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  1. My favorite 360 games are as follows: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Red Dead Redemption Any Mass Effect Dragons Dogma Any Fallout Mercenaries 2
  2. I have just finished my 2nd play through of Fallout 4. This time around, I noticed that I was missing a lot of side quest and activities. My personal favorite quest that I discovered was "The Silver Shroud" quest. In the quest you get to become the Silver Shroud and dispatch justice to the lowlifes of Goodneighbor. Now I want to know what your favorite side quest in Fallout 4 is.
  3. I enjoy playing some of the games from the previous gens, not to mention the nostalgia factor.
  4. Mass Effect 2 blows away the competition. But maybe I feel this way because you get to work for Cerberus. Love the bad guys:)
  5. I actually have had 4 Xbox 360's. The longest one that I ever had was my first one and it lasted a little over a year.
  6. Thank You! I will keep those games in mind. I actually have played the first KOTOR, but not the second is it as good as the first.
  7. May Other Joe be with us all!!!!!!
  8. With the beginning if a new year, it is good to look back on the years past. With that in mind I have purchased the Original Xbox and was wondering if the AJSA has any ideas for games I should play.
  9. Looking forward to seeing the new plan in action!
  10. Hi, I am Rojo_The_Great. I just joined the AJSA and I am looking forward to participating in the army.