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  1. This is not right, the Sengoku Basara series is among the best hack and slash games and the series has gotten a good number of fans (including myself). The latest game is going to be even better than the last one with improved combat and more characters to play as. We need to find a way to get Capcom to bring over this game.
  2. I am hoping that Chaotic gets a second chance on the PS4.
  3. Lord of the Rings Conquest, I remembered that I have it in my game cabinet I decide to play it a bit and then after like two matches against bots I remembered why I quit. Lord of the Rings Conquest was a game that attempted to be like battlefront which is not bad, honestly, I like it when a game is copying a very popular and fun game. The game however is a horrible battlefront copy though and even if you do not compare it to battlefront, it is still pretty bad. Here is a list of my reasons why I do not like this game. #1 The classes: Like Battlefront, this game has classes, there are four classes to chose from the warrior, the mage, the scout, and the archer. In Battlefront, each class has a purpose, soldiers battle against enemies on the front lines, engineers repair ammo and health droids while doubling as a medic and the list goes on. In Conquest, the warrior and mage classes are for fighting on the front lines while the scout and archer have little to no use. #2 The heroes: I will admit that Battlefront and Conquest have the same problem here in that the heroes are overpowered and pretty much the same in terms of what they do. #3 The battlefield: This is a pretty big problem for conquest, you see in Battlefront the maps were big enough for you to move around in and the control points where placed so that they were not in a straight line which often meant you had to leave the safety of your army and capture that one control point off to the side. In Conquest most of the maps basically guide you to where you need to go to capture the next control point, for example in the black gate battlefield three of the control points are in straight line, and the battle of Helms Deep is a connect the dots map. #4 The online ( or at least for me the lack of online play ): I do not know if anybody else is having this problem but I can not play online because it will not connect, this is either because EA decided to abandon ship and stop the servers or the servers are terrible either way the online is not there. #5 The gameplay: It is boring. Ways to improve the problems listed For problem number one, the way to fix it would be to add some variety for each class. The Soldier class is your front line army meant to go against whatever the enemy can throw at them. To do this you need to have a way to switch between a sword and shield for defense and a two handed sword for offense. The energy meter system Conquest has is perfect here, you gain energy for hitting your foes and you lose it when you use a special attack or block. The mage class will be the support class, they lauch fireballs at the enemy from behind the warriors and heal the warriors when they need it and they can provide a shield for the warriors when they need to retreat. They can change the triangle attack to a wave blast that causes minimal damage but launches the enemy backwards. Finally reduce their armor, mages should not be able to jump into the middle of 5 warriors and be able to defeat them all. The scout class needs to be divided into two different classes. The first class is the scout class, their job is to run in and cause as much chaos is possible. Their weapons would be a dagger and bombs. They would be fast, running across the map really quickly. This class could make for some very interesting battles especially at the beginning where they would most likely be against other scouts. The assassin class is the second class, specializing in stealth, they would be looking for ways to get behind the enemy lines and take out their supports. Their weapons would be dual daggers and throwing knives. Finally, the archer, the most boring class to play as, needs to have a limited number of arrows to shoot because right now you can sit back and shoot the enemy without ever running out of arrows and it is boring. For problem two, the heroes need to feel special, I really do not mind that they are overpowered but when they all play the same way it can get really boring really quickly. For problem three the answer to there problem lies with Battlefront, in Battlefront the maps where setup in ways that meant certian classes were perfect for certian areas, for example in Jabba's Palace the is a small hallway where a engineer could sit and wait for unsuspecting enemies and then eliminate them when they got in range. It is stuff like this that really got me into Battlefront because it actually forced me to think strategically at times. And finally the gameplay, this game has so much promise, if they had put in a sword fighting mechanic, maybe something like what chivalry did and making an ammo system for all throwable or shootable objects, a better mount system, and destructable enviroments or objects you can interact with. So what do you think of this game, is there a possibility that it may get a far better sequel or like chaotic has the first game doomed it.
  4. Sengoku Basara 3 Utage. Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes is a amazing hack and slash game but it had a major flaw in that there were so few characters, then they announce utage which includes some very amazing characters like Matsunaga, Kenshin, and Kojuro. Naturally I wanted this expansion unfortunately even with all the fans wanting this game, Capcom did not release this game to the US.
  5. I would like to be able to team up with fellow DW fans on playstation, if you are interested send me a friend request saying that you are from the AJSA or leave a comment saying you would like me to invite you to be my friend. I should also mention that I upload DW footage on youtube all the time so if your interested in doing a co-op video with me let me know.
  6. I would say Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires, it is a lot of fun to team up with your friends online and decimate enemy armies.
  7. The best game I have played would have to be Arkham City, the story was interesting but what got me to come back even after beating the game was the combat challenges really love those since they give you a chance to test out everything you know about the combat system. The worst PS3 game I have played would have to be Genji days of the blade, I know some games hold your hand and make it to where you feel stupid, but this game does not even give you the basics immediatly combine that with the fact that it is a hard game, you are going to be in for a lot of frustration.
  8. I have a list 1st: Robots for PS2 2nd: Bionicle for Gamecube 3rd: every power rangers game
  9. I understand what you are saying, I was just saying that I am used to the older fighting system and honestly I have trouble seeing how final fantasy could be a good MMO, no offense to you or anyone else who likes the MMO version.
  10. Yeah, that is true, whenever I think of FF I think of FFIV for the super nintendo which was my first FF game.
  11. In my opinion, with how difficult a good majority of the bosses are, FFXIII needed to go with a different fighting system the Kingdom hearts one to be specific. I say this because if they had made it to were you could be the one who influences if the enemy hits you or not then those one hit K.O. moves ( blasted last boss is a two part boss battle in which the second part has a one hit K.O. move ) would not be as annoying because you can actually dodge them, and since there is no armor it would help against the regular enemies that tend to cause a lot of damage especially early on. You could also say they should go back to the older fighting system like from FFIV which is still difficult but not impossible, however if they did they had better make those one hit move less frequent.
  12. On Youtube, I posted a video saying I am taking request for Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires character creations. If you would like me to make a character for you then you can make a request here or send me a Private message on Youtube I go by the same name there as well. Here is what I need to know. Favorite Character: I base the looks and personality off the persons favorite character. Weapon preference: If you have a specific weapon you would like your character to use, do not worry about looking up the weapons they have, just request it and I will let you know if they have it. Special attacks: If there are specific musou attacks you would like used let me know. I also need to mention that I am already planning on doing characters for the Fiery Joker and the One-Winged Angel so no need to ask for characters of them.
  13. I have also noticed what your saying, there is very little anybody other 360 and PC members can do.
  14. I remember, I had just recently gotten a online only game called MAG and I could not play it at all during that time.
  15. Virgil from the older Devil May Cry: seriously why didn't they add him, he is awesome Gray Fox: I saw a video of him online and he is amazing. Ryu Hayabusa: Ryu Hayabusa would have been a nice character to add, oh well at least Warriors Orochi remembered him Nix from inFamous2: her personality combined with her power would have made for a fun character to play as.