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  1. This is a great idea Rune! Thank you and everyone else for setting it up! I'll join on my next night off!!
  2. Thanks for posting this! Can't wait for N7 day now. Hope Andromeda erases the memory of "that" ending. Loved the rest of the series
  3. I might be slated here but I find Joe's opinion to be amongst the best there is. He takes multimillion pound companies to task for stealing our preciously earned money. Microtransactions, Season Passes and preorders are killing games. It's great to find someone else who it pisses off as much as me. He does however praise games and developers who deserve it. Almost every triple A game gets a pass from the big companies receiving 8s and above for quite frankly shoddy games or games that are there to rip us off. Joe's reviews are, from my experience, an accurate reflection of what the game is like and a fan's perspective on it. They are also very funny and I have watched a few many times just for entertainment purposes. On the consistency of his reviews... He gives us SOOOOO much content on twitch and youtube. Hours and hours. Do I wish we could have more reviews? Of course! But he does his best to give us as much content as possible - we should cut him some slack. For those who don't enjoy what his reviews are like (not analytical enough, too much comedy or biased?) there are plenty of other channels online that can provide the type of content you want. In my opinion: Joe should keep doing what he's doing and provide as much content as he can. Simply put - Angry reviews are the best!! Caistyn
  4. Anyone else find OJ's impression of the final boss absolutely hilarious!!! The whole scene made me laugh so hard!
  5. Let us know what your Twitch and youtube channel names are... would love to check them out : )
  6. Great! Look forward to see you online!
  7. Hey PCL, I'm relatively new as well from just over the bridge! On what do u play? PC? Console? What games do u like? Hope u enjoy it here Caistyn
  8. Blurmania... do u play earlier than 11GMT?
  9. Thank you both! Yeah, big fan of Halo - been getting some practise in the last few days... Really needed it it seems. For me it's also difficult finding time for gaming, life tends to take over. If there are anyone from europe who'd like to get a few sessions in around 6-10 GMT then feel free to add me. I've had some great sessions with people from north America in the past and really enjoyed it, I look forward to seeing everyone online. So far I'm really enjoying reading the forums. There are a lot of like minded people here with great views on games - I love reading what everyone has to say. Again thank you both for taking the time to say hi Caistyn
  10. Hey everyone Whilst I want to get to know everyone I was wandering how many of us play xbox from the uk? Would love to get to know u all and get some quality gaming done! I play halo and battlefield mostly - looking to buy b1 soon to join in the fun! Also considering buying destiny again. The collection is only £28 on amazon... I owned it but couldn't even make it to the first dlc as the grind was doing my head in. I also couldnt find anyone to raid with without matchingmaking. What do u guys think? Battlefield, Destiny or both. Thanks for the welcome Caistyn
  11. I'm relatively new - do you still hold Battlefield 4 events? If so I would love to join in! I will join the platoon as well. My Gamertag is: Caistyn Thanks
  12. Thanks! This is my first community, thought it would be a gd place to start watching the youtube videos and twitch streams. Everyone on here seems great I just hope I can contribute (I have a rather hectic life but like to game as much as possible) to the angry army and not let you guys down! I'm on xbox one mainly playing halo and will soon buy battlefield 1 I think. Huge fan of rpgs though! Hope to meet you guys on the battlefield 😡😡 Caistyn
  13. Forum Handle and Gamertag Caistyn Thanks
  14. Hi everyone Been a big fan of Angry Joe for a while now - felt like joining the angry army! Please feel free to chat or discuss topics with me - I'm pretty easy going! Hope to see you guys online someday Thanks Caistyn