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  1. In't it hallowen lets play gost busters the game that should be interesting, and the day after ! FOX NEWS!: "We present to you this news "froun"So this thing called the angry army, an oline community, involved in a terrible accident." "Whats that Mitch ? What happend to this guys , they were like 800 of them ho died right?" "Yeah Ron, they died from bordom..............................."
  2. Hello guys, I saw that there is no AJSA motor bike gang in GTA V, I started one im not a hardcore player but i love to enter GTA V to time to time so i ,practicaly start from scratch,pls pardon my lack of content inside the gang, but whit that in mind, i just need a Vice president , Road Capitan , Enforcer and a Sergent at arms, My nick name in rockstar Venomedy230, there you cand send me a request or whatever . I will love some of the army to join me , im a new player as well so don't be to hard on me , just buyed the game.(pls enter only if you like to rolpay and start from bottom lets where we can reach whit the gang), This group is an unofficial fan group. PS:sorry for the grammar, i know i have lots of fails
  3. Hello dude!
  4. I also want to find a group , I think AJSA Needs a guild... So we can go in mass raids and stuff , pls tell me if anyone know that the guild exists cause, I don't really know. I looke'd for clues and for people but couldn't fine none
  5. Dude i tried to click it -.-
  6. Thank you soo much DR.Evil for your help in joining in. And i realy hope we see each other in games, i know that this community is just awesome i read lots of your posts, and you guys are just awesome, I realy hope that this community extends and in my opinion all gamers should be like this!