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  1. Because there are alot of old school fans that hate Activision for not listening to them for once . cod is not what it used to be and they don't care how the fans want it to be no matter how many feedbacks we throw at them they don't care and people will probably keep hating them it's pretty simple, cod infinite fails in what it tries to do the game tries to build a fake atmosphere to make you feel that cod is still the same old thing but it's not , the game has changed alot since the older versions like mw3 i swear the god by the time COD mw3 was out no one even talked about other first person shooters and honestly when you try to make a game like cod in the future it's not gonna be any good the very basic foundations of call of duty limit it to the ww1 and 2 and that's why it's not gonna be a good game anytime soon
  2. Game Byro So as we know Bethesda studios is using the same old engine over these days when critics and fans persisted Heins answered that they're doing it for the fans that care for the gameplay the most but that's not true i mean there are other games that prove this theory wrong such as the witcher OK true the witcher is different from their games but we've all seen fallout 4 and the game was not really well in terms of graphics dont get me wrong i love their games but come on when you see the other rpgs in the E3 you kinda wish like "damn i wish fallout was like this" i really want them to improve their graphics and as a fan i wanna see them keep up with the other devs but that's my opinion what do you think guys ? How much do you care for the graphics? I personally think it is an essential improvement for the next game TES has a special place in all of our hearts