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jason hengst

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  1. jason hengst liked a post in a topic by Copper Hay in Why Do People Like Halo??   
    So you were expecting a shooter to play more like an RPG?
    Yeah, Halo is no Destiny.
  2. jason hengst liked a post in a topic by Beatmaster A.C. in Please sign my petition to bring Destiny to the PC!   
    why should they port an Mediocre, Overhyped, MMO wannabe, Bastard Child of Borderlands 2 for the PC?
  3. jason hengst liked a post in a topic by caseyoakdale in Please sign my petition to bring Destiny to the PC!   
    Why would you want that overrated, underwhelming dumpster fire to infect your pc? 
  4. jason hengst liked a post in a topic by Ghaleon in Solid Evidence that AJ is an honest critic?   
    I think Joe's reviews are pretty good at telling me what the game is about, how it plays, and why or why I wouldn't like it... I ignore the stupid ass score and badass seal of approval thing. Those mean @%@#% to me. If people listen to critics reasons/arguments/descriptions, and don't focus on the score, it should be pretty obvious  what is trustworthy or not.... Just listen to what they say exactly and don't put words in their mouths. If Joe says omgwtfbbq it crashed for me 8 times.. don't think he's saying DIS GAME CRASHES NON STOP FOR EVERYONE, and think he's lying if it works for someone else... If he says though 'I go online and I see many people complaining about the same issues and the devs on the forums say screw you', then you can interpret it the dramatic way.
    I play indie games moreso than AAA games these days, so the number of games I own that Joe actually has reviews for is pretty few. But so far I've not noticed any situations where something he said is bull.
  5. jason hengst liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Playstation VR Angry Review & Launch Games   
    I think I will get a VR headset but I'm still not sure which one....  I've heard the PSVR is more comfortable for people who wear glasses (which I do) so I'd consider that but there is more PC games out on VR that I wanna play.....  This is hard!