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  1. LiquidArea liked a post in a topic by AceRimmer1985 in South Park the video game   
    I was watching Angry Joe video review of South Park the stick of truth last night and it got me thinking about other South Park games from the past so i dug up my old Psone collection to discover my old games one caught my eye South Park the video game I thought it cant be as bad as i remember and given how good the latest game is.
    So i gave it a go hooked up the Psone which is more a creme colour than grey any more and started playing god have mercy on my soul its terrible clipping in the graphics no draw distances and some of the worse controls i ever used heard n64 version is slighty better though.https://youtu.be/UGldnBKVBVI
  2. AceRimmer1985 liked a post in a topic by Would you Kindly in MineCraft Pranks and others   
    Might check it out, best prank I have ever seen though is someone making a house out of silverfish eggs and leaving one brick out of place.