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  1. Yeah, this year did seem to pass by without many must have titles...with a few exceptions. DOOM's great though (friend let me play) and the little I played of Overwatch I could see why people are into it. As for my 3DS and PC indie titles (which I mostly play) Kirby Planet Robobot was fantastic. SMT IV: Apocalypse had great gameplay, best of the entire franchise as a matter of fact. Story stumbled but it's great overall. Dragon Quest VII: Great polish on a great game...really wish it would have gone easier on the puns and terrible accents though. Indies/smaller studios: Sorcery! : It's been said before but yeah, great series. ZTD: very tense, good puzzles, good port on PC Bot Vice: Holy crap hard but really fun. AM2R: Hey Nintendo, here's how you treat Samus. Princes Remedy in: a Heap of Trouble : My favorite free game got a great sequel. I got to date the Hype Snake Maldita Castilla EX: Great upgrade of my favorite indie developer's opus. It just got released on Steam and is available on Xbox One and I believe PS4 Though most of the titles I'm looking forward to are still coming Shantae and Owlboy are coming soon and I have waited years for those titles, so I'm really hopeful. I can't play it but Battlefield 1 still looks pretty good and I'm really hopeful.