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  1. Nymphonomicon liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Should video games be accessible to everyone?   
    That's pretty interesting question. I personally (also) like games that are hard to learn and hard to master (Dwarf Fortress, Distant Worlds: Universe, etc.) and trying to make them "accessible to everyone" sounds quite impossible task to me. As long as we do have indie games and crowdfunding projects I think there will be made games for wide variety of people.
  2. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Star Citizen news and weekly shows   
    Thanks for the feedback. I can start to post less frequently although I still think the information CIG is sharing about upcoming updated ship page/matrix and gameplay possibilities are interesting and important information to all who are already backers and those who are interested to give a game a try during free weekends. AtVs gives lots of information about how they are progressing on Evocati builds and the other half includes information about upcoming gameplay features - again, important information to share.
    Maybe a weekly post (or less) with my current opinion and experiences about the projects could be easier to tolerate.
  3. Doctor liked a post in a topic by ACEPILOT666 in EF: Total War: Warhammer II event   
    Greetings AJSA! As we look to invade and claim a realm of our own in the Old World, the Great Maelstrom has been weakened and the time is right for us to lay claim to it! There will be many perils and death ahead, but we must crush our enemies under our boots in order to succeed. Join me as we spill BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!
    Depending on the turnout and popular demand, we may either do a series of matches of varying size or a co-op campaign.
    Event will be hosted on Discord and start on Oct. 21st 2017 at 4pm EDT/ 9pm BST.
  4. Doctor liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Should video games be accessible to everyone?   
    In something like Cuphead, a side scrolling shooter, it might as well have easier modes, for a variety of reasons but even just to allow younger people, older people with worse reflexes, or people with disabilities to play the game. Probably even more so because of the game's art style likely being something that can attract kids or older gamers and being something that some people might just want to observe and enjoy without having to do it while trying to survive. The only time it would feel right to not do an easier mode is if the games atmosphere or feelings it's trying to create are heavily reliant on challenge and when it wouldn't be a simple matter to add an easier mode because there are so many different reasons for why people might find a game to be difficult. Difficulty itself can mean a lot of different things and accessibility issues are usually adding obvious things like subtitles and larger text options or options to help people with certain disabilities (like not requiring mashing a button quickly for QTEs, having the ability to rebind controls or use third party controllers, or adding a colorblind mode), in those cases they should always be accessible but developers need to start the design process with that in mind because it can become costly, time consuming, and difficult to implement later.
    This developer's thread on difficulty and accessibility partly explains designing around them.
  5. Doctor liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Middle-earth: Shadow of War review. More of the first game. Like it or not, depends on you.   
    Now then. Before I go through how the gameplay of this game is, I'm going to address 2 things that I heard so much about regarding this game:
    1) The loot boxes. Are they required, or are they just there?

    Don't worry about this thing. These loot + war chests are not important at all. All of the chests just give you random items + followers, who for most of the time are less powerful than the ones you get in the game and for most of the time in the case of followers, can be converted into gears, and for the items you can just convert them into silver coins, which are actually the currency you use to unlock gem slots for your weapons, upgrade your followers and upgrade your strongholds in the main game. Just by playing the game and fucking around, you can get a lot of silvers and gears.
    You don't need to pay real money to get the gold currency required to buy them. You can actually get gold by doing challenges which change each day, like "kill captains using execution moves" or "kill a vendetta target" that sort of thing. 
    As for the stories that people say about how the final Act 4 requires you to buy the loot crate? Not true at all. You know what the last act of the game is? It's a 10 stage "defend your fort" missions that consists of 20+ fort defense missions. If you actually have a strong defense and a lot of high leveled orcs guarding the fort, there is no need to actually buy any of the crate. You can just play the missions normally. Well.... except when you got killed by an orc with a "no chance" perk on them, which means if you get attacked by these guys, you'll automatically lose the mission and you have to take over the fort back. But luckily taking over the fort is easy since there's only 1 orcs guarding each defense posts, and you can sabotage the defense by completing a mission before the takeover.
    2) What of the game's ending? Is it going to turn people away?
    I did say this back when the gameplay trailer was announced
    If you are familiar with the Lord of the Rings lore, you pretty much will know that as long as the One Ring exists, Sauron will always return in the end. Plus having a Ring of Power with you will fuck you up in many form and corrupt you. As demonstrated by the many2 people that got consumed by the ring
    Not to mention, it's officially confirmed that this game is a prequel to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy films, so you know what that means. I heard that people hated the ending. And since I completed the game, I have one thing to say:
    Why?? The ending is perfect! It's very lore accurate and it's not a cliffhanger ending like the previous game. Hell, by the end of the game I actually felt satisfied with how everything ends and ties up to the LOTR trilogy films. I even watched the Return of the King again after playing the game and it flows perfectly. This is bold for me to say I know, but this game is a much better prequel than MGSV Phantom Pain, because that game tries to have a twist that may look cool, but just leaves a lot of questions afterward. This game on the other hand is a good prequel that ties to the film really well. And I am dead. Fucking. Serious.
    Now that those 2 things are out of the way, let's get straight to what this game is about. It's a straight sequel to the first game and begins after Talion + Celebrimbor created a new ring of power to counter Sauron's own ring (BAD IDEA). Basically they both met Shelob, you know, this spider in the film
    For some reason she can turn herself into a hot chick here. She took the new ring to herself, and then after 8+ hours of gameplay, you finally get the ring back and you're able to create your own personal orc army. 
    Like I said, this game has more of what's in the first game. Which if you're not familiar with the first game, it's a game that's quite like a mixture of Assassin's Creed with the Batman Arkham games. You can parkour around the environment to do stealth kills, you can fight many orcs at once with your close combat prowess, and best of all, you can mind control enemy captains to work with you and you can order them to do many things, like infiltrate the enemy ranks and backstab high ranked orcs, pick a fight with other orcs, or just straight up blow their brains out. It's all up to you!
    In this game there's more combat moves to unlock, more areas to conquer, more collectibles to collect, more enemy types and more orc varieties to destroy or mind control, each with their own delicious characterizations. One time, I even fought an orc named Dûsh, and true to his name, he trash talks a lot, and when I am close to finishing him off, he ran away like a chicken. What a prick!
    And I found Kumail Nanjiani in the game.
    And I even made him commander of a fort. He has a couple of funny lines in the game, but a lot of the other orcs also have funny ass lines that makes me chuckle. You'll never know what sort of orcs you will encounter in the game.

    The gear system has been changed compared to the first. It uses Diablo/ Nioh loot system where you get gears that has different rarities, purple is the best since it gives a lot of buffs, and increases in levels each time you progress through the game. Each gear outside of the common ones have different challenges to them, so if you complete that particular challenge, you can level the gear up further. It also has a gem system which lets you insert 3 gem types to each gear to give them different benefits. Red is all about attack power, green is about health and white is XP related. You can put different gems to each gears and see which combination you like best.
    A couple of the collectibles in the game have neat minigames. There's a "cleanse a Sauron Tower" which lets you do a "spot these hidden objects in the world map" minigame, a "collect Shelob's past memories" minigame which lets you do an optical illusion puzzle, and there's ones that requires you to do this.... weird poem minigames. You have to collect 6 words scattered around the map. Once you collect them all, you're able to go into a door, and you have to assemble those 6 words into the poems.

    It's a neat brain teaser, and once you solve it, you're given a legendary gear for yourself. Of course the gears themselves will most likely be under leveled compared to the gear that you have after playing the game for hours already, but it's a nice collectible nonetheless. 
    Oh yes, about the army creator + stronghold attack section. Is it like the trailer?
    Of course not! You can't just press a button to execute an enemy that easily.
    But for the other cool shit that happens? Yes. Most of them at least. You take over forts by going to different capture points and stay there until it's taken over. That gate thing at the start is not in the game, though maybe that's because the forts I took over isn't the one in the trailer. I took over forts that has ballista graugs instead. Enemies that you killed will come back from the dead. That drake thing is awesome when you use it for yourself. And thankfully that fire drake machine death can be avoided if you play espionage and cripple the enemy defenses by eliminating the warlords.
    All things considered, the game does get repetitive once you put 30+ hours into the game. It's the same thing as the first game in that you will be repeating a lot of missions and replace a lot of orc officers to get a better army. If you're fine with that, then that's cool. You'll enjoy this game a lot. Until the last act of the game since it's just a string of 20+ fort defense missions. They should just reduce it to only 10 so it doesn't overstay its welcome. Luckily like I said, it ends satisfyingly in that it directly ties to the LOTR trilogy film in the end,

    and it ends happily. With a pretty sweet end credits song to top it all off. 
    And a pretty sweet remembrance to that Michael David Forgey guy who unfortunately passed away but got remembered through an in game character based on him.

    Do I recommend this game? Oh yes. If you love the first game and want more of it that is. But the end game will get repetitive, so beware of that. It's like eating at a 5 star buffet. You'll have so many to eat and it'll make you full if you eat too much. If you hate or don't like the first game, unfortunately this game isn't for you. Better skip this game if that's the case.
    I give this game the rating of "take over Mordor with your army and conquer everything again and again, but beware that it'll get annoying during the last act of the game. Though in the end, you'll leave the game satisfied."
  6. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Star citizen 3.0 Hype !!   
    Done, thanks for the suggestion.
    Edit: The thread can continue as it is now. This is a good place to discuss about development of Alpha 3.0 version and once it has been released we can continue in other threads.
  7. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Star citizen 3.0 Hype !!   
    1. You can take dev diaries as you like of course. I enjoy read and watch developer's dev diaries and I don't take as PR although they could work in that purpose as well. Dev diaries gives people topics to discuss about and give them a change to give developers feedback. So far they have worked very nicely in that way so I can't complain.
    2. Well, I don't personally feel they own any explanation where the money has gone other than it is used to create a game. I have never got any more detailed information from any crowdfunded projects I have supported. To me it enough to know these teams are able to work on a game although it is never certain they are able to finish them - that's the risk of crowdfunding.
  8. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice review: the Drive of video games.   
    A great review, good work.
    I still need to give it a try, but I'm most likely one of them. I normally dislike straightforward story heavy games like this and therefore $30 feels way too expensive to me. I will consider buying it with discounted price (sub $10) at some point later.
    Still, I'm glad the game seems to do pretty well and it has many fans already.
  9. Doctor liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in We Happy Few has gone corporate   
    They have had a price increase mentioned for some time now on their store page. This particular increase in price has been known about since the 9th. How is it bullshit? People knew about it, the people who supported it got their copies, and like anything else it will reduce in price at some point if you don't feel it is worth it for the current. 
    It was literally written under the price increase line that almost all early access games have for some time, and posted in multiple storefronts and news stories two weeks ago.
    Why? For the small amount it raised it's pretty surprising it is even still in development over two years later. The only way this should bother Kickstarter backers is if the things that were promised in the Kickstarter become DLC that they need to pay for. 
    How? Even Jims video is more focused on the assumed meaning of AAA and what is expected with that, not on this being some kind of shady business dealing. Some game that's been selling for over a year getting a special edition no one needs to buy and increasing the price like they said they were going to should would be a pretty minor, almost not even worth mentioning, thing compared to other industry problems, practices, and culture.
  10. Seirex liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Star Citizen news and weekly shows   
    "This week’s Around the Verse Special Edition features an extended interview with Britton Watkins (Star Trek: Into Darkness), our xenolinguistics specialist who’s creating languages for the various aliens of the Star Citizen universe. Watch this interesting and informative special edition episode to discover what goes into creating an alien language from scratch."
  11. Seirex liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Star Citizen news and weekly shows   
    This week's lore post: This Day in History: The Walzer Massacre
    Earlier posts can be found from here and here (eBooks)
  12. Seirex liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Star Citizen news and weekly shows   
    that's fine. It is good to have some conversation about the game even if it is a bit OT.
    It is worth to keep in mind that we don't have exact numbers how much money have been spent so far and how the used money has been divided; technologies, Star Citizen PU and Squadron 42. Also lots of technologies they have been working on these years are not included yet; Item System 2.0, PG planets, economy, new netcode, subsumption (AI), piping system, etc. so it is still hard to judge just by looking Alpha 2.6.0 how the money has been spent.
    Star Citizen PU is still far away but Squadron 42 episode 1 could be released much sooner. I think they should try to show some material from SQ42 as soon as possible - for example an updated "The Morrow tour" version once subsumption has been included.
    Their upcoming shows Around the Verse and special episodes will be more interesting than ever because they start to show Alpha 3.0, gameplay features and hopefully SQ42 material. A new episode of Around the Verse (AtV) will be released every Thursday.
    It is good and important to be critical and let CIG know about the concerns. There are heated discussion going on all the time, like for example two hot topics at the moment; Alpha 2.6.0 flight model changes and a new Friday show "Happy hour" which replaced QA show Reverse the Verse. Fortunately lots of people in the community is giving CIG very useful and constructive feedback.
    We all how doubts and fears about how the game will be but personally I don't let them to push me down. Of course the game will be far from perfect and will have many features I will dislike but still, to me it looks most interesting and promising game at the moment.
  13. Scope liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Gamescom Star Citizen demo.   
    Those who are unsure about the project I recommend to test it when it is available for free (week/weekend). I guess the next change to try out the project for free could be during Citizencon 2016 (9th of October). Hopefully Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 would be playable then. It will be a huge release.
    The project is enormous and still in early stage so no balancing or optimizations has been done yet and most likely not going to happen anytime soon for Star Citizen PU.
    I posted here some recent news about the project: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/36474-news-and-shows/