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  1. While I doubt that there is still something going on, invite please: @sichey
  2. Banned, because I'm back from the dead
  3. Hello and Herzlich Willkommen..uh mean welcome in the AJSA.
  4. Well who needs a remaster if you have mods? Bad jokes aside, these screens are beautiful.
  5. The things you find in the Payday 2 Community Hub on Steam...
  6. Well thank Poodlecorp for that, they DDOS'd EA's servers. BF1 Beta, SWTOR all down thank to some "hackers"
  7. Well that's Youtube...no, the internet for ya. Everyone is anonymous in the internet so they do what they would never do in real life. Just ignore it, they will never stop. Also, welcome new comrade.
  8. The fact that people rage about the skin color of a soldier, that you will either never see (thanks to first person) or only for a few seconds, before you blast him into pieces, amuses me. I mean sure, the "great and glorious empire" wasn't full with black people but ffs, nobody was triggered by the fact that every US Assault in BF3 was black. It's just silly. BF 1 was never realistic and never will be, it's just a fun shooter. Also, we germans had some black soldiers back in the day. So I really don't get all the fuss about it, I mean it's Battlefield, not some simulation. But the video...damn that's awesome, just don't read the comments.
  9. Well I would be interested. Ingame name is the same as here: Sichey
  10. I'm not the biggest fan of the East Coast myself, but as long as Bethesda works on that side of the states, they can't ruin the west coast
  11. Yea I personally think that Bethesda should stay with the East Coast, and let Obsidian do the West Coast, like they did with New Vegas. So we have both sides, the actual Wasteland in the West and the radiated versions of the Dresden Bombings in the East Coast (Seriously, both DC and Boston don't really look like they were hit by nukes, well except for the ground zero thing in Fallout 4)
  12. Aight here is my list: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic 2 These two games are, for me anyway, some of the best games that were ever made under the Star Wars license. The Stories of "the Jedi turned Sith and back to Jedi again-Revan" and the Jedi Exile are still awesome to this day. Okay, the fighting system may not be up to date anymore and the graphics are lacking, which is to be expected, but story-wise? Still worth a play and Steam throws these two games out for such low prices, that everyone should try it. I even liked the MMO, but it's not as good as these two gems. Fallout New Vegas Alright, I'm a little biased here, alright. Not only my first Fallout game, but also my first Steam game right here. Storywise it's no Fallout or Fallout 2, but it has all these little details, easter eggs and stuff. Sure, the mojave desert may be not as "beautiful" as the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3... but unlike FO3 New Vegas feels like a RPG again. The story was more immersive for me, because I could see me trying to find the guy who wanted to see me dead...not like Fallout 3 where I search for a guy I know how long? 15 minutes? Anyway, I loved New Vegas (okay, the city could have been a little bit bigger, ain't gonna lie) and the DLCs? God these Story DLC were the shit. We got Dead Money, which was kinda hard for me (as someone who runs around in Heavy Armor and with the LMG or Minigun) with an interesting plot, Honest Hearts...okay that was kinda lackluster, OWB and it's 1950's B-Movie crazyness and Lonesome Road. God Lonesome Road was so epic. Spec Ops: The Line There isn't really much I can say, without spoiling it entirely. The gameplay is the Third Person Cover Shooter standard and the story? Just play it already! Honourable Mentions: Need for Speed Underground 2 Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 Battlefield 2 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Battlefield 3 Warframe (Best Free2Play Game I played so far) The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
  13. I'm most likely biased, because I played New Vegas, then the originals and Fallout 3 is the last (I do not own Fallout 4 and tbh I don't think I want it) Fallout Game I played. Fallout 3 is not "bad", as a game. I like the ruins of DC, I loved Fawkes and goddamn The Pitt and Point Lookout? I loved that! But, if you played the originals, you see that it fails as a proper Fallout game. The main story is...well...lame. I mean, I get it "Search for your father, walk in his footsteps" and stuff but, how am I supposed to care for James/Dad? I mean I see him for how long? 10-15 Minutes? After that he just disappears and I know almost nothing about him, excpet the fact that he loves his child, is a scientist/doctor and his wife is dead. Why should I, as the player, search for him? I didn't even care for him. Same thing with the son in Fallout 4, I get it from the characters point of view, but me as a player? Nope, don't care about that kid. Fallout and Fallout 2 just had the special...something, I don't know how to describe it. I could immerse myself better into these games. Same goes for New Vegas, the story is not award winning either, but I had some real choices, I had more guns and the factions were nice too. Add to that some awesome pieces of DLC (Old World Bliues and Lonesome Road come to mind) and bam. If Obsidian had more time, the game would have been even better. Fallout 3 is not really a bad game, it's just bad when it comes to Fallout Standards.
  14. Yup, but there are many modded servers tho. Kinda annoying sometimes. And Thank you RuneX.