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Everything posted by francisbaud

  1. It's been some time... Art+Craft is now working on the final major milestone for the game, which includes: the Frostweaver (final class) caravans mounts refineries remaining promotion classes, skill trees, and multi-classing disciplines the Dregs (GvG campaign) ability to dynamically add, move and destroy buildings a host of other features
  2. Kingdom Under Fire 2 and Conqueror's Blade seem like really fun games. I played something similar years ago on console, Dynasty Warrior 4, and it's one of my most memorable gaming experience. The kind of games I'm interested in is similar in some ways to those ones, but we'd replace most of the NPC by real players (MMO scale: +1,000 concurrent players per map) and stick to the MMORPG controls / camera / progression. Star Citizen's persistent universe is spot on I guess. That and Dark Age of Camelot. A MMO in which the focus is put on politics, military, cooperation, conquest, exploration, real-time transportation, etc. I appreciate the answers and the videos you guys posted are pretty cool!
  3. My favorite MMORPGs feature strategy elements (politics, territory control, player-driven economy & building, hauling, sieges, etc.). I know only a few games that combine the massiveness of a MMO, the immersion of a RPG and strategy of RTS games: EVE Online, Darkfall Online and Shadowbane. Black Desert / ESO / GW are pretty close too but they either have too low player cap for PvP or too big focus on PvE and character advancement rather than the war effort. Some games in development seem promising in that field: Dual Universe, Ashes of Creation, Crowfall and Camelot Unchained. I guess that the developers figured out that there is an audience for this kind of stuff. Emergent gameplay, sandbox-ish, big focus on domination, complex social systems, variety of tools available to the players... Anyone is playing some of those games, or another one that kind of meets the description? I'd like to see videos of new games with strategy stuff if you guys know more.
  4. It really depends on your gaming preferences... To get started with MOBA I'd go with League of Legends, pretty simple game but still fun, MMO / multiplayer RPG there's Elder Scroll Online that features a nice balance of PvP/PvE I think. There are a lot of good games on PC! Steam is a good place to go to check the reviews and see what genre suits your wishes.
  5. I've played Dreamfall: The Longest Journey several years ago and it was an excellent game, I really enjoyed the story and exploring the different places. Now there's a sequel, Dreamfall Chapters, not sure if it's any good but it's worth checking I guess. Max Payne 2 was another story-driven game I appreciated. Maybe you could find something for your taste in Max Payne 3.
  6. Exactly my thoughts too. The game in itself is really appealing: the politics, conflicts, large-scale wars and the player-driven economy, lot of depth in the gameplay and systems. However it's so complex and the universe has been going for so long that jumping in in 2016 is a bit scary. With the F2P option now it should attract a bunch of new players, but I wonder if the retention rate is going to be high.