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  1. Alright, Alpha 3.7.0 is out! Quite a few interesting features but as a solo Aurora user FPS mining and ship renting are probably one of the bigger ones for me. Banu Defender RSI Mantis
  2. The most interesting news so far has been Stadia and Bethesda's Orion. I'm intereting to see how open those techs are and which platforms are being supported. I can't say I'm disappointed because I didn't have much expections for E3, since it is not an event where type of games I like are being announced. If there is something to be disappointed is that there still wasn't a game announced like Star Citizen. I look forward to see big game companies to do something similar or even more than what SC is.
  3. If you look solely on AAA games, then yeah maybe things has got "worse". Even then, bigger problem to me on triple-a games is that they have stopped to be ambitious; too big risks and making a triple-a game cost insanely amount of money already. Otherwise I think things has got way better. Lots of interesting titles are coming from indie developers and gaming is possible on wider range of devices than ever before. Stadia for example is going to improve situation even more and MS will probably announce something similar tomorrow. Additional to this crowdfunding and Early Access has saved gaming for me. More Star Citizen, Dwarf Fortress, UnReal World RPG, Crusader Kings II, MUDs, etc. kind of games the better.
  4. Not a bad idea and many game would benefit from this. But these days only a fraction of new games get reviewed so using time for re-reviews is quite much to ask. AJSA did a great X4: Foundation review where a reviewer told that Egosoft is one of those developers who keep pushing patches and updates long after release - not in a good shape on release but will sure get better with time. That's great information for those who are not familiar with the company's update history.
  5. So, lots of has happened since last post. Alpha 3.5 has been released and it is getting Quality of Life patches. Main focus has moved to Alpha 3.6. Are people here testing Alpha 3.5 or waiting for post-alpha version first? Which are most interesting features is Alpha 3.6 you are looking forward?
  6. I have supported about ten projects so far and being extremely happy to all those projects. One of the most important thing about crowdfunded projects is communication and openness. Well, some developers does better job than others but most of them has kept backers well informed how the development progresses. In general it is good for players and gaming media to learn more about how the games are being made. Release dates and fancy PR material has way too big emphasis at the moment and knowning more about development would (or at least should) make people understand about problems many projects has. I strongly believe that being more open would have saved projects like Anthem and Fallout 76. I personally prefer open development and crowdfunding over "traditional" game development.
  7. One of the best reviews of X4: Foundations so far. I'm with the review, despite couple of points. I could even pretty much agree with the score 5/10 and it is still in my opinion one of the best games released in many years Egosoft's games are well known to be very buggy on release and unfortunately they seems to keep releasing (very) broken games. They are supporting their games years after a release but that should not be used as a reason to always have a bad release.
  8. In broad sense tens of space games shares the gameplay; mining, dogfighting, trading, etc. but implementations varies hugely. More and more games has explorable astronomical objects as well. Because the huge differences in design and implementation I could say that for example Star Citizen and NMS are still completely different kind of games. I think that lore and gameplay are tightly connected. In Star Citizen the lore explains why for example Hurston looks like as it looks, people's behaviour and clothing, characteristics of their physical look (marks on skin), their motivations, what player can mine and buy/sell there, gravity and composition of atmosphere, weather, etc. I definitely have high hopes that BG&E2 will be an interesting and good game despite that we have not seen much gameplay yet and there are still many unanswered questions. It is worth to keep in mind that ambitious games takes long time to get developed. BG&E3 should be much faster to get made once all this R&D work has done. Good luck for your competition. After your earlier success we expect nothing less than championship!
  9. It is true many games shares lots of similarities but they can still be completely different what comes to gameplay and experience; Star Citizen, NMS, BG&E2, X-series, Elite: Dangerous, Hellion, Helium Rain, Euro Track Simulator, etc. Star Citizen is heavily leaning on lore. Star systems are hand created and procedurally generated astronomical objects are partially hand crafted (added POIs etc.). Their star system design is more or less scientific but for example they have shortened distances and shrinked size of objects for gameplay reasons. The current alpha version has multiple of misson types but the key is to have upcoming mission chaining, dynamic missions and background simulation. Elite: Dangerous is following science much more accurately in expense of having no lore or handmade stories on their astronomical objects, NPCs, etc. NMS seems to be fully procedurally generated; works for them. What comes to experience Star Citizen is much more like Cyberpunk 2077 than NMS. Your character wakes up in rented flat, you get up and wear some clothes from wardrobe, take a clean coffee cup from a drawer and put to coffee machine, select a coffee and wait for full cup, you drink the coffee and put the cup with other dirty cups in a drawer. After coffee you make a live video call (FoIP+VoIP) to your friend and agree to meet her in a bar nearby. You go there by walking and a train. Gameplay continues... Completely different experience compared to NMS or Elite: Dangerous and I'm not even sure if Cyberpunk 2077 has such details. BG&E2 seems to be more like Star Citizen what comes to star system design and implementation. In the other hand their engine is voxel based, it has only 3rd person view(?) and action scenes and flying model are very arcade. I don't know if it will have detailed item handling, multiple of physics grids, ship interiors, detailed damage modelling, etc. So, lots of similarities on the paper but in practice all the games are very different. That's a great thing since they are fulling each other instead of competing. I hope Squadron 42 will not be released before 2020. We have to wait just like we have to wait other games in development; BG&E2, Cyberpunk 2077, etc.
  10. True, BG&E2 will be probably released before Star Citizen PU and Squadron 42. I definitely recommend to look Star Citizen a bit more closely (design documents, design discussion, alpha releases, etc.) so you could compare it to other projects. I just wanted to give a note that ambition of Star Citizen is way beyond BG&E2 (as much we know about at this point). It is worth to keep in mind that just adding explorable procedurally generated planets to games doesn't make them like Star Citizen. Cyberpunk 2077 is interesting and I look forward give it a try. It definitely more close to Star Citizen single player campaign Squadron 42 than Star Citizen PU (MMO). Still, it is very different kind of game and I'm slightly "worried" how much it will have shooting scenes because in demo it looked pretty weak. We will know more soon enough. I'm not a huge fan of No Man's Sky myself but I can say it has got tons of better after all these multiple of patches. NEXT patch is just one of them. Still NMS is nothing like Star Citizen so it is wortless to make a comparison. Some people prefers NMS kind of game and that's great. It is definitely good to have lots of different kind of games. Unfortunately especially AAA-games tends to be more or less the same. No one wants to take big risks which is understandable.
  11. X4: Foundations was released two weeks ago and it is good to see it has got pretty positive feedback. As we have unfortunately already experiences many times Egosoft's releases are far from ready on release. That's still not a catastrophe because Egosoft is one of those companies which supports their games years after release. I'm very disappointed to is how badly game sites has covered this release - especially PC game sites. Linux version should go Beta at some point in near future.
  12. BG&E2 is ambitious but what we have seen or heard so far it is nothing compared to Star Citizen (I recommend to give that project a peek). What I have seen so far many seems to be disappointed and worried how different it is compared to BG&E. It is a valid concern but it is still too early to be TOO worried about how the game will end up to be. It is great to see they are using all the time they need with this project. Btw. No Man's Sky has a story and patches (NEXT, Atlas Rises, The Abyss, Visions, etc.) has made the game much better.
  13. In my opinion Bethesda's games has always been mediocre at best and thanks to modding community to make their games much more playable. I wish Fallout IP would move to some other developer especially now when we lost Wasteland to Microsoft.
  14. The plans for NPCs are incredible ambitious and hopefully they are able to implement as planned. As far as I know the idea would be that a player is not able to identify if a character is NPC or another player. It could be that NPCs will not be added for a while so the universe will stay pretty empty until then. Who knows, maybe they start to add NPCs once those backround simulations are started. It is actually pretty interesting that adding just a new tech like gas clouds can potentially add lots of to gameplay. With dynamic and chained missions a gameplay can change drastically depending if part of the mission happens inside gas cloud or in deep space. A simple "fetch mission" can turned out to be an interesting adventure. I'm very excited about new flight model. It sounds like there will be lots of variety between ships and how to fly them.
  15. Yeah, I guess they just implement organization functionality in Spectrum to in-game. As far as I know they are using WebRTC so it could be that they will bring VoIP integration to browsers as well. You are probably right that 200 players is not realistic goal until OCS server-side is done. The universe could feel a bit lonely once Hurston and ArcCorp and their moons has been integrated. Gas cloud tech will bring nice athmospheric locations (pic1, pic2) and hopefully some interesting gameplay as well. Mining or salvaging inside a cloud could be profitable but very dangerous and risky; you are most likely not able to call outside for help, pirates, etc. Economics is very interesting. Tony Zurovec's CitizenCon presentation is worth to watch although he had no time to go in-depth. Delta patcher was certainly a huge step forward. My Internet connection is fast enough to handle daily 30G patches but it is still much nicer to be able to patch the game almost in no time. Today is Q&A episode about flight model in RtV. It is one of the most heated topics in game. JP did great ground work and I like how Colson is continuing from there.