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    Sports, creative writing, daydreaming in class, music, (specifically trumpet, piano, and harmonica) shooting sports, (primarily shotgun) camping, and of course... gaming
  1. That's alright. So pc games... hmmm.... I now suggest battlefield 1! I bought the early enlister edition and I am thrilled at how good the story has been so far. I'm sure lots of people are hyped as I was, but I'm just giving you some personal experience. It's also very realistic and true to World War 1, which is one reason I love it. Again great stories and I highly recommend buying it at launch! Like seriously... BUY IT!!
  2. Is it possible to play on these rental servers on Xbox One? I'm curious....
  3. I think a good, heart touching, emotional, story driven game is the Last of Us. It has a cool twist that puts a new angle on the zombie genre. Mushroom zombies.... No, but seriously. It creates an ominous air wherever you are. Great game. If you are a 3DS player, (which I am from time to time) then I think the Fire Emblem franchise is really good. Medieval, fantasy kinda thing. The emotional relationships between the characters and fantastic storytelling make for a game you'll never forget. Robin from the Super Smash Bros. game is a character from Fire Emblem. Specifically Fire Emblem Awakening. My favorite one!
  4. Hey guys!! I'm new... but I love gaming! and Lacrosse. I play primarily on my Xbox One, but I also am on my 3DS.