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Pepsi Man

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  1. Thank you, kind sir! Cola Man is here!? My sworn enemy... Long have I fought against him. In every battle I gave all my fizzling effort, and yet he still controls the carbonated soft drinks market by a wide margin. But Pepsiman never gives up! If I find him, you can bet your bottom dollar that an epic, carbonated battle will commence! Never surrender! Never give up! Victory or inferior cola!
  2. Greetings! I've just joined the AJSA, and I must say, people here seem very friendly. Just wanted to say hello and maybe have chat with someone : D You are always welcome to write to me and discuss all kinds of games and shit. Glad to be here! - Pepsi Man
  3. Pssssshhhh!!! Glad to see another person who knows Pepsi Man and is aware of his thirst-quenching achievements! You must know a lot of dank shit on the internet, if you know Pepsi Man.