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  1. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in Telltale Games to develop 'Minecraft: Story Mode'   
    It's so stupid...
    It might actually work.
  2. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Telltale Games to develop 'Minecraft: Story Mode'   
  3. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Can My Macbook Pro Play Any Games?   
    Glad to here my pessimism was misplaced.
  4. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by LaserBunny in I'm going to play every assassin's creed from start to finish   
    The twist is you already did.
  5. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by Wolfspawn in So You Live in Australia and Want to Get GTA V on PS4 or X1?   
    Only this is even more ridiculous, since Target isn't an exclusively child-oriented store.
  6. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by Puntosmx in Best Browser/Free Download Games Ever?   
    Kongregate. Nuff said.
  7. Silverfox liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in What are your pet peeves in gaming   
    When the game controls like shit.
  8. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by Winnum in Fuck the Twitter   
    You can't kill the Twitter
    The Twitter will live on
    Tumblr tried to kill the Twitter
    But they failed, as they were smite to the ground
    Vine tried to kill the Twitter
    But they failed, as they were stricken down to the ground
    Facebook tried to kill the Twitter Ha,hahahahaha
    They failed, as they were thrown to the ground
    Aargh! yeah! [x2]


    No-one can destroy the Twitter
    The Twitter will strike you down with a vicious blow
    We are the vanquished foes of the Twitter
    We tried to win for why we do not know

    Facebook tried to destroy the Twitter, but the Twitter had its way
    Pinterest then tried to dethrone the Twitter, but Twitter was in the way
    Snap-chat tried to destroy the Twitter, but Twitter was much too strong
    google plus tried to defile the Twitter, but Google + was proven wrong

    It comes from hell!
  9. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by General Bravo in Best Browser/Free Download Games Ever?   
    Obviously Happy Wheels is the best thing out there.
  10. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in Next Year..DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE   
    Don't tell me everyone forgot Metal Gear Solid 5...
  11. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by Ghaleon in What are your pet peeves in gaming   
    Wasn't there a thread like this before? I forget the name, otherwise I'd copy and paste...but I have so many gaming pet peeves I can't possibly list em all, but I will list a bunch.
    1: Main characters in rpg games being overpowered...nearly every rpg made by square.
    2: As mentioned, always online systems, I can understand if the game is multiplayer only, but games like diablo 3? wtf!?
    3: This is a new one...Games where you have extensive cosmetic customization, can change clothes, hair, colour, facial features, equipment looks, etc...Then they like... don't have a controllable camera, or pose feature, or anything like that. Boggles my mind that RACING GAMES know to include this feature for cars, but games with far more cosmetic customization and variety, nope, not even allowed to control the camera well! herp.
    4: Kinda mentioned...stupid tutorials...To scroll the screen right, hover the mouse on the right side of the screen, or push right! To select a unit, click on the unit... to select multiple units, ARRRGH I KNOW THIS SHIT FUCK... Then you're done the tutorial, and a couple campaign missions or so...And you suddenly realize you don't know how to do something not obvious because no toher game has it and the tutorial didn't say how... or the game has tons of number crunching and figures and tables (roguelikes, strategy games), but the tutorial never really said more than "Defense lowers damage dealt to your unit"... how? subtractive? multiplicative? overal formula? before or after buffs? GEEZE I hate games that have like 30 numbers on each unit and you aren'te ven told how they interact EXACTLY... I understand not everyone wants to know that, but you'd think it would at least have a section in the help file that nobody can see unless they WANT to.. fu.
    5: Rubberbanding in racing games.. God this is stupid. Play like shit and save a nitro at the end and win, 1st place in 3 minutes... make a world record performance overall but accidentally slip on the final turn only, track time, 2 minutes... but... you lose.. wdf!?
    6: arrogant douchebags you meet when playing online...They're practically in every game.
    7: Astronomically bad RNG hate. I kinda wish RNG important games would try and manipulate certain things. For example, your crit rate is 20%, and crits are important for some reason (like more than just double damage, maybe it's double damage before a subtractive defense reduction thing, making 10-8 = 2 damage turn to like 20 - 8 = 12 damage). And despite this, on the one super difficult fight in the game that you know you'd need a little luck to succeed in, you strike the enemy 500 times, and manage to not crit a single effing time int hat fight... THAT kind of RNG... I kinda wish these games would ensure you would never really fall below half your estimated rate, or past double kinda thing. Or you have a 90% chance to succeed at some kinda check, and you somehow manage to fail 15 times in a row... BS. I mean I know RNG is RNG, but sometimes I feel like I get these astronomically low shit happen multiple times in a row. And I KNOW people often whine about RNG with exagerations. But I actually don't think these games need to be easier, or kill bad luck streaks only, I just think that if you the player can customize your character with equipment and level up skills, that your actual % for these stats is at least in the same BALL PARK as what your status screen says. Warcraft 3 does this I know, wish more games did, and I don't even like warcraft 3.
    8: Strategy games that favor the player running around/attacking/exploring/whatever with a single god army that is pretty much required to do everything important. Get attacked while you're exploring? Having a defense force in base wont cut it, you need to bring "the army" back. For example, the turn based game Disciples 2 is a big culprit. Basically your units level up after combat, but it takes quite a few battles against enemies your own level to level up, after you level up, you gain about a 5% increase in power to all stats, ok who cares...but you also must level up in order to evolve your unit into a better one.. footmen to horseman to knight to paladin..something like that. These evolutions would nearly double your damage, double your hp, add initiative, etc. Basically they'd make that single level up unit cable of absolutely CURB STOMPING what they were just 1 level ago... Bottom line, having multiple armies is bad because even all of them combined will be nothing but lunchmeat to a player who used 1 army gobbling all the experience instead of splitting it up between armies. Realtime strategy games do this if you're not a pro.. pros can split armies up because they are quick-clicking macro-using micromanagement ninjas.. but a normal dude just can't coordinate multiple armies fast enough to really use them well I find. Unless it's a slowish game like sins of a solar empire or Supreme commander.
    9: People who think they're the shit online only because they keep making their main the current overpowered class/character of the month..and swear up and down that they aren't op, that that is their main for life, blah blah, etc, etc...but after a nerf they qq and bish and change mains again...These same people are the ones pointing fingers at you if your class is currently better than average.
    10: Games that worry about balance so much so many things seem very similar. Take advance wars for the game boy Advance/DS...They didn't give a flying fuu about making all the CO's balanced, and the game is fun as @%#@#%. Same with super smash bros (from what I hear, I didn't actually play any, but I kept hearing how meta knight is op, as is sonic in a match with powerballs or some kinda powerup I forgot the name of... I forget who was supposedly horrible but IIRC th ere were a few in that category as well.
    11: Rare drops...I hate how games seem to like relying on rare drops. I prefer reliable currency. Beat a dungeon 100 times? get 100 tokens, buy the good thing... beat a dungeon 100 times and not get that rare drop your buddy got in 2 runs? bullshit.
    12: Currency! Not just tokens, but the main one.. gold, credits...whatever...Games practically don't even TRY to make that aspect of their game useful beyond the first town or whatever in RPGS. So many games make currency useless for pretty much everything late game except to waste it on a gambling mechanic for guess what... a rare drop! I wish more games were like Early game etrian odyssey..where you had all this equipment, consumeables, an inn...all that shit to want, and only so much money to go around.. you had to think about what you wanted MOST, and really enjoy that what you got...but nope, most games throw so much cash at you, that you can buy anything and everything you can possibly need from pretty much any town AS SOON as you find it. A well balanced currency system is really fun and adds a lot of replay value to the game simply by changing your shopping habits in future playthrus!
    13: Multiple choice important decisions where they're all effing stupid.
    "Some dude bumps into on the street, apologizes and starts running off...suddenly, you realize your wallet is missing!"
    a: Take out your rocket launcher and blow him and the nearest 20 innocent bystanders to pieces!
    b: Chalk it off as a loss and continue along your business.
    WDF IS "C: Chase after him! get your wallet back!"
    14: Long boring sequences, even dungeons possibly with trash that is beyond easy, followed by something super difficult, where if you fail, and you most likely will in a single minute  until you're very familiar with the game, will require you to sit thru 4 loading screens and re-do that long boring 20 minute sequence again. Vindictus is a big culprit of this if you're new to the game...Even a total noob would find the trash in that game ridiculously easy, it's nothing but a waste of time. But after act 3 or 4 or so, bosses you are unfamiliar with will kill you faster than a dark souls boss ever would kill me if I was BLINDFOLDED.
    15: RPG games with villagers to talk to that never have anything interesting to say. "Welcome to here-ville!", "Jake is mean!" (without any reference to jake ever again), "My husband is working late again today..."...Then these same games have arbitrary portions where you need to speak to every villager just to unlock some trigger to proceed down the story.. UGH UGH UGH.
    16: multiplayer-focused games that do not let you play privately with just your friends...
    17: multiplayer-focused games that do not allow you to add bots to a multiplayer match...doesn't have to be ranked, just...play with your 3 friends, and have bots so the map isn't effing empty.. is that too much to ask? Unreal tournament did this ages ago,l wtf can't these newer fps games do this?
    18: Games where the AI isn't great, but is made a challenge simply by cheating. Allowing them to cheat only on the hardest of difficulties is fine, but if you can't make them able to beat you the player in your second game ever (normally it's the first!) without raising the difficulty to something that lets them cheat...fail.
    19: Action games (normally shmups) that brag about how you can destroy various parts of the enemies bodies/mechs/whatever...and proceed to make it so if you destroy 19 out of 20 of that boss airship's cannons, that last cannon somehow spews out 3X more bullets than when it had all 20 cannons combined..wdf? 
    20: Talent trees...I love character customization but talent trees are such a lame ass boring method of doing it. They nearly always have one clear cookie cutter spec per class.. and no I do NOT have to look it up online, I can generally figure it out for myself before I ever reach endgame. Sure I might disagree with some of the minor optional picks, but whatever.
    21: The usual crap everyone hates.. QTE's, lag, escort quests, travel here across the world and have nothing interesting happen in between quests... travel here across the world and face the same enemies you've faced 50 times already quests, etc.
    I got so many more but I'll be floored if anyone even read 3 of these =P
  12. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by fridgeracer in What are your pet peeves in gaming   
    did you actually type this?
  13. fridgeracer liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in Console Exclusive Content   
    99% of exclusivity DLC is worthless BS. Oh man some exclusive camo, or gun, oh but it's only on the Thruststation 9000, well boo fucking hoo.
    In all seriousness I feel "exclusive" DLC doesn't make any sense.
  14. Silverfox liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in Unpopular Gaming Opinions   
    I like the majority of Call of Duty campaigns.
    Skyrim is a nice looking world and thats it. Everything else is trash.
    Batman Arkham series are boring.
    Dragon Age is boring as hell.
    Every Halo game is meh.
    Dark Souls is not a game I needed to play.
    Besides Bad Company 2, Battlefield is boring, brown and grey run of the mill shooter.
    I enjoy sport games.
    PC isn't easier than owning a console.
    I don't enjoy Zelda games, for whatever reason.
    Bioshock Infinite was an average shooter, only refreshing at times.
    Assassins Creed 3 is by far my favorite AC game and Connor is the best Assassin out of all.
    Assassins Creed 4 was terrible, and the ship combat it horrendous.
    GTA V is kind of disappointing.
    Mafia 2 is one of best games of the 7th gen consoles.
    Minecraft isn't fun for more than an hour, even with friends.
  15. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in I beat Farcry 4 in 13 minutes. Fastest ending ever.   
    When I buy FC4 I'm going to do this first then play it normally.
  16. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in I beat Farcry 4 in 13 minutes. Fastest ending ever.   
    When I buy FC4 I'm going to do this first then play it normally.
  17. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in I beat Farcry 4 in 13 minutes. Fastest ending ever.   
    When I buy FC4 I'm going to do this first then play it normally.
  18. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in I beat Farcry 4 in 13 minutes. Fastest ending ever.   
    Of course it's a deliberate design. How can you have a bug like that lol?
  19. fridgeracer liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in What Console should I get and why?   
    I say Wii U. Best exclusives in the business. Granted you're not getting 3rd party games but that's what you have your PC for.
  20. Aaron Lannister liked a post in a topic by SirSeaBiscuit in Advanced Warfare Review - Press F to Print Money   
    I mean if you play AW classic mode w/o Exo Suits it becomes Ghosts 2. So the Exo's add a lot to the table.
  21. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by mrfool in Tekken 7   
    UPDATE: I just shit myself at this news. PC Confirmed. There is a God after all.

  22. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by mrfool in Tekken 7   
    I fucking love Tekken...but when will it get some love on PC? I'd sell my soul if I could play Tekken 7 on PC. Like for real.
  23. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by Aaron Lannister in Advanced Warfare Review - Press F to Print Money   
    Agreed, Angryjoe is obviously persuaded by his buddy (DELRITH) he played Destiny with. Totalbiscuits commentary on AW was much better then Angry Joe's review of the game. He understands that the MP is the meat of the game and he understands the franchise much better.
    The Whole Less perks is actually better, they took perks out and made them gun attachments or changed them up into Exo Suit Ability which are temp and have limited use per life.
    Steady Aim  = Gun Attachment
    Stalker = Gun Attachment
    Marathon = Everybody now has unlimited Sprint
    Sleight of Hand = Dual Mags or double tap Quick Reload
    Ninja = Exo Mute
    Juggernaut = Exo Stim
    small changes like these made a huge different in MP and changed things up quite a bit and made things more fun and balanced.
    The fact that he didn't even mention the customization options and the customizable Score Streaks is dissapointing. But then again he is right about the Dedicated Servers which I deem is more important.
    He is right about other things like TB has mentioned like no Dedicated Servers, and that is one thing I definitely agree with Joe. However the Exo Suit and the Ability's and also the Score Streak customizations make it quite interesting.
    It's funny that Joe downplays the Exo Suits when they do mean quite a lot in MP, it's also about outmaneuvering people. Spawns are also better in AW though he is still right about Spawns, they are still pretty bad. I don't understand why it still has issues.
    And well... TDM is popular but Search and Destroy is one of the main MLG modes and this is where more strategy and teamwork matters more.
    I do agree with Joe about the SP though, he's spot on when it comes to that, I really like the Acting though.
    Also there's Support Scorestreaks where you'll be able to retain them even when you die, it costs more however it helps escpecially when doing objective team modes that aren't TDM.
  24. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by AngryBrute in May I just rant about AC Unity for a moment?   
    Welcome to the new generation--of microtransactions!!!
    Had to do it! Sorry. Assassins Creed Untiy is... Buggy to say the least. I am playing on the PS4, and I am noticing considerable frame rate drops in large crowds, and when on tops of some buildings. NPC's can clip into eachother, or into you if you jump right on top of them, and another bug is with its free running up and down buildings.
    Sometimes it can totally SKIP frames when leaping from one spot to another, you will start the jump and then magically appear on the other side... For God sake Ubisoft! They are seriously on the fast tack to becoming an embodiment of EA with all of this crap. And the Micro-transactions are only digging that hole deeper and deeper.
    The transactions are pretty much like the ones you see in mobile games. You buy money with real money for fake crap that you don't need. It begs the question--did Ubisoft do something to the progression? I mean, if you have this diseased things in the game, whats to make me not believe that they slowed down progression late game? They said that you don't have to use them, but I also don't have to use this real money to buy their game...
    It makes me wonder, what the actual F*** is wrong with these people this year? They have been on a role with running their unfiltered mouths, and now shipping hollow games. Not to say this this game is bad in a general POV. Far from it!
    I am actually enjoying the game, I am digging these extensive customization options and the overall feel like the game is a lite RPG. Animations look so flipping good, as does the entirety of Paris. So much detail was put in to blow our minds, and it does in MANY cases! 
    The combat too has seen a nice change. It requires more strategy, and less counter and execute to win. 
    "But Brute, does it feel cinematic?" 
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Hell no! GAMES ARE NOT MOVIES!!!! I am sick to death of this BS excuse to handicap a game to make it feel like a movie. IT DOES NOTHING TO ENHANCE CRAP! Making the game more enjoyable and immerive, is left up to the visuals and sounds, make those look and run great and you got me! Give me a good frame rate without lying to me face!
    If it cant go higher because of all of the eye candy, then fine. But don't lie to us about it, we are not stupid...
  25. SirSeaBiscuit liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in Happy Birthday, (new) AJSA Forums!   
    It's now about one year old!
    Been through thick and thin, many great and awful people joined and left, and many a thread have been made and locked/deleted...
    But it's still nice to still be around. For the most part.
    Without further adieu...