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  1. A beta of a new season starts this Thrusday. According to ObsidianAnt this would be the most biggest update this year - bigger than the earlier ones together. I'm looking forward renewed Exploration and Mining gameplay, they look really promising.
  2. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but yet again gaming media failed to make a good articles about CitizenCon. It was an excellent opportunity to give readers more information about the project but media decided to make news only about Squadron 42 trailer and an extra $1M. It looks like PC Gamer didn't even bother to fix the errors in their news. Anyway... CIG has started to push presentations filmed in CitizenCon to YouTube. Only three videos at the moment but many more to come.
  3. A pretty nice interview with Brian Chambers and Tony Z. Just a bit too agressive style to me so devs couldn't answer the questions nicely. Although the interview seems to be done more to people who doesn't follow the development I think it was still pretty interesting to watch. I assume Joe doesn't has not been following the project closely and that's why he asked question that has been answered already. I'm looking forward to see Joe's thoughts about the project in upcoming video. I expect quite critical view and it is actually first time me to hear how much he knows about the project and his thoughts about it.
  4. A new Squadron 42 trailer from CitizenCon 2948. Looking better and better ...
  5. Release date: 30th November X4: Foundations looks a great mix of earlier X-series games and X Rebirth. Hopefully the game will get a great start and win X-series fans behind it.
  6. Evocati testers are currently testing two distinct versions: Alpha 3.3.0 and Alpha 3.3.0+OCS. Alpha 3.3.0 should go to PTU in 10th October and Alpha 3.3.0+OCS in mid of Q4 if it is ready enough. There has been some interesting leaks from the current builds. VoIP+FoIP is one of the upcoming features and reports says that the first iteration works pretty well already and it is pretty impressive - https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ubz3a
  7. I don't think there is such a RTS as "best" but I could recommend: Planetary Annihilation: TITANS There has been some controversies around the game/development but it looks like the development continues and things has settled down already.
  8. I have heard a lot good about this game. It is on my wishlist but since it has not released for Linux (yet) I have not bought it. Steam added a "Steam Play" support recently which uses Wine/Proton to run Windows games on Linux. Nice thing is that the developers sees it as a Linux-sale which encourages buying Windows game on Linux. 25€ is not much from a game which is worth of hundreds hours of game play, even more. I'm very tempted ...
  9. Monthly Studio Report is one of the best ways to follow the development of Star Citizen. Yesterday CIG published studio report of August 2018 and it has lots of juicy infos about various of game features. It is great they are using open source software like WebRTC. The latest AtV is pretty good but I thing it is concentrating too much the same features every week. The new format works pretty well otherwise - short and concise. Today is going to be a big show RtV about OCS.
  10. Graphically the game starts to look pretty fine but there are some things I personally don't like in this alpha version. Camera is too close so hopefully it will be change to change angle and distance "freely". The style of effects, armors, etc. are way over the top for my taste but this is something I don't think will change much before final version. Hopefully we would see some slow non-combat trailers which would show different styles of gameplay, missions, how dynamic and living and breathing the game world is, etc.
  11. Congrats! Sounds like you had awesome time and 3rd place must feel even better when you had to beat big names to get there.
  12. Sounds like the whole conference could be interesting to you because of Alpha 3.3 release and the development process in general. They sent lots of new Evocati invitations which is a good sign. I guess Evocati PTU release happens within two weeks and they really need lots of people to test it because of OCS. Hopefully they would reach ~200 player/server this year as planned.
  13. Frontier Developments shared some important news: Important Community Update
  14. The only rumor/guess I have heard so far is that there could be something related to habitations presented in the CitizenCon. It would be nice if all players would have their own room (or even apartment) which they could decorate a bit and have near access to hangar. This is one topic Todd Papy is talking about in latest RtV. Drake Interplanetary's capital ship Kraken could also be showed.
  15. I guess it depends what kind of apology you are waiting for but sounds like the best options would be opening and ending keynotes.