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  1. Understandable.
  2. Not really its based on the table top game Space Hulk in the warhammer 40k universe.
  3. Played Space hulk deathwing now and completed the mission as a tactical terminator. No deaths on the team of two assualt cannoneers, an apothecary and me.
  4. Streaming on my twitch now. channel name is the same as my user name here.
  5. I'll RSVP, username on origin should be HiroWolfgang, count me in for this, gf will be aroundbut I'll manage.
  6. I have indeed. Sounds pretty good on headset which I will be playing with. They've been working on some bugs which is why pre orders aren't in the beta yet that's looking like its going to happen by the end of the week.
  7. Understandable XD. This is the first warhammer game I pre ordered myself so here's hoping, made the decision based on what info I could actually find.
  8. anyone going to be in the pre order beta or playing spacehulk deathwing when it comes out? I have it pre-ordered and would love to play Spacehulk deathwing with people along with voice communication.
  9. thanks XD
  10. Hey, just thought I'd introduce myself. So hello there every one.