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  1. Wait, what?
  2. I often find whenever I watch Greek mythology In pop culture I find myself comparing it to the original myths and face palming, It seems everywhere you go Zeus is this all powerful defender of humanity, Hades is this fire and brimstone villain, Medusa is this evil creature whose transformation was her own fault and her fault alone, the Greek pantheon can do no wrong and anyone that says otherwise is a just a jerk that's angry with the world. However, in the myths you find that the gods were actually giant (bleep) holes, Hades was a saint compared to most of the pantheon, most of the humans who were angry at the gods kind of had a point and Medusa's transformation was not entirely her fault. So I have a game series idea that says "screw this pop culture fan fic weirdness. I'm going to give some of these characters a chance to shine" The first game I plan to have our protagonist Medusa start out as a maiden for the temple of Athena after having been left at the temple steps as a baby. Then as she grows older she gets the attention of Poseidon who comes down and tries to seduce her. However, Medusa rejects his advances and he knocks her unconscious during a fight. When Medusa wakes up she learns the Hugh priest was murdered by her weapon and so Athena turns her into a gorgon. After fleeing she meets two other Gorgons who instruct her to find the parts of a staff that they say can change her back. However, she soon discovers that the staff is actually a weapon capable of killing Poseidon and that it was for a band of rebellious gods who which to end Poseidon's reign. Medusa must also watch out for Perseus who was brought by Athena to kill Medusa. After Medusa takes Poseidon's place in the pantheon the second game begins with Zeus threatening mankind for suspected lack of loyalty to the pantheon by sending monsters to the cities. When Medusa attempts to stop him she, along with other dissidents are cast out of Olympus, The group then go to the cities to liberate them and weaken Zeus' grip on Greece in order to overthrow the pantheon. The third game shows that after the rebellion the Olympus born gods have started to become corrupt and begin to commit atrocities against their will. And so Medusa ventures out to find a cure for the corruption. The pantheon also must contend with a civil war in Greece between the Preachists (the ones that remain loyal to the pantheon) and the Crusaders (those that have had enough with the pantheon and prophesise the coming on one god to unit them all). Okay so enough about story time for game play talk. So as you can probably guess there are a few God of War elements like the Ancient Greek back drop and hack and slash abilities. However, I would also like to add some elements akin to that of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta with platforming sections, puzzles and stylish combos (that give players the option to finish off opponents with a petrifying stare, obviously, that would be awesome). Medusa can also go to her allies for upgrades such as Prometheus or Hephaestus for weapons, Artemis or Heracles for combos and Hades for magic. And that's my game idea.
  3. Hello, my name is Roltara and I am a new recruit but you probably knew that already though. I play MMORPGS, simulators, platformers and puzzle games. I am technically a casual gamer though I do have a competitive streak, not that it can be heard in TeamSpeak. I am a quiet individual normally but I've been trying to do things to get out of my shell and joining the gaming community is one of them I suppose. I am also an on and off member of Tactical Gaming in the SMITE division, I don't know if that will be an issue but I am currently on leave from that site. My current rank there is lance corporal. Right now I only have free to play games on my Steam account as I have a very limited budget right now. I have recently subscribed to Joe's channel (Really like the RTH: Retribution review by the way) and I thought this would be an interesting site to be a part of. On the non-gaming side of things I am an aspiring writer, I am fresh out of high school and that is all the info I will reveal for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to be a good recruit for you guys. - Roltara