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Everything posted by SirSeaBiscuit

  1. As long as it does not dip below 30 FPS I could really care less.
  2. I loved Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne didn't grip me like DS2 did however. I'd gladly buy Dark Souls 3 though.
  3. Didn't even know AO games till existed, just now finding out Hatred in AO. Don't see why, you can literally do the same exact thing in every game. GTA, Saints Row, Watch Dogs, Red Dead, almost every other free roam game. As for Twitch banning AO games on their website... lol so what who cares
  4. Can't tell if you're trolling or? Activision makes billions off CoD, so there is no reason why they would stop.
  5. Now that I look back, Watch Dogs WAS pretty fun. If the setting and the story is more interesting in WD2 theres no reason why I wouldn't want to buy it.
  6. Ohh shit Mad Max looks... mad! Was waiting for an adventure game, and since Uncharted 4 got delayed, I'm happy to see MM is right up my ally.
  7. Seems like a huge lack of content, seems to be MP only. Hopefully by 4 planets they mean 4 full planets.
  8. I'm a sheep.
  9. Damn , I'd love huge scale space battle warfare. And how about a campaign? DICE doesn't even need to write the story, it's been written for 20+ years, they have the foundation but chose not to build on top of it, and it's in the middle of times square. I'll still buy the shit out of this game because I love Star Wars though.
  10. Quite bored of it. Been playing it for 2 years and bought it twice
  11. I feel the new Sega CD design of Guitar Hero Live is lazy af. It's very un appealing to me tbh.
  12. Games that the company doesn't have the tights to anymore should be legal to preserve.
  13. Hm. Might be one of the few RPGs I buy.
  14. If some verticality is brought it with some interesting gadgets then that would be cool, but please no Exo Suits abilities.
  15. The only thing I'm disappointed about that it wasn't a new World War 2 game. I'm completely fine with futuristic gameplay as long as there is no Exo Suits. I'm going to take a WILD guess and say April 26th they also announce a Black Ops 1+2 HD pack.
  16. Unless some crazy ass must have mods happen... Nah. Bought it twice for PS3 and PS4 and the PS3 purchase was the $80 special edition.
  17. Ordered it off 'goHastings' on Amazon like a dumb ass and now it's a wild guess to when it gets here. It wasn't available for Prime shipping and I was inpatient so I bought it off the third party. ndfabn[fbnafdbf
  18. Sorry but TL;DR, and for me the only really good Assassins Creed was AC3. AC2 was decent and AC4, I think I'll have to give it another go, didn't like it the first time. I didn't touch Unity with a ten foot pole, and unless this new Victorian Assassins Creed peaks my interest and gets good reviews, I'm good.
  19. Besides as a lot of people have already said, Nintendo's PC and Mobile games aren't going to be full blast Nintendo games. They are going to be your average mobile garbage with Nintendo's IP smothered all over it. Serving as a big advertisement for Nintendo's actual games.
  20. Nintendo NX literally says it is a dedicated game console. U wot m8?
  21. The Tomorrow Children.
  22. 1. Natural Talent (as stupid as that sounds) 2. Practice 3. Play with friends
  23. (imo) Good Call of Duty's: CoD 1 CoD 2 MW1 W@W MW2 Black Ops Black Ops 2 Bad: MW3 Ghosts CoD 3
  24. Stalingrad (made me think of W@W)
  25. Feel like this will be the one game this year that I get really hyped for.