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  1. ive only played one assasins creed game and I liked it. I believe it will be a good movie provided they keep to the source material and don't go all Hollywood on us. plus Michael Fassbender is a pretty damn good actor and I cant think of him in a bad role. also leap of faith looks really good.
  2. Lately I've been going through a lot of 360 games. I figure that I should play them while there still available and cheap. due to growing up and worrying more about women than xbox games it became a hobby of the past. about a year ago I lost my job with not much to do I booted up the old 360 and started playing games that id missed out on for the last 10 years. I didn't even play bioshock until about 6 months ago. anyway there have been a lot of good games but only a few that stood out. one game that really surprised me was Red Faction Armageddon. the gameplay is fun, good variety of enemies but the highlight was the weapons. things like the black hole gun the magnet gun and the nano forge kick some serious ass. I just wanted to know if anyone else has played it and what there thoughts are on it.
  3. The VR looks good Technology is actually at a point were we can do these sorts of things now. and the teach and games are only going to get better. cant wait to try it out in the future but I'm happy to wait until the price drops first.
  4. One game I found to be highly enjoyable was a game called red faction Armageddon. some of the best guns Ive ever come across in a game, also fear 2, wolfenstien the new order. but the best game ive played in a long time has to be asasins creed 4 black flag. if you ever wanted to be a pirate that's the game for you.
  5. id say the biggest influence in angry joes decision making and reviews is partialy based on emotion. which is good for every gamer to care about what he or she is playing but sometimes with certain characters for example SUPERMAN it clouds his judgment. look at the review of Batman v Superman you can see the byass as a huge fan of superman creeping in. one reason I watch the show and reviews is because he speaks from the heart and he is as honest as he can be. and he tears apart criticks who think that crap games are good or even great. Mindjack would be an example. and as a gamer yould you nock back a chance to get flown overseas and premier a new game. I would and I would love the game developers trying to suck up so I could turn around and give them my honest opinion. weather it be good or bad. and at the end of the day everyone has there own taste weather it be RPG , MMO, or whatever . the point is everybody gets there on experience out of a game and therefore everybody will fee differently about a game.
  6. I think that bunjie are doing nothing more than trying to squeeze every cent out of the consumer that they can. I picked up a copy a while ago been playin it and I am vastly underwhelmed with the result. oh and I don't have xbox live gold so I cant play all the missions. what a load of crap. either Microsoft or bunjie are now at the forefront of ripping gamers off and if I had known after years of being a loyal bungie supporter I would have told them that it was there destiny to stick this game were the sun don't shine. so disappointing how the evolution of games is occurring.