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  1. Over the course of a couple months I discovered some very awesome mobile games I just wanted to share a few and give the reasoning why love these... 1. Noblemen 1886: this is a mix of an ultimate epic battle simulator, a 3rd person shooter, and a game of war. Set in a parallel 1886 were the black death takes over the majority of the U.S. And the uninfected left to fight a war, this game provides the need for strategic thinking and puts you in the shoes of a military general with the job of taking land and fighting other generals. I also enjoyed the pretty fleshed out game play and the other "noblemen", OH MY GOD! These guys will piss you off!! I found myself learning their names and plotting their deaths and god....screaming at their victories! I do have some gripes though; the game has a very repetitive story and you will find yourself doing the same thing over and over, the game seems do seem to require very little strategy and any use of strategy seems to be punishing. I definitely would check noblemen 1886 out if you haven't already. 2.Walking dead "no mans land": I love this turn based strategy game, even if it seems like a blatant rip off of a good TV series. Walking dead's mobile game includes little micro transactions and most of it stuff you can do without, it brings Iconic characters from the TV show and also contains the famous weapons that these characters are known for. I myself first day had acquired Daryl Dixon and Negan, not only that I obtained Daryl's crossbow! My only few gripes is I feel the game has many repetitions and the story really stays the same, the micro transactions that are there cost way too much! I recommend this to fans of the TV series and people who are interested in the TV series. 3. Minidayz: Ok I admit this is my fanboy side but I love this game! The games premise is survive, survive, survive...you have nothing else to worry about except reach the next day, collect loot and survive the challenging zombies, bandits, and as you know...our fellow players....this game has absolutely NO micro transactions and boasts a wide variety of things to do in this tiny zombie game! Yes I know another zombie game! But I feel it was made by people know how to make a ligament zombie game...if you are a fan of the DayZ series or interested in entering the series...I would also recommend this to zombie survival enthusiasts and people looking for a simple yet challenging game! These are my top 3 that I play almost daily but it would also help to note these games; world at arms, Vendetta Online (VO, specifically the IOS variant), Clash royale, and Clash of clans. If any of you wanted to know I am rating these on 3 factors; the first is the amount and how the game is affected by micro transactions, the second is the gameplay and how good it is, the gameplay is half of the game in my opinion, the third final and most important...how much is there, the game could be the best you ever played and have 2 missions and that RUINS it! This was originally meant to be it's own thread, so that's why its so long!!
  2. Hello JLHartsock, welcome to the AJSA, I am skorge....the person who does stuff here...ok...I do little here, I post some topics definitely check those out...but again welcome. XD
  3. I loved call of duty classic and although I liked modern warfare, I liked the little story and large amounts of thinking classic offered, and call of duty classic was the first FPS I played and understood.
  4. I definitely feel steam is being left behind by game companies for many reasons...I'm not worried about steam fading to the background, what worries me is when you go into steam you see all the honest hard cold reviews and you can judge a game by it's reviews, if companies go to third party sites with no reviewing by members of the site...What do we have now? The only way we could know if a game was bad was if we bought it and critique it. I definitely see video gaming becoming a shady practice...thank god for people like joe!
  5. I definitely agree, I thought the Idea looked cool, I played the first one and I was just livid! 60 DOLLARS! Where's the story? In the next 60 buck expansion! Funny thing is everyone I talk to LOVES destiny, I just Don't get how....and then we question why micro transactions exist and we look at these people and say "oh...fanboys"
  6. For the past few days I have been on youtube and have seen destiny's release trailers, (pre-order, etc.) and have taken to notice I have a few gripes about it. the game destiny is an icon across many demographics, but I see a new "advanced warfare" or another "Titanfall" were everything is just a mindless, generic shooter...as for the pre-order I'm disgusted, the fact that in order to count your kills (which should either already be done, or not included) you buy the pre-order for a robot...in game content that just counts your kill/death ratio, in my opinion that's (excuse my "french") crap. not only that, but destiny is an easy game to add loot crates and micro-transactions, yes I know it's destiny and everyone will say; "but skorge, the game itself is a good game" and to me, my response; "what was the first destiny at release again? an incomplete shell of what it is today, for $60 every story section." WTF!! when you publish a game it needs to be complete...right? anyway, I'm not trying to spit on a perfectly good game, "so with all do respect" just go off of the review that AJ (angry joe, to any new recruits.) puts out and be vigilant, hell, have one of your friends buy the game and let him tell you the specifics...if it's bad, don't buy it...if it's good though, BUY IT! but I'm not hopping the hype train yet, I'll see you later, on the next post...
  7. that would be hella, funny
  8. I was browsing old games from our past and found games like tetris and super metroid in the flash games...that got me thinking, what would call of duty be later, could kid's goof off in class with Cod and would it be boring to them? say what you think in the comments
  9. you are correct, very well said, and yes mods are a thing, and with minecraft's basic premise, it can be turned into anything...and hey, I knew this would come up....I guess I'm glad it was you... but on the other case I'm not saying that it doesn't need to step up. so yes it has mods but it get's old.
  10. thanks I will
  11. from 1977, to 2011 the flag of Libya was green, just green
  12. nice to see new members in the AJSA, you now have a follower and an instant like
  13. you see, I was always THE minecraft fan, you hate it, I defend it, you like it, you are automatically my friend...but...over the years minecraft just seemed to offer the same thing. I wanted something new, a revival of this fantastic world where everything is mysterious...but we keep getting the same crap, we get a couple new AI, some cool, others should have been there a long time ago (horses in xbox 360.), and even the bugs that get annoying as hell, I have made 3 new avatars over 2 updates. the PC version of course gives better gameplay and I guess exceptional differences. I think it's time to add a gun into minecraft, a simple musket would be cool, we need to revise xbox and console version... this isn't a hate speech but a cry for change...
  14. no I haven't been able to get my hands on those two, but I assure you, I have seen others play and they are still both solid games. I was just focusing on the recent releases.
  15. thanks but not exactly new, I've been around. but it's good to get response from a more...superior person in the AJSA.