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    I love competetive social activites especielly football and E-Sport, but most of all I love just having a good time with friends!

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  1. for honor

    Just added all of you guys to my steam, pm me when you want to play. Im in the knight faction btw
  2. Welcome to the AJSA community Partytree!
  3. Hi and welcome to the community! About your question regarding For Honor we infact have a little group of 4 and now 5 with you I hope, planning to play the game together. I made a post about it called For Honor, recruits. Unfortunately I won't be able to play the open beta and won't be there for launch till the 19 of February because of me going on a vacation with my family...... Anyways go check out the post and post something on it just that I know that you're one of our players.
  4. Welcome to the AJSA my fellow recruit 😉❤👍
  5. Hey! Just wanted to know what voice communication program most of the AJSA members use when gaming and how do I get in contact with people playing the same games as I do, through the calendar or? Do you guys use teamspeak, discord or skype because I haven't found any info on it.....sorry im kinda of new here :////
  6. I've read and watched some previews/beta reviews on the game and it sounds very positive. So much that I infact pre-ordered it a couple of days ago. The negative side of the game that people are mentioning is that it's Peer2Peer which interupts gameplay when a host disconnects or leaves. Some people are even comparing the game to Chivalry and Mount & Blade which is so wrong because they're judging it on the basis that it's similar to those games which isn't true at all. My tip for you is try the open beta on the 9 - 12 of Feb and make your decision then. I've already created a post on the forums looking for AJSA members to play the game with, so tune in there. Here are 2 links on the best previews/beta reviews of the game that you may be interested in:
  7. for honor

    I feel ya Shiroune :// Well, as of right now we're already 4 and atleast that's enough for the biggest current pvp mode "Dominion". Can't wait to test it out, unfortunately I won't be there for launch day........which breaks my heart..... Btw what class and faction do you guys plan to play as, I'm thinking on maining a Knight Lawbringer......they just look f awesome and their build can be devastating..
  8. for honor

    Hey! I'm still new in the AJSA but I wanted to know if some of you plan to play For Honor on PC. I just pre-ordered it and I know it may be risky but the game just looks awesome to me and the critics are positive. So is there any interest in playing this game? I mean it would be awesome if we could create a AJSA guild and group in this game. Just imagine everyone having the AJSA logo on their character and marching into battle, damn. Everyone would fear us. haha.
  9. What's up AJSA people! Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to the community, cya on the battlefield!