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  1. Welcome to the AJSA, Diaguy.
  2. Welcome to the AJSA, Beastly!
  3. Spyro, Heroes of Might and Magic and Empire Earth.
  4. Welcome to the AJSA, Jesper!
  5. Welcome to the AJSA!
  6. Rainbow six siege is looking great, hope it won't be a disappointment.
  7. Like... all the STALKER games have some insane mods, mostly for SoC and Pripyat, SoC has mods like Complete and Oblivion, and Pripyat has mods like the Misery mod, those mods change a lot of things and make the STALKER games even more awesome.
  8. Hearthstone and Warthunder i've also been replaying Bioshock 2, and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for the co-op with a friend.
  9. We're all guilty of something like that Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4? pre-ordered them both AND purchased Premium for both, to this day i'm disappointed in myself, both games when they were released were simply unplayable, the game's crashed on certain maps (watch Joe's angry review of BF4), but it's not like the game's are bad, Battlefield 4 is pretty good right now (only took them like what, an entire year to get to this point?) but I shouldn't have pre-ordered those 2 games, I jumped on the hype train with everyone else and made the same mistake twice but that's fine, we as humans tend to improve upon mistakes, and I swore that I wouldn't pre-order another game so blindly ever again, unless I KNOW for sure , that the game is going to be worth it, i'm not even going to look it up, because all ill find is stupid marketing bs that will make me want to buy it. God I hate when the stupid marketing department manages to make something bad look good. but I guess they're just doing their job... a bit too well i'd say.
  10. I just think more people need to watch YouTube channels like AngryJoe and TotalBiscuit, for some time now I've only started buying games that these two recommended themselves. And of course people also need to stop riding the hype train each time companies like EA or Ubisoft announce another Battlefield or AC, people need to realize that Pre-Ordering games blindly is a big mistake, trust me, developers WILL get more time to work on their games and work harder on them, if we stop buying those games before they're even out yet. Game is out? wait for the reviews to come, if the reviews are good (from trusted sources, like TB or Joe, not those money grabbing a holes at IGN) then buy it, otherwise, just wait, play something else, don't give in to the urge to throw money at a game just because the marketing department managed to make it look and sound good. just my thoughts.
  11. At least he's going to end it with a bang, the upcoming MGS is going to be insane.
  12. I've always been inside it everyone is welcomed to join the ra- uhh.. I mean LOVE! van!
  13. I believe it is time for this Thread to return from the dead
  14. Have to agree with Kedrik on this one it's better to just get the parts and build it on your own