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  1. For those that like to look back at GTA 5, I have a video for you for those who have a lot of free time on their hands. Remember that one mission where the character Trevor goes to the big city for the first time in the game story-wise? What if it was done in a different way that I don't think many people have done. Then this is the one for you.
  2. This crash recreation is from the show World's Most Amazing Videos where darevil named 'Al Sleep' tries to do this exact stunt as seen here but it didn't go as planned. If the stunt went as planned this is what it would of looked like.
  3. Good job to the devs for putting out the new version 0.9. The game is slowly getting better and better and especially the AI reacting to crash that does look like something might happen in real life. Not perfect but the results are very good.
  4. Right you are lol. This was just what the collision would be like if it was done in a 'realistic' way.
  5. A simple video on how NFS-Style roadblock crashes go in this game. The results aren't surprising but there can be some funny moments there if you think about it.
  6. Remember when Need For Speed used to be interesting and more relevant? There was that NFS Hot Pursuit from 2010 but the online multiplayer on that game is kind of dead now. But I believe NFS got into its peak with the 2005 game. If you've never played or heard of it, I summarize the only best part of the game in this video. Having NOS makes the game way too easy to me so I handicapped myself and playing the slowest vehicle I had in my garage by using the #15 blacklist car. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I'm sort of struggling in my personal life but I'll deal with it like I always have. If anybody wants to buddy up with me and chat or play some multiplayer games with me you know how to get in contact with me. Plus I am getting used to using the AJSA Discord channel. I am a content creator also. I posted a new video I made on BeamNG.drive on the Video Content section if any of you are interested. EDIT: I made edits to my first post.
  8. The truck crash replicated in BeamNG.drive. Luckily the game didn't crash or reset when I did this but the FPS did go down quite a bit heh.
  9. Thanks for welcoming me. So what does this community have to offer. I'm not expecting to meet or see Joe since countless people in this forum have made clear on that being very unlikely and it's not my concern. Do you have any Teamspeak or somewhere where you can gather to play multiplayer games together like Rocket League or?
  10. Hello. I'm new to this site but the only real reason I know this community is Joe himself. Mostly from his angry reviews since they always are entertaining even though there are some opinions I don't agree but that's fine because everybody has their opinion. I can give a short summary of myself if anybody is interested. I don't really get much of a chance to play brand new games which resorts me to watch video game reviews most of the time since I'm on a budget. You could call me a 'conservative' gamer if you want to. Brand new games here in Canada cost over 60+ canadian dollars which makes me very picky on what I play, sometimes just resorting to playing 'classic' games if anybody here is hosting events on that sort of thing. Games such as CSGO, CS:S, Age of Empires 2: HD Edition, World of Tanks/Warships, BeamNG and Rocket League just to name a few. I think that covers everything. I am on Youtube and Twitter for those that are interested, I'm pretty obscure and I'm not here to get attention. I just like to keep up with what's going on in the gaming world, maybe get some new buddies in this community and have fun online Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/eniohabev Steam ► https://steamcommunity.com/id/eniohabev/ YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQMZQtSc62676kUqh2rt8FA Twitter ► http://twitter.com/EnioHabev