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  • Birthday 03/12/1998

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    I enjoy playing games that:
    1. are skill-based (success is based on how truly good you are, not how high your level is. ex. shooters, fighting games, puzzle games)

    2. are serious and realistic (can be a fantasy game but can't be overly flashy, humorous, or childish to the point where it's not believable)

    3. have multiplayer (NOT MMO, just... multiplayer)

    4. are either very challenging or very long (but not both)

    5. have cute female characters!


    My top five favorite games (in this order) are:

    1. The Las of Us
    (Has it all)

    2. Portal
    (Has it all, even though Chell’s design is only attractive in Portal 2)

    3. TowerFall: Ascension
    (Has all but #2)

    4. Dishonored (Original Game)
    (Has all but #3)

    5. Infinity Blade 1-3
    (All but #1 and #3)

    Weird Ones:

    1. Minecraft
    (Has only #3 and 4 but I still love it)

    2. Overwatch
    (Has all but #2 and I used to love it but it just got WAAAAAY too popular)

    3. SuperHot
    (Only has #1 and 4 but… it’s the most innovative shooter I’ve ever played.)

    4. Super Star
    (Only has #5 and I only got it for kicks but when I realized what the underlying story of the game really was, it hit close to home and earned a special place in my damned soul)

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  1. I actually meant to just watch. I suppose I'll need to set up a twitch account, then.
  2. Cameron JT [AJSA] here, quick question: I am very interested in participating in the live twitch streams that I see on Angry Joe's youtube channel. How do I know when they're coming up and how can I possibly join them? Is it invite only? Thanks, everyone. Victory or DEATH.
  3. Hey, I may be new too, but I guess I can say that watching the events on his Youtube channel can give you a good idea of what elelments of this site get the most traction. Good luck, bro! Victory or DEATH!
  4. Hello everyone! I've been watching this show for a very long time on Youtube and finally decided that I actually wanted to join the community when I saw Joe's dedication in his planning video for the year. I see things are getting intense here, so I'm signing up to help in any way I can! I am a Concept Artist. I'm attending Art Center College of Design, and I am willing to lend my skills here where needed. Here's some of my work if anyone would like to see: http://www.cutscinmedia.com/ Thanks again! Victory or Death!