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  1. Anything that has Sexy Star in it is great.
  2. Shocking ... unpredictable. It took me a while to get a grip on it and quite frankly I like it. It has the potential to be a damn good storyline if done right. I look forward to seeing what comes next. Overall a really good show with a twist ending , well done to the WWE
  3. I did like the trailer , I think it going to be a good film , I hope so I would like to see more good video game movies come out
  4. I have a buddy who a mod on one of the servers when they fully release it might give it a try
  5. sweet
  6. Oh, finally Mass Effect 2 and 3 have been released for X-box one on N7 day. I am so happy now its time for me to dive back into the world again. I shall be ready again to bring down the Reapers and make love in space
  7. I am down
  8. That good to hear, I stop playing BF4 because I did not have many people to play with. I would be nice to roll with some backup in the future. I look forward to the BF 4 event in the future Must go get BF1 now
  9. RE3 : Nemesis... I still get goosebumps. Every time I hear " Stars " coming from Nemesis . I ran like hell. Love that game
  10. thank you both for the welcome , I am very happy to be here
  11. would like to know if you did form a fleet , it would be nice to have some backup in that wide weird galaxy. almost done with all the mission still have go through the Delta Rising mission, and the Iconian war , Before the last Missions called Future Proof. if nothing else if you on playing and see me on hit me up
  12. Gamertag : jjtitandog70
  13. Forum Handle : jjtitandog70 Gamer Tag : jjtitandog70
  14. They had me at Mass Effect. I am excited for this one, The ME3 ending never did bother me that much. Because for me, I was quite satisfied with the journey than the ending. I was fine with oh it wrap up for my character. I look forward to another big sweeping space opera. With action , Danger and just hint of romance. It got my money already.
  15. Hello, just wanted to make a quick introduction to me. The name is James , but you can call my JJ for short. Makes things easier. I look forward to being actively in the community , making new friends and having some fun. I look forward to meeting you all . ( yes, I know a lofty goal , but yeah nothing worthwhile is every easy. ) That it for know , see you all later.