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  1. Welcome Look forward to playing some games with ya.
  2. Disregard I've convinced myself to grab one; also peer pressure from friends lol Any games beyond Zelda you'd recommend getting? (for those that have one)
  3. Game looks enjoyable however while it's a new game you could almost make the argument that this could've just been one big DLC add on to the first game. Maybe that's just me but it seems more of extra content then it does an actual sequel. I'll still check it out of course.
  4. So how is the Switch guys? I ask because although I love Nintendo and I do love Zelda, I can't justify the price to get a new system to play a single game. Granted I have a Wii U so I may just pick up Zelda for that system instead. Here in Canada though a Switch costs $399.99 and Zelda $79.99 so essentially for just the system and the game it's running me $542 after tax. That's a lot. I get that there's promise of games to come, ie: Mario Kart, Splatoon, Mario, etc, however I haven't really found a reason to buy a Switch. I'd love to but my concern is that Nintendo won't learn from past mistakes and it'll end up being a paperweight. Anyways let me know what you like and don't like, just trying to get a healthy discussion about the console. I'm on the fence so maybe try and convince me to get one? Or don't haha.
  5. A valid point.
  6. ^ well said. From everything I've read the "micro transactions" These items, which are completely optional and make no changes to the balance of the game as per the article I read here: https://www.vg247.com/2017/03/03/for-a-game-that-promised-no-microtransactions-the-division-sure-does-have-a-lot-of-expensive-microtransactions/ Doesn't bother me much either personally.
  7. I'm really looking forward to this and I think the price is fair. Sure it sounds like PS Now and arguably looks very much like it albeit better. Having said that, this will give people a chance to enjoy games they might have missed or not heard of, however what's really swell is the fact you can then purchase said game if you enjoy it and wish to retain it beyond however many days it's available as part of the service. Something to my knowledge that PS Now doesn't do. I can understand how some might perceive this as a bad thing but from a marketing standpoint I totally get why Microsoft would be doing this. In addition they've already gone on record to state that their relationship with GameStop (EB Games here in Canada) is still rock solid and this doesn't mean they're leaving them short handed. "We've been extremely happy with the response to yesterday's announcement of Xbox Game Pass," Xbox marketing executive Mike Nichols told BusinessInsider. "We also know that our fans look for a variety of ways to purchase and try games and services, and I'm happy to announce that we are working with retail partners, such as GameStop, on offering Xbox Game Pass to their customers. We'll have more details to share in the future." Love to hear what others think but I think this is a win for Xbox and gamers everywhere.
  8. Welcome to the Angry Army. Look forward to gaming together sometime.
  9. Haven't played Tekken in forever. Not sure if it's worth picking up the new title yet, however it does look good so I'm intrigued...
  10. I'd totally be fine with this
  11. Everything I've read points to no. However I wouldn't rule it out officially with the "Play Anywhere" campaign that Microsoft has been pushing with PC/Xbox one. If that's the case and you're able to join us, we'd love to have you
  12. Welcome to the Angry Army
  13. Welcome to the Angry Army
  14. Looking forward to taking some Cartel down with ya then
  15. Absolutely agree. We'll have countless ways to approach missions, lots of side quests and hopefully some great pvp as well. The game is going to be so much fun.