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  1. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by PlasticFrogCG in What Will Red Dead Redemption 2 Have To Do To Top The First Red Dead Redemption   
    Nothing. As long as it has a story as good or better than the first one I would accept the same exact game! Although I like the kooky side-quest idea, those were fun!
    I can tell you what would completely ruin it is an over-focus on the multiplayer. The market is saturated with AAA multiplayer games, particularly those that have a lot of micro-transactions. What I really want is a good, solid single-player experience that last at least 18+ hours.
    That totally came out wrong.
  2. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in What horror game still scares the crap out of you even though you have already beaten it once?   
    Since I just finished Resident Evil 7 and am now playing the living hell out of Yakuza 0, which surprisingly has 1 side story that creeps me the hell out, it makes me nostalgic about all the horror games of the past. Horror games has come a long way since the first Alone in the Dark. And with a lot of varieties too.
    We got horror games that are basically jump scare city like Condemned
    Horror games that makes you run the fuck away from enemies like Amnesia
    And psychological horror games that fucks with your mind like Rule of Rose. A fantastic underrated game btw, check it out.
    Now most horror games are pretty scary the first time you played them. But most of the time, after you finish the game, you won't be scared of it anymore after more than one playthrough because you have already seen the whole scares. Hell, Resident Evil 7 scared me when I first played it, but now the game is more like a strategic action game to me where I have to conserve ammo to beat the bosses and enemies, but despite that I still want to play it all over again because it is still an awesome game. 
    But some horror games are so scary, that even though you have played it once, it will still scare you when you play it again. 
    So my question to you is this: what horror game scared the bejeezus out of you so much, that even though you have played it once already, you are still scared of it? You can mention more than one game. 
    I'm still scared of Cry of Fear.
    This game........ fuck me this game is something. I already know most of the jump scares in this game, but man, there's just so many well placed scares and horrible looking enemies that personally scares the crap out of me that I can't play this game on 1 sitting. I have to quit the game because I can't fucking take it.
    Then there's Alien Isolation. All because of the brilliant alien AI that just shows up unplanned and unscripted, making me go "OH SHIT OH SHIT" whenever I hear the sound of that Xenomorph dropping from a vent out of nowhere.
    And finally, Dead Space 2. The Dead Space series as a whole is not scary. It's more like an epic monster hunter type game than a scary survival horror game.
    But then we get to the eye surgery
    Fuck. This. Section. It still fucking scares me more than most monster in any horror game ever. I do not want to play this part EVER AGAIN.
  3. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by EnioHabev in Hello from a 'conservative' gamer.   
    Hello. I'm new to this site but the only real reason I know this community is Joe himself. Mostly from his angry reviews since they always are entertaining even though there are some opinions I don't agree but that's fine because everybody has their opinion. I can give a short summary of myself if anybody is interested.
    I don't really get much of a chance to play brand new games which resorts me to watch video game reviews most of the time since I'm on a budget. You could call me a 'conservative' gamer if you want to. Brand new games here in Canada cost over 60+ canadian dollars which makes me very picky on what I play, sometimes just resorting to playing 'classic' games if anybody here is hosting events on that sort of thing. Games such as CSGO, CS:S, Age of Empires 2: HD Edition, World of Tanks/Warships, BeamNG and Rocket League just to name a few. I think that covers everything. I am on Youtube and Twitter for those that are interested, I'm pretty obscure and I'm not here to get attention. I just like to keep up with what's going on in the gaming world, maybe get some new buddies in this community and have fun online  
    Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/eniohabev
    Steam ► https://steamcommunity.com/id/eniohabev/
    YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQMZQtSc62676kUqh2rt8FA
    Twitter ► http://twitter.com/EnioHabev
  4. Dutchy3770 liked a post in a topic by Rojo_The_Great in New recruit ready for duty!   
    Greetings Dutchy,
    Glad to have you in the AJSA! I agree that it is fun to play games with friends. So that is the main point of the site. It gives you a way to meet some really cool people and play games with them. So hope you have read the rules and you get to meet new friends.
    Greetings from the U.S.A,
  5. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by Rojo_The_Great in What Will Red Dead Redemption 2 Have To Do To Top The First Red Dead Redemption   
    Thanks for the fix. My mistake.
  6. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by LeoXenos in New Guy Here   
    Hello all. Long time Joe fan that only recently created an account. Game on!
    Edit - Sorry about the double post. Internet is a little wonky
  7. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Dutchy3770 in New recruit ready for duty!   
    Hey guys
    First off i would like to say that i am glad to finally be a part of a great gaming community! Second, I know that gaming with friends is always a fantastic experience
    and i hope to be able to play with you guys! My PSN: Dutchy3770 if you want to add me!
    Greetings from Belguim!!
  8. Nixkoenner liked a post in a topic by Rojo_The_Great in What Will Red Dead Redemption 2 Have To Do To Top The First Red Dead Redemption   
    Red Dead Redemption is great game. When playing it, you feel as if you are actually back in the early 1900's. The game was nearly flawless, except for a few bugs and glitches. So Red Dead 2 has a lot to live up to. So I would like to know what you guys think Red Dead 2 will have to do to be even better than the first. I personally would love to see some more kooky side quest and an expansion to the multiplayer section of the game. The multiplayer on the first one was good but it could've been better. That is what I would like to see
  9. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Rojo_The_Great in If you still play Fallout 4, you might like this "Combat Zone Restored" mod   
    I have installed the mod. Great mod but it is extremely easy to cheat and get weapons in the cage with you. I guess that is why they cut the original feature from the vanilla game.
  10. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Cameron in Original Xbox Games   
    If you like comics and Diablo clones, X-Men Legends 1 and 2 are really fun with good stories.
  11. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by naughtyavocado in Original Xbox Games   
    anyone with an original xbox needs a copy of blinx the time sweeper. see how long you can last before you throw your controller into your TV
  12. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in If you still play Fallout 4, you might like this "Combat Zone Restored" mod   
    It does pretty much what you expected.
    If you don't know, Combat Zone is that generic raider place in which you kill all raiders. However originally, that was not what Combat Zone was.
    It was actually supposed to be a place where you can fight and bet on fights and this mod restored that. This isn't custom made, this was part of the actual game that got cut out...

    Combat Zone Restored
  13. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in New Recruit: AnimeXFan2017   
    ^ He is a dick
    Welcome to the AJSA!
  14. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Rojo_The_Great in New Recruit: AnimeXFan2017   
    Welcome to the AJSA! Just a couple of things you should know:
    1. If you are here to meet Joe, you may as well leave right now, 'cause chances are you probably will not.
    2. Have fun and participate in the forums.
    Hope you enjoy!!!
  15. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by AnimeXFan2017 in New Recruit: AnimeXFan2017   
    Hello, I'm a new member of the army and I hope I can get along and not make enemies.
  16. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Grayfox956 in Hello friends. New to the whole site.   
    My idea to the whole topic is I believe that Resident Evil 7 and most modern horror games that are coming out now are borrowing very heavily from kojima's PT demo. 
    I'm not going to lie he was the first person I've seen in awhile that really concentrates on emphasizes on your surroundings I'm noticing that in Resident Evil 7 but I'm not saying Resident Evil 7 is a bad game all I'm saying is that it's borrowing heavily and that's my opinion I don't know if I'm the only one thinking that but I would love to know your guys opinions and I would love to know if Joe felt that way as well? 
    I feel like even Outlast is kind of built around that environment of you know being a "horror game with cheesy jump scares" but not really fully grabbing you. I feel like the whole sense of horror games need to have a revamp and are easily not as replayable as other titles in the past. Though some kind of new material written up for something different. Would be nice.because any time something new comes out I've noticed that they just kind of go with a trend . you know there's games that are easily comparable such as Alien,outlast now we have outlast 2...I feel as if the gaming industry tends to have that same lingering effect of lazy ass writing. 
    I feel like Resident Evil 7 is going to have a fixed environment what I mean by that is that a lot of the boss fights occurrences enemies that you encounter. That are all going to have a fixed feeling or simulation or animation that you have to do and what I mean by that is that everything is going to have the same f****** ending no matter how you put it. Like I've been noticing in the trailers recently that the older gentleman with the glasses I forget his name, can not die like I don't even know if this guy's supposed to die because each scene that I keep seeing him in seems like he's going to die but it looks like his animation is just fixed by you dying so the whole game I feel like in general is going to be evolved around you feeling helpless and you know kind of like a dark souls "you're going to die" but not really going to die feeling. But again I'm not saying that the game is s*** I know I'm ranting about it but I just can see it a mile away. 
    One thing that Capcom will never Envision that Kojima just keeps giving to us each time that he delivers something remarkable is that he's capable of putting encrypted messages of meaning and sometimes of Something Beautiful and that's just something as a gamer that I realized and playing most of his titles which is mainly been Metal Gear but again this is all my opinion love to hear what you guys think.
  17. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by McSpankey in Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, but long time AJ fan   
    I have never really participated in a forum before unless reddit counts. I came here hoping to make some friends and play videogames with other people. I have never really had all that great of a multiplayer experience as far as PC gaming has gone. I got my PC a year ago and have yet to have one of those experiences that people talk about on the interwebs. Happy gaming guys and gals
  18. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Do you think fallout 3 is bad?   
    IMO it was a good game, but it just wasn't a good Fallout game.
    I wanna talk about one thing in that video tho: Waypoints to quests.
    While in Fallout 1 and 2 you had to reach a quest by listening to what people tell you and the directions they give you, but when you think about it, it's easier in those games. Towns are a little bit smaller there. The game is top  down view so it's easier to see the map, streets and buildings and it's all less cluttered. There is no huge trees or vehicles or buildings that will block your view. If Fallout NV, 3 or 4 a guy gives you a quest and says, "Go to Boston Public Library and return this", how the hell would you find it without a waypoint? It would take FOREVER, unless that quest giver is CLOSE to the quest iself and then says, "go here, take this street left" and bla bla.
    But if the quest giver is further away from the actual quest, it would be very hard for people to find quests without any compass help on the map through all the clutter, buildings, tunnels etc, unless near every quest had some kind of "marker", a unique landscape or man made object and the questgiver says, "I need to you kill this bandit. You will find him south of here, near a town called Sommerville. You will see a huge bunker on a hill outside the town, that's where he hides", that's fine and that would be fun, but now the challange is to FIND Sommerville. One way to do it would be like older Fallout games: Mark Sommerville on the map, but don't mark the tunnel. So I suppose it's do-able, but when you think about it, it's still harder in modern games due to extra detail in the world.
    I think one cool way Bethesda could of done that is, if you have to find someone or something in entire Boston, that instead of giving you a marker that pinpoints that location, it gives a circle that marks a smaller or bigger area and INSIDE that circle somewhere, is that quest location. It would still make people explore a little bit and it would be more fun.
    I do still enjoy Fallout 4, I didn't really like Fallout 3 and Fallout NV was probably my favorite, since it still had lots of connections to old Fallouts and it felt more lore-closer than Bethesda's.
    I LOVE reputation/karmas in games, specially if it's done well. Fallout 2 did it really well for example. It wasn't about killing a town that made you bad, it was usually in the little things that would bring little reputation. Reputation was in the quests, it was in the way you handle the dialogue, it was also randomly in the world. The decisions you did anywhere, could impact your karma on a small to major scale, depending on what you did. 
    In Fallout 2, if you go kill entire town, you will instantly gain HUGE negative karma, the town will hate you and even your general reputation in the wasteland will be known to be a sick psychopath. The karma and reputation there worked slowly, more towns that you are good in, the more your reputation in general grows across the wasteland. People give you discounts. If you are bad, then criminal caravans and smugglers could give you discounts and could like you. Like being bad wasn't a BAD thing, it just made you bad, but didn't necessarily make the game harder so just because you are bad, everyone shoots you. People would just legit treat you different and that was awesome. Fallout 3 and 4 completely destroyed that and just made you go on path: Be a hero, be good.
    And you weren't just bad for killing, you were bad for the choices in the story and quests. If you do all quests and help people only for money, your reputation won't climb fast. The person you do the quest for, for money, won't treat you the same unlike if you did it for free, out of heart. It's these little things that made the reputation great.
    He said it himself, Fallout 3 is basically be a normal good guy or just kill everything. There is no moral, there is no thinking. The only thing that makes you "bad" in the game, is the killing. No shit, Sherlock.
    Also the lack of finishing quests in multiple ways is completely gone. Fallout 4 for example is nothing but a MMORPG. You do quests to kill time and grind XP, not for the sake of having fun or making harder choices or finding DIFFERENT ways to finish the quest. Nah, it's go here, do that, come back and I give you money and game rewards you with XP. Tadaaa!
    There is just no rewards...all rewards are for you personally. There is also no game changing world impact that you see after quests. Dialogues are always the same. If you help people or do things in previous Fallouts, people will talk about it, people will treat you like that...there was CONSEQUENCE. In today's Fallout games, everything is fuckin' generic. It's ALWAYS the same.
    And I won't even mention the dialogue.  I think even people who haven't played previous Fallouts know how fuckin' bad dialogue is in Fallout 4, SPECIALLY, in Fallout 4. Four damn choices, that's all. The only reason I enjoy Fallout 4 is the "sandbox" system, the exploring, the artstyle in some things and the combat, but that's about it. I don't enjoy doing quests, I don't enjoy my character and I can't feel the ROLE PLAYING that I'm supposed to feel. 7/10 game, 5/10 Fallout game.
    Also one of the things that's completely gone is the just the RANDOM things you could do...
    1. Fallout 2 had a city called New Reno and there was a boxing tournaments there. You could sign up, box people and before you do, you pick a name for yourself, like a nickname, there was like 50 of them. If you become a champion, you gain reputation in the city. People commented it.
    2. You could earn easy money filming freaking PORN!
    3. In the same city, there were mobsters, different families. You could work for any of them or you could destroy them all and gain reputation as a good guy, or work for them and gain reputation as a mobster.
    4. AGAIN in the same town there was this hilarious thing I did. I sneaked in a casino and came to the 2nd floor and there I met this woman locked in a room. I entered in and she was like "Wow who are you?" bla bla and after normal talking, she offers you to sleep with her because her husband mistreated her, he is a gangster, probably screws other women bla bla and so I did. HOLY CRAP, worst day of my life. As I walked out of the room, the guards start saying "What the fuck were you doing in Miss Whateverthename's room, you piece of shit?" Aaaaand, I was fucked.
    5. In the SAME city, if you park your car, you could hire some fool for 10 caps to watch over it. If you don't or even if you do, there is a chance someone steals it and you have to find the car. How you find it, is up to you.
    6. In a town called GECKO, you could go into a random reactor room, go to a computer and as you hack it, you find some weird connection signal to a fuel RIG out there in the Atlantic. You can contact it if you know how to and VOILA: You contact the US Goverment aka Enclave and you can troll them.
    7. When you have a quest to steal Vertibird plans from Enclave base, you have SEVERAL ways to infilitrate the base. Through a hidden hole/tunnel, you can go on the front gate and if your speech is high enough, you can say you are a new recruit or you can talk to a "spy" outside the base who can get you in the base.
    8. In a city called Vault City, which had strict access for wastelanders, you had SEVERAL ways to get in. Either buying a ticket that grants you access into the city until from 7am-6pm or something and you had limited access meaning you couldn't use shops OR you could gain that ticket for free if you do some investigation, like finding out that the guy who gives out this tickets, offers you FAKE papers he falsified and you can use that chance to report him to security, who will grant you a free ticket. Or you can blackmail the guy to give you the papers AND money to keep your silence and even then, you could still report him. Like...GAMES were so rewarding if you just explored the dialgoue and everything.
    . Often you find interesting characters for interaction that you don't expect you can interact with.
    And there is other 100 things like random  things in these games that are so fun, but fuck it, NONE of that is in new Fallouts almost. All quests are generic, there is nothing in the wasteland like fighting tournaments that could win you glory and reputation...LEGIT, NOTHING! Play quests, all have same endings and fuck yourself.
  19. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Gt_inferno1 in What Is Your Favorite Fallout 4 Sidequest?   
    Another one
  20. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Gt_inferno1 in What Is Your Favorite Fallout 4 Sidequest?   
    My favorite side quest is taking back the castle. I mainly like it because once you take it back you can make your own castle the way you like it. 
  21. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in What Is Your Favorite Fallout 4 Sidequest?   
  22. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in What Is Your Favorite Fallout 4 Sidequest?   
    Fallout 4 didn't leave me much of an impact with it's sidequests since Mister Settlement always had another settlement for me to save....
    Nah just kiddin', but it's more because it didn't have that many memorable memories. 
    I liked the one with the chinese submarine off the coast you go to and the kid says it's a monster peeking out of the water - I was very tempted to find out what it was and the story behind it was pretty good. 
    Honestly, I found Fallout 4 was more memorable in ways like finding some creepy/sad event that happened before or after the nukes fell. Like if you go out to the sea and you find like a floating platform made of junk and on it was a family and because of lack of food and stuff, the husband killed is wife, then the child and himself. It's all written on a note and then there is many such things. Or like when you find that house in middle of nowhere close to a power pylon and you find that ghoul in the basement. If you read his computer notes, you will see how he thought that the power pylon was part of a government project to control minds lol
    I thought those little things were a lot more funnier, sad and creepy than the actual sidequests. 
  23. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by RuneX in What Is Your Favorite Fallout 4 Sidequest?   
    I don't have a specific favorite, though the Secret of the Cabot House and the Devil's Due side quests are two that I can think o off the top of my head that I found pretty fun/interesting. The side quest concerning the USS Constitution was fun too.
  24. Seirex liked a post in a topic by Rojo_The_Great in What Is Your Favorite Fallout 4 Sidequest?   
    I have just finished my 2nd play through of Fallout 4. This time around, I noticed that I was missing a lot of side quest and activities. My personal favorite quest that I discovered was "The Silver Shroud" quest. In the quest you get to become the Silver Shroud and dispatch justice to the lowlifes of Goodneighbor. Now I want to know what your favorite side quest in Fallout 4 is.
  25. Rojo_The_Great liked a post in a topic by RuneX in Original Xbox Games   
    I never played the second Knights of the Old Republic. It has eluded me for awhile.
    Another fun game to get is True Crime: Streets of LA.