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  1. As we know the new website / ship matrix is coming and CIG has started to prepare for it by series of information - The Shipyard Careers and Roles Ship Mass: I’m Not Heavy I’m Just Built That Way Also, Pioneer seems to be the gamechanger ship Ben mentioned some time ago.
  2. That's pretty interesting question. I personally (also) like games that are hard to learn and hard to master (Dwarf Fortress, Distant Worlds: Universe, etc.) and trying to make them "accessible to everyone" sounds quite impossible task to me. As long as we do have indie games and crowdfunding projects I think there will be made games for wide variety of people.
  3. The development of Alpha 3.0 is progressing nicely and it is time to start to look features beyond it. CIG has of course been working on post Alpha 3.0 releases and Squadron 42 concurrently and upcoming events - CitizenCon 2947 and Holiday Livestream - will have more information about them. CitizenCon 2947 From weekly letter: "With Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 in Evocati test phase and a lot of our developers working on wrapping up the remaining features and polish needed to get 3.0 into everyone’s hands, we have decided to focus CitizenCon on Alpha 3.0 and beyond. Squadron 42 will be the focus of our Holiday Livestream in December, where we will preview some gameplay and share our roadmap for its completion."
  4. The latest Around the Verse shows what kind of changes we can expect in cockpits. It is great to see that every ship will look, feel and sound unique. Looks a great step forward from Alpha 2.6.3 and more to come ... QA testing planetary rotation https://giant.gfycat.com/SharpLivelyElephantbeetle.webm
  5. Nice read again Kaz32, well done. Well, I don't hate the first game but I didn't find it very good either. I played it through but unfortunately it started to feel quite boring after two hours or so. It just felt there wasn't interesting enough things to do in the game world. Nemesis-system is nice addition but somehow it just reminded me how much more interesting a bit similar system is in Crusader Kings 2 but just much more versatile, interesting and complex. Still, if Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is going to be released for Linux then I will support the developer and the company who ported it - with full price.
  6. Frontier Developments kept Frontier Expo 2017 where they presented upcoming plans for 2.4 onwards. Personally I didn't find anything excited enough to get me back to play the game but I assume they still have some new features and improvements they didn't show yet.
  7. Yet another Happy Hour Gamedev show today. "Join Character Art Director Josh Herman as he takes the first steps towards bringing the fabled Space Whale to life."
  8. The topic of AtV this week is manned turrets. Not a topic I'm superb excited but definitely good to see some improvement over current turret implementation. I hope I will be on first wave as well. It will most likely take some time before the first wave will be included but that's OK to me. Do you have had in mind try to join Evocati at some point? Just for interest, which ship(s) do you own?
  9. Egosoft kept an second Q&A session this week. It sounds like more is coming which is great. Dev diaries are interesting to follow and gives fans change to share their thoughts about made decisions etc. The game looks very promising so far.
  10. This weeks AtV episode was about usables. Interesting topic because I think usables is an important aspect to make the game world feel more living and dynamic. Huge amount of open world is nice but if they feel static they are not very interesting in the long run. Schedule report informed that currently there is only one blocker bug to fix before Evocati-phase. But as always situation may change in software development - a fixed bug may open couple new ones.
  11. I don't know how Ataribox is going to be but the experience I have with regular PC + SteamOS setup is very encouraging. SteamOS gives me console experience in terms of UI and hassle-free experience with drivers but much more flexibility and control over my PC than my Windows installation. If Ataribox can give me the same I'm definitely one step closer to buy one. Well, of course even the best GUI and hardware experience doesn't help if there are no games. The PC gaming industry has been towards Windows for decades so it will take time to get out of that dependency and become more versatile and open. It is still good to see companies are working on to make the change happen despite the financial risk and tons of work.
  12. Some new information has been revealed about Atari's upcoming gaming device - Ataribox. VentureBeat: Ataribox runs Linux on AMD chip and will cost at least $250 Ataribox: More pics and news! Is anyone interested here? I'm personally pretty interested and could actually buy one if will be available for a good price here. AMD has done good work on their open source (Mesa 3D project) drivers recently and that's yet another reason why I'm looking forward how capable the device is.
  13. ObsidianAnt summary of news and changes coming in 2.4. Hopefully new modules are not available only for Horizons owners but for everyone.
  14. Brian Champers: "Currently sitting at 5 bugs. #StarCitizen #Evocati" Evocati: "The Evocati are a small group of testers we’ve picked from Issue Council reporters and PTU participants who get a very early build of a release version. These builds the Evocati get are deemed “not quite ready for normal PTU” either due to bugs or due to features that might be removed depending on how the testing goes." It is great there are always gamers who are ready to help developers. As much I would like to give Alpha 3.0 a try already I just wouldn't have time to do good enough testing to help CIG.