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  1. It looks like it could be a good time to get a discussion flow again. A developers started to give some attention to PA (Titans) after many years. Kickstarter: Planetary Annihilation Inc - The Future of PA and Titans I have not played hundreds of hours of this game yet bet personally I have liked it so far. Sure, it has its problems but nothing so big which would have stopped me to enjoy the game (Linux-version).
  2. CIG finally updated the roadmap. Alpha 3.3 "is all about Object Container Streaming (OCS)" and it looks like the development has progressed well. Along with OCS I'm happy to get first iteration of FPS integrated into the game. Hurston, VoIP/FoIP, Ship System Degration, etc. are nice plusses for the release. Object Container Streaming - 4/15 tasks completed [Object Container Streaming] Code Conversion - 66/79 tasks completed [Object Container Streaming] GameObjectExtensions Conversion - 66/69 tasks completed [Object Container Streaming] Asynchronous Background Spawning - 35/38 tasks completed [Object Container Streaming] Background Spawning - 175/198 tasks completed
  3. How does poeple here like the new AtV format? The community seems to be pretty divided as expected. I have been a bit back and forth about the format but started to lean toward "a good change" because of upcoming Alpha 3.3 and CitizenCon. More time developers can stay working on those the better as interesting as it is to hear them talking more in-depth about the features. The duration of Around the Verse yesterday is only 7mins.
  4. Any guesses what is the thing in the video? Hopefully something exciting and very good. Soon we will know more ...
  5. I like the western theme but the video shows so typical open world game that I didn't get excited to play the game at all. Hopefully the upcoming videos shows more about how "living and breathing" the world actually is.
  6. RtV this week was interesting and shared some good information about the upcoming features and changes. I have been a bit worried about flight model, thrusters, etc. and it seems there will be some big changes coming in future. It would be great if they would be able to show some of those changes in upcoming CitizenCon. Monthly Studio Report: July 2018
  7. Alpha 3.2.1 went Live a week ago and despite of being "a minor patch" it includes couple of bigger changes. They started to refactor cannon functionality and ESP got some changes as well. I don't personally like ESP changes at all and I really hope new team will make some big changes to flight combat overall including big changes how thrusters works etc. Interesting times. Alpha 3.2.1i is now in PTU so it seems that they are still preparing some smaller changes to Alpha 3.2 version. Alpha 3.3 will be the biggest and probably most important patch so far. This time I really envy Evocatis although it is going to be very bumpy ride ...
  8. Hello Games has been keep working on No Man's Sky and they are about to release a new big patch in upcoming weeks. Interesting to see if gamers will forgive project's poor start and give the game a second change.
  9. Looks like there is - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/AJSA Interesting to see what kind of org it is going to be. Who knows, maybe I'm joining it one day as well.
  10. I found a document which includes pretty good amount information. It would be important that Ashes of Creation would offer good tools for players to create amazing stories. As great as many scripted single player CRPGs are they are still lacking gameplay MMOs can provide at best. In the other hand unfortunately there are always people in MMOs who wants to ruin fun for everyone else, like griefing/ramming in Elite: Dangerous. It is great to hear many gameplay features are skill based so there's a good change that the game doesn't turn boring grinding immediately.
  11. Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 Available! A nice release with some bigger changes included. Despite of summer I hope they are able to do some Alpha 3.2.x releases as they did with Alpha 3.1. They improved the base version greatly. Alpha 3.3 (Q3) will be the biggest update this year with some crucial core tech additions - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/roadmap/board/1-Star-Citizen/info
  12. So multiplayer functionality seems to work nicely already, that's good to hear. What made me interested were the features they have planned: https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ It looks like they are trying to create a living breating game world which changes according to players and NPCs activities (NODES). Additionally the game is not traditional MMORPG but includes sandboxing elements. This all sounds very good so it is up to gameplay features and their implementations if the game would fit for me - for example is mining just pressing mouse button to hit a pickaxe or does it require some skills as well. Also things like "quest chaining" (a quest can turn something completely different due to actions happening in game world) could really build up players experience and story way further. This project definitely sounds like worth a try. E:D is Elite: Dangerous.
  13. As a person who doesn't like Bethesda's later games in general (Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3/4, etc.) I really don't believe Fallout 76 has anything that would impress or interest me - that's unfortunately what shown videos indicates as well. To me it looks like just a Fallout 4 mod but I really hope the game has mode depth than that. It saddens me a bit that companies that has huge resources goes with bare minimum when developing new titles. edit: In the other hand it is great that Bethesda Fallout-fans gets a multiplayer game. It is a exciting universe and has lots of potential to be fun with friends. It could take some time to find a good balance with nukes and stuff but I do believe Bethesda will get there eventually. I would have personally be much more interested if this would have been MMO with deep game mechanisms so this project is most likely not going to be a game I will be playing ever.
  14. Sounds pretty promising! How does the dynamic gameworld work at the moment? Does it feel like changes are happening and the world feels living or is that still something they are working on? edit: What I'm searching for is a game where I can build "my own story" and have provide gameplay mechanisms to do so. This could be a game which takes a place as my second MMO to replace E:D but I still need to give this project deeper look and get it tested first. Voice acting is meaningless for me so it is not a blocker for me to play any games. Especially in crowdfunded games I prefer there will not be voice acting until very end of the project if a developer have money to include them. Doing them is expensive and makes a hole already small budgets.
  15. The servers are currently down while preparing for a launch.