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  1. Hey guys, we finally have over 100 members !!! i have also relinquished leadership to Roxas as i think it is only fair since he started this thread and i Hijacked it. we are always open to new members even if they don't have the xpack. I also think we should put a proper request through to see if we can turn this Unofficial guild to a Legit one as i think with help from the guys in the EU and Asian servers we should have enough Votes.
  2. Lol mate i havn't stolen anyones name been using Oogabooga since crash bandicoot on the psone, so i dont know why your saying i took the name Angry Joe
  3. lol shiet... way to have a go at someone just because they're not on TS and posting on the forum. like i said i'll be happy to hand over leadership to anyone who wants it and i just made the clan to get the ball rolling. I may not be the most social person in the guild and never said i was going to be but, i do my fair share of helping out other guild members in game, just think of me as having a personality like formula 1's Kimi Raikkonen i'm not flamboyant but i get the job done. as for who i am well.. I'm an Aussie so i'm fairly laid back, Was a GM on Ragnarok Onlines IRO servers, like alot of people i'm more of a long time reader rather than a poster on these forum and what i hate most is when people talk about doing things but dont take any action (hence why i started the guild instead of just reading this forum topic and saying yes it's a great idea and doing nothing) YAY post number 2 !!!! lol
  4. Hi Guys just a heads up that i created a clan just search up Angry Army (The Americas Server) Feel free to jump in. This is just to see how many people are actually interested and i'll hand over command to a leader once things get organized. If any Mods want to Msg me in regards to this please feel free to as i will be happy to give leadership to any of them if this nds up becomming an official AJSA clan PS my Gamer tag is Oogabooga#6297