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  1. It's 5:30am and I haven't slept, so here: It's a great video by WoodenPotatoes skimming over a lot of the new content, and he's been doing in-depth videos each time something's been announced, so check his channel for any of the news you think you're interested in. That's all, good night.
  2. I don't know what's already been said (quite a bit of reading there), but I read your question. So here's my 2 cents: I have almost 900 hours in the game and I've been playing since launch. I've been a Guild Wars fan since about 2007 (and yes, I have the expansion pre-ordered). However, I've yet to fully apply myself to a specific goal in the game, I don't have any legendaries, I only have 1 level 80, and I'm way behind in achievement points, fractals, dungeons, etc. That's not for a lack of trying, though. I'd LOVE to get a legendary, or grind out the fractals, but I always end up distracting myself with random tasks like leveling up my other characters, or grinding a dungeon for its armor, or world boss grinding, running the Silverwastes, etc. So there's tons of things to do, as long as you find the game fun. This isn't your typical MMO where the joy is the grind, in this game the joy is the game. I hear a lot of "fans" complaining about things like nerfed rewards and poorly balanced incentives (which are false rumors, btw). Meanwhile, I'm just running around playing the content. Though I do think there's a few things really worth pointing out. The Personal Story was entertaining at the start (and if you find it entertaining, then that's a good thing), but it was ultimately a mistake. It should not have been in the game at all. The personal story really breaks the game's canon lore and really breaks up the proper gameplay. Instead of epic world bosses and events, you pop into private instances and solo this "epic storyline." Hell, the "final boss" fight with Zhaitan, the elder dragon that raised an entire sunken island and filled it with undead minions and commanders is the anticlimactic end to a 5-man dungeon. It was totally mishandled. A lot of early game content in general has been mishandled (being freaking OP as hell vs all the early game monsters), but luckily you don't really notice a lot of it until you make a new character after experiencing the "good" content. What's the "good" content? Well, Fractals are getting rebalanced (I was already a fan, and now they're gonna be great), map completion gives you that "completionist" satisfaction, world bosses are fun, even if they're pushovers, PvP can be fun, a good guild gives you unlimited source of entertainment (let me know if you want to try our guild), and the active development is something to admire. Every holiday provides special themed content and they have the Living World, which continues the storyline from the end of your personal story, and is leaps and bounds better in quality in every way, especially season 2. What's even better? The expansion. Just take a look: Hopefully that's enough. I feel like I'm leaving a lot out, but it's 5:30am and I haven't slept, so I'm going to hit the bed. G'night
  3. Oops, sorry about that. I don't like to leave guilds after they become inactive, I keep them so I can kind of remember the history of my playing the game and all the folks I ran with. I should be able to accept the invite now, though.
  4. I am a regular GW2 player, I pre-purchased, so I've been playing since launch. Am I a serious player? Well, I do have a spreadsheet of how to get my Frostfang legendary which goes into some extreme detail (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OnhkYd-7puR81nvftu9BK1bea4Yg0OGtIZDv8M9jvfg/edit?usp=sharing). I am a high-ranking member of another guild (http://gw2stfu.com/), so here are my priorites. Any Angry Army guild events would override my personal guild's events (during which I'd obviously be representing), but I'd spend most of my pve time representing my personal guild (if that makes any sense). Last thing, this is for the Northern Shiverpeaks? May I ask why? Megaservers kind of circumvent the need to switch servers, and guild's aren't restricted to 1 server anyways. The only restriction is WvW, so would my staying on Borlis Pass really cause so much strife that I couldn't join the guild? I'd join any other events going on. My account name is: Biggyboy.7105
  5. Correction, the article was called Too Tired To Dream.
  6. I actually know exactly what you're talking about, except in a slightly different way. I have over 100 games on steam, over 1400 hours on those games total, I spent over 200 hours on terraria when it came out, but haven't had any other game come anywhere near that playtime anymore (except gw2, which is over 300 hours as of last ). Every night I get online, screw around in some random game until my friend can join, and he usually convinces me to play killing floor. Which is an amazing game, but I would really want us to play civ, orcs must die 2, dungeon defenders, or any of the other dozen games we both own. And it's not like he's an fps fanatic or anything. He loves RPGs and strategy games, but he's just never in the mood to play. I already talked about something like this on my personal blog. I already talked about something like this on my personal blog. The title of the article was too tired to sleep. My blog is called decentperspective.blogspot.
  7. I am making my own text adventure! I am majoring in software engineering and I made it my goal to learn the things my professors are teaching in class by integrating the codes into the game. For more information, please check out my blog where I've been leaving updates. I also have the game on Steam's Greenlight Concepts (it's not actually up for vote or anything, it's just there to be viewed and for me to get more diverse feedback). The idea is to make a text adventure that's very D & D inspired. Any comments or feedback would be very much appreciated. blog: http://decentperspective.blogspot.com/ steam concept: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=190959770 game versions folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B45-pheBnLLVc19HTTE3Z3RlTUU&usp=sharing