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  1. First off, I love the idea of a Gothic 2D Game although I have a couple of tings/questions: 1.) Graphic wise are you thinking pixel art or 2D animation e.g. Klei, because the two styles require different kinds of expertise. 2.) I'm a bit unsure what is description of the aestetics/scenes and what is suppose to be text on screen. I get the Level design being level aestethic (I.E. the look, Level design is actually more of where platforms are, or where enemies spawn) but is scenery suppose to be an text explanation or an intro animation? 3.) if you're looking to convey a sense of dread like bloodborne, I suggest making it punishing.
  2. Well from my limited knowledge about the industry, it would be best to develop the gamemechanics first, and then start on the narrative (A.K.A the story) later in the development cycle. So you have made good pith for a game, although a openworld is gonna be hard to make
  3. I'm ready to rock
  4. What about a game test section for the forum?
  5. i'm not saying every game needs one, it was just to trying and clarify . And i think the industry might have grown just a bit since then . (Pong is a modern world tennis simulator )
  6. That sounds a lot like the start of a simple dishonored just putting it out there. And i think by theme they meant like steampunk, medieval or sci-fi, but i'm unsure
  7. Remember to add yourself
  8. Name: Deadmuffinman/deadmuffin (i can say my real name later, but i don't like to say it on the internet ) Age: 15 Specialties: Basic programming (C# unity) 3D modeling/animation (3ds max) texturing (photoshop, 3D Coat) bit of drawing, (voice acting(who can't)/writing, can do a bit but don't expect to magnificent ) Time zone: GMT +1 interests for the project: Mainly 3D modeling, and programming.
  9. I would suggest, that the first month we take all the developers and make sure that they know the engine we chose
  10. Nice. But the reason i ask is because else we might as well make a 3D game if nobody knows how to make 2D stuff
  11. Just curios do we actually have any 2D artists?
  12. That sounds awesome, but it could be hard to create an AI/mechanics for anything strategy related, because they usually has to be able to take EVERYTHING in to consideration. So maybe not the first game we should make, but it would be danm awesome.
  13. If someone is a giant a-hole and get's lots of reply then he would still have made an excellent post.
  14. What i meant was that the RPG devteam could use f.ex. RPG maker, while the FPS team could use the unreal engine. But then latter down the line the RPG wants to change their engine to unreal, then they would have to start learning most of it from the ground, if they don't already know how to use it. So what i meant was that the teams should start with an engine, that they could use now and for a long time, to avoid having to learn another engine every time a new project starts
  15. If we make more than one team then they could use different engines. But the teams need to dedicate to only that engine, so that they don't have to start from scratch if they suddenly decide to switch engine (this only apply if we make more than one game, as no one is dumb enough to switch engines under the development).