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Everything posted by PHIL0S0PHY

  1. Wow, that's odd he would do that.
  2. Hello, I am PHILOSOPHY. My gamertag is KSI Change 7. I am here to engage in discussion and meet new people. I have been watching the AngryJoeShow for years, but lately I have been appreciating the reviews on the channel more lately, and I am not watching every video that comes out. I have decided to join the Angry Army. Am I apart of the Angry Army by being active on the forums, or do I have to talk to certain people about joining like a gaming community/clan? My favorite games are(in no order) Kotor 1 and 2 Fallout New Vegas Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect Dragon Age Origins Fallout 3 Mass Effect 3 The Elder Scrolls Oblivion TES Skyrim Fable 1 and 2 Halo 1-3 Cod 2, 4, World at War
  3. They did it with Star Wars Galaxy, so maybe, I'm not sure.
  4. I am looking forward to it.
  5. I think they probably will take a break, make another awesome RPG, and than come back with either geralt, or another person which is fine. We need to let them rejuvenate and make a new story and world for a little, if they keep on making witcher without stopping it will get stale and lose quality.
  6. If you like the wasteland workshop, yes, if not no, and only buy Far Harbor and Nuka World.
  7. I think(hope) they learned there lesson that Bethesda fans are not looking for crazy fps gameplay, big explosions, or a voiced antagonist. I think(hope) Bethesda knows they should have a big focus on RPG elements and mechanics, choice and consequence, and cause and effect. They should have those things not only in story, but in the core of the game. You should be able to choose how you play, walk, what ever. You should be able to choose to be a pacifist. There should be a focus on having quality quests (in what you do for the quest) most of the quests in Fallout 4 were, go here kill them, come back. There was no variety. There should be multiple quest types. I think they understand that people didn't love the workshop, and its dlc, so I think they will improve it and make it easier to use, and and not have a huge focus on it.
  8. Because making quality games can make them more money
  9. I agreed with this list, and it's obvious by looking through the years of worst games, that 2016 was pretty good compared to other years.
  10. I like the plan Joe has for 2017, and I think his goal for 2 reviews a month is good. I think he can do it, and I am looking forward to it.
  11. OK thanks for the info
  12. No, sorry I am on Xbox One, I'm trying to save to get s good PC.