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    I love to play videos games(mostly fps and rpg games) like Battlefield 1 on the PS4 and any Fallout or Elder Scrolls games. I also hang out with friends on my free time.

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  1. welcome to the angry army
  2. Don't get me wrong I love Angry Joe he is one of my favorite reviewers of all time but I do feel and know where you are coming from and I mean after the Last of Us review (which was a fantastic game) but he was saying that it was the reason that everyone should get a PS4 to play but in my opinion I didn't think it was worth buying a new console for and it earned a legendary 10/10 which I kind of thought was bullshit because he never talked about how flawed the stealth was in that game or some other glitches and bugs that needed to be fixed.
  3. Welcome to the Angry Army Soldier!
  4. Do you guys still play BF4
  5. Welcome to the Angry Army soldier
  6. Welcome to the angry army soldier.
  7. Welcome to the Angry Army I'm also new just started a week ago.
  8. Dude I would love to speak German and I'm surprised it's a dying language.
  9. idk I'm not too excited about the ps4 pro but the Project Scorpio better be good.
  10. what's good and yeah the community is really good compared to other ones I've come to find.
  11. Thank you for the response hopefully it comes back up.
  12. Oh thank you because I felt awful when I couldn't reply to other people thank you Commander.
  13. I know I probably sound stupid but does any know how to reply to someone if there is like a button or something and also how can I donate to the angry army.
  14. Hi my name is Zack and I just wanted to introduce myself to my fellow comrades. I've always wanted to be a part of the Angry Army but the chance never came, but now it is time to serve under the Commander himself, Angry Joe. Also my favorite types of games are either FPS or RPGs and I sometimes enjoy a strategy game ever here and there.