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    Strategy games, mostly old-school. And very old-school RPGs, like Baldur's Gate. Anime and manga is also high on the list, and working on the farm.
  1. I loved C&C all from Red Alert 1, still remember all the songs and units haha, remember so well that day my brother came in the door with a CD of it, and wanted us to play it, so much fun! Still thinks (personally, I know people love Red Alert 2 more) Red Alert 1 is the best game. And the F2P game was horrible, I got into the closed alpha, and I can say, it was nothing C&C in it, it is hard to explain, but let us put us this way, you know your mom's cooking, it is great, that pasta with meatballs? Yeah, best thing in the world, but one day you go to a resturant or something like that, and order something quite simillar, but it taste shit, why? That is kinda how I felt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGgnywWO6Ts Best music! Hell's March is just plain awesome!
  2. I agree with "Hwa" 6 was good, especially cool with Sanctuary with creatures like Yuki-onna and Kappa, which is Japan-inspired. But as "Hwa" once again said, 3 is better. I even bought HoMM3 again on GoG.com to be able to play it again, it is fantastic! 5 was ok at some parts, but not enough to keep me playing, the 4th was ok, very cool, but not at grand as the 3rd. And the 1st and 2nd I only played a small bit off when I was like 6 years old, so I have no memory of it.
  3. AOE2 is absolutely a great game that I highly recommend to anybody, but it should be noted that it takes time, a match can last a loooooong time, I normally get to Imperial Age (the last age in the game) like 1 hour into the game, and we havn't even started the real war yet. The HD remake is pretty good, quite nice to me since I lost my CDs from the original.
  4. Classic strategy games eh? Empire Earth, no doubt, a bit old game, but one of the best games out there, no doubt, unbelivebal fantastic. Bought it later like a month ago on Gog.com again, because I wanted to be able to run it on Windows 7, and my old cd got nuked (destroyed basically, a though and sad tale). It should be noted that I mean the first one, the second one was ok, and the third one was terrible, absolutely the worst game ever.
  5. Whenever I talk about Strategy games with other people, and I bring up Sacrifice, nobody seem to know about it, so I am guessing that not many knows about it, but it was a great game. A Third-Person-Strategy game basically.
  6. I doubt it, it is a mod which have turned into an expansion pack for the AoE2 HD edition. It was originally just a mod for the original AOE2 game. Think the modders get most of the cash from the buyers of the expansion on Steam. Would been kinda awesome, but at the same time I really just want to see another Age of Mythology game, was kinda dissapointed with AOE3 to be honest.
  7. Morrowind is a wonderful game, really loved it myself
  8. I am wondering what old-school RPG games people like, like myself that really like the classic Baldur's Gate series and Arcanum. And are kinda wondering if there are any old-school RPG games that I myself can get into and start playing
  9. No not yet, but I hope they release it somewhere early in 2014 But I dunno, seems like they have come a bit far in the making of it. Hope they release something like a interview or maybe more content like gameplay soon, based on the screenshots, it already looks amazing.
  10. I am very excited for it, I cannot wait, the screenshots looks pretty sweet as well. And as far as I know the modders will get a lot of support from the creators. http://www2.taleworlds.com/en/Games/Bannerlord/Media Here are some screenshots and artwork and info if you want to learn more
  11. The Dawn of War series are quite awesome, I must say, but I personally prefer the old ones, like Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate, which is a turn based strategy game, and it is stellar, just fantastic, and the music fits just perfectly. Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOXe0RfMHvo I never thought the music in Dawn of War series fitted that well, so I was kinda turned off by that so to speak.
  12. I really like turn based, and what I want to find is some real good RPG turn based games, but in strategy I like turn based as well, that is why I love games like Xcom and the Total War series. Total War makes use of turn based and the real time part, it is quite awesome. Shame about Rome 2 though... But yeah, if you guys know of any really good turn based games, maybe some old-school games, then throw them my way in a form of a PM message Really want to check more games out that are in that genre.
  13. It is a great game, I highly recommend it, and the new expansion pack (originally a mod, but I think they give most of the cash to the original modders) gives new content, and they patch it a lot, which means that the game just gets better and better. Classic from the ye ol' days, when I was sitting on my Windows 95 pc and playing it with my 10GB hard drive for like 10 000kr. xD I personally play with some friends that owns it as well, we are like 5-6 players that are having a blast.
  14. Just wait for the mods to fix the game then get it then. Apparently Radious Mod are going to fix a lot, but I havn't tested it since I am afraid for losing my save game as the Spartans. But get something like Shogun 2 TW, Medieval 2 TW or maybe some of the Paradox game, quite good, and very deep. Just avoid Rome 2 TW atm. Please I beg of you. I got to admit, I am sitting and wondering how they screwed this up, some of my thoughts are, that they used most of their cash on promo, like Brian Blessed that was in one of their vids, and maybe something that screwed them over was their minimum demands for spec. But either way, get something else.
  15. And apparently the game got harder, as far as I remember, people from the "VideoGamerTV" channel on Youtube said it, that they used to play on harder difficulty, but on this expansion pack, they had to turn it down. And also, apparently, now if the sectoids are close to the mechs (the sectoid mech things), then they will do something to them, shield maybe? Just remember somebody saying that they will be a pain in the arse if you don't get rid of them. Which is kinda cool that they make the small insignificant units to high prioritized targets. If that is true that is. And apperantly base invasion is back, but I am guessing from what I have seen that it is just a single mission that will come up random.