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  1. Some fresh discussion and information about BG&E2.
  2. The next stream will be on December 13th 20:00 CET https://www.twitch.tv/egosoftofficial
  3. As said in the latest AtV the topic of Holiday Livestream will be CIG's another game in development - Squadron 42 - and the date of the stream will be 21th of December.
  4. Like @Legolas_Katarn said they are far from dead and I personally happy about that. The games you mentioned sure has different mechanisms but I don't think any of them can replace "traditional" point&click mechanisms but are just alternatives. In the other hand many seems to consider Telltale's games and Life is Strange as a point&click games so the distinction is not always so clear. Thimbleweed Park and others works today just as great as it would have worked in 90's. I think we need lots of different kind and types of games and not hope any of them to die. It saddens me how badly for example submarine and flight simulation games are doing these days but fortunately at least point&click adventures and space sims / combat games has made a great "comeback".
  5. Hmmh, it would be interesting to see how AAA-budget point&click game would look in 2018 It is great that indie developers are able to create incredible good adventure games these days so I don't personally feel a need for big developers and money to make adventure games at the moment. Thanks to Terrible Toybox and crowdfunding, we got this - https://thimbleweedpark.com/
  6. As @Legolas_Katarn wrote adventure games are doing well these days. Just couple of days ago Wadjet Eye Games teased with yet another adventure game. I personally like Daedalic Entertainment's games and many others great ones can be found from Steam, IndieDB, GOG.com, ... Games doesn't use full motion video (FMV) much these days. I guess Her Story has been one of the latest and they did it very well.
  7. All these awards and events keeps reminding me how far I'm from mainstream gaming (or whatever it should be called); Game Awards, E3, etc. Lots of trailers and marketing hype but nothing interesting for my taste. I'm wondering how they are able to choose "the best games of the year" before all games has been even published. Are we able to read reasoning behind the choices somewhere? Hmmh, grumpy day I guess ...
  8. Big Finish Games made a documentary about Tex Murphy series. A great game series which hopefully will keep its style and have a long and bright future. Unfortunately their last game never got a Linux-version because of middleware problems. That's the risk one has to take when they pledge crowdfunding project.
  9. An accidental double post so I will fill it with some information: Monthly Studio Report: November 2017
  10. Other than the bug which made one of my favorite ship (Aurora) unplayable it has played well and had many unexpected and fun gameplay moments Hopefully they would be able to release PTU.676042 today.
  11. After testing PTU.673332 and PTU.674844 few more hours I'm happy to see how things are getting improved - thanks to all testers. Delta patcher has worked without issues so far and I guess we will get new patches pretty frequently. It is still too early me to play the game although I have had interesting and fun game session during the testing. Fortunately not all players shoots on sight
  12. Well, I'm not yet playing but only testing and reporting bugs. I did one test game just to give a try how Alpha 3.0 PTU works for my gaming style but that's all so far. Which ship you own? Have you joined to any organizations yet?
  13. You have many good points although I'm still not convinced about need of exclusive games just to keep some platforms alive. It is not just PC (Linux, Windows, etc.) I would like to see all games be ported to but I think similar way with devices I don't own or be interested in like for example Nintendo's consoles. I would like to see all possible games ported for their consoles too. Mobile devices are not an exception either - it was great to see Baldur's Gates ported for mobile devices. I don't think hardware just in performance point of view but controllers as well. For example I wouldn't expect game developed for Nintendo 2DS would be ported to devices with only one screen. Same with the Kinect and other special HW requirements. It has been good to see some developers are developing different UIs depending of controller a player is using. Another aspect is that I think it is important that developers are able to publish patches without validation. If they are not able to I don't expect the game be ported to those platforms. I'm a huge fan on open platforms and huge amount of "bad games" is small price to pay for that since there is huge amount of good games coming steadily as well and users has control over their gaming devices. Gaming sites like indiedb.com, crowdfunding projects, etc. are very important to me and has changes my way and view of gaming for better.
  14. Open world genre feels pretty stagnant so hopefully these kind of team could blow fresh air to this genre. I have very high hopes for CDPR + Cyberpunk 2077 to do so since they have spend good amount of time to build a single player open world game. TW3 was a great game but still pretty straightforward action RPG just like TW games before it. Please no exclusive games unless there is technical reasons for it ...
  15. Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 is now published for some amount of player in PTU. I have tested it roughtly about 13 hours now and submitted multiple of bug reports. So far the testing has been very fun and it has definitely made me even more convinced that Star Citizen will be the space game I want to play. CIG has done amazing job so far. CIG will publish 8 episodes of ship design series started from yesterday. Very interesting material for those who are interested to see how ships are being designed, their functionality and state of progress: Star Citizen: ATV Anniversary Special - Anvil Aerospace & Hawk Reveal Star Citizen: ATV Anniversary Special - Aegis Dynamics & Hammerhead Reveal There are many other videos published since my last post so all those who are interested about the development process, gameplay features, lore and other information should check the videos from here: https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/videos