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  1. Well, if you take a look at this thread here... "Unashamed plugin" You can find some of the games that I am looking forward to. Welcome to the AJSA!
  2. Ah man, I forgot all about State of Decay 2. Thanks for reminding me.
  3. As we all know, in 2017 gaming did not do so well. That is not to say there were not some really good releases. There were; however, a lot of bad games and quite a few disappointments. I'm looking at you Shadow of War. But if you look on the horizon, you will see that there are some great looking games that are due to be released in 2018. These are just a few of the good ones. #1) Farcry 5: Set in the American Midwest, Farcry 5 is shaping up to be an interesting game. Set in the fictional setting of Hope County, Montana, the game takes place in a small town that seems like paradise; however, if you look closely, you can see the violence and emerging religious sect that will play the role of the antagonist in the game. This will also be the first Farcry game that will allow you to create a custom character. As a personal fan of the Farcry series, I hope that Ubisoft doesn't fuck this game up. Ubisoft, I'm watching. #2)Monster Hunter-World: The next installment in the Monster Hunter franchise, World is going to give players across the world a reason to play. The game features epic boss battles, a huge open-world to explore, and the ability to host co-op games globally. If you enjoy strategic game play with your friends, keep an eye on this one. #3) God of War: Yes. Yes. Yes. Finally, a new God of War game to sate my appetite. However, this game will differ from the originals. Set in a cold, Scandinavian like setting, everyone's favorite God of War, Kratos, will be pitted against the giants of Norse mythology. And the game will also be a slower, more serious story. You see, Kratos will have his son with him during the game. I have officially jumped on the hype train. #4) Red Dead Redemption 2: Perhaps the game I am looking forward to most, this game should be great. This will be an outlaw epic that should be even better the the first. With a large open world, a tense, story driven narrative, and great gun play that makes you feel like you art in the wild, wild west. Look for this game in Fall of 2018. #5) The Last of Us 2: This game may possibly be the magnum opus of 2018. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, the Last of Us 2 continues the story of Ellie and Joel. If it is anything like the first entry in the series, then look for this game at the top of people's best list of 2018. So, those are the games that I am looking forward to in 2018. Please put any games that you are looking forward to in the comments below.
  4. I don't know what game you played, but Life of Black Tiger was one of my favorite games of 2017. "Never Step Back. Never Surrender Until Fixed Time."
  5. Who else remembers the original Fallout games, the games that inspired a franchise. I recently purchased the original Fallout games on Steam and I gotta admit, I am blown away by the amount of detail placed into those games. When compared with a modern Fallout, you can see the differences. I love these games. They have been my life for the past couple of weeks, so for the sake of "why not", I decided to make a thread where people can post about their experiences in the original Fallout games.
  6. As some of you may know, Bethesda has purchased the right from Interplay to make a MMO set in the Fallout universe. And seeing how Zenimax Online Studios has already made an Elder Scrolls MMO, I can see them developing a Fallout MMO in the not-so-distant future. Maybe at this time next year, there will be a new MMO for everyone to play. So go ahead and give me your thoughts on this matter. Do you guys want a new MMO or would you rather see them develop something else?
  7. Yeah. In my location, we have only one option and it is satellite internet. And the fucked up thing is that they only have one fucking package and it cost $90. I can't believe that this shit passed. How much do you want to bet that in the coming years the Supreme Court will have this shit on their doorstep. I just hope they make the right choice.
  8. OH wow!!! I am just glad nobody was hurt. Shame you couldn't spend those two hours on something worthwhile. Unless you enjoy talking to cops about witness reports.
  9. I personally think that the FNAF franchise is being milked by Cawthon and even though a few decent games have been produced, I think that they all should have ended at FNAF 3. However, I will pick up the game and play it to find out if it is good.
  10. Welcome to the Angry Army. I hope you have a great time and thank you for your service!
  11. Hey guys, I am getting ready to re-enter the majestic world of KOTOR and I was wondering if the community had any mod suggestions that I should use for my play through. (By the way, I have only played vanilla KOTOR before so I will consider any and all mods.)
  12. Welcome to the AJSA!!! I sure you will have many good times ahead of you.
  13. Welcome to the AJSA! If you want to play games with other people, you have come to the right place! I hope you become an active member of our community.
  14. We here at the AJSA wish to congratulate you on your acceptance into the army. We hope you have a wonderful day.
  15. Welcome to the AJSA!