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  1. It has been seperated. PvE PvP que. Daily missions to find and do plus storyline. when you do story, the open universe and the missions are safe from PvP bullies lol.
  2. If an AJSA alliance is made for this game, please let me know via xbox live, so i can join the angry ranks lol. gt is same name.
  3. Ok you Trekkie space nerds lol. Star Trek Online is out on xbox one and is FREE!!! Thats right, FREEEE!!! Ive been playing for 5 or so days and love it. It can be glitchy but very playable. As any game, updates for fixes in the works. You can play as federation, romulan and klingon, all have different storylines. All with different sub-species to choose. It is both PvE and PvP. You can purchase ships 3 ways: 1 Real money to buy Zen, 2 save in game creds or 3 earn a ship every 5 -10 lvls u grow. You can make up to 5 different characters. Also has in-game alliances and in-game chat box. Yup thats right...Chat box lol. My GT is KaotixDemon. Hope to see an AJSA alliance made there and hope to see other AJSA players. Live long and prosper my friends. lol
  4. Smite player here (amongst other games lol) Been with AJSA for about a month now and love it. Always looking for casual players that dont mind winning or losing at times. Im not much for playing PvP however i found that losing while playing with AJSA players is great lol. GT: KaotixDemon...thanx in advance.
  5. Forum Handle Gamertag KaotixDemon KaotixDemon
  6. Zeus and Hades.
  7. Joined smite clan on xbox1. GT: KaotixDemon. This is the first game i have played PvP in. Not a strong Pvp'r so been battling AI mostly. I play SWBF, Division, Destiny, The Crew, Diablo III, Warframe and a few others. (Xbox1)