value. players gave their money to the developers, not the modders. with the confirmation that Nuka-World will be the last DLC instalment to fallout, it may be hopeless for the developers to create more workshop related content. overall, if you are hopeing for the future of fallout 4 to have more weapons, role playing cosmetics, customization, and power armor additions, i suggest not purchasing the season pass, and settle for the story DLC.