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  1. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by Noxiefy in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    If u add Red Orchestra 2 to your steam library you will get it for free so download it ! I have no one to play with me ! T_T. This works only today
  2. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    Yeah, it kind of defeats the purpose of giving games to fellow AJSA members when all you see of a person asking for a code is them making posts in nothing but this thread asking for things.
    I got messages asking me for codes from people who had made one post in here saying something like, "Can someone buy me (insert $30+ game) on Steam?" Then I have to think of a nice way to say, hell no you can't have this.
  3. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    The next time I'll give away something it will be to people that at least have an "Excellent" rating. I don't mind giving it to people that only have 1 or 2 posts but it somehow feels a bit strange that you never see anything apart from the gifting of them
  4. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    ESO beta key x 1
    Brutal legend x 1
    Psychonauts x 1
    Costume quest x 1
    Stacking x 1
    Braid x 1
    Hotline Miami x 2 x 1
    PM me if you're interested in one of these games.
  5. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by Todza in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   


    Revenge of the Titans


    Gorky 17

    Conquest of Elysium 3

    Hotline Miami

    Borderlands 2

    Crash Time 2

    Future Wars

    Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters



    I'd like offers, I can trade for TF2/CS:GO keys too

  6. TabulateNewt8 liked a post in a topic by Nazar3k in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    SayberSky wanted to trade Burnout Paradise The Ulitmate Box and Populous for Civilization V. PM if you're interested,probably has other games for trade. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/user/1684-saybersky/
  7. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by ShaunOTEast in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    Wow, not sure how I missed this thread. 
    But here are my offers, quote me for them!
    Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box Edition (Origin)
    Medal of Honor 2010 (Origin)
    Dead Space 3 (Origin) 
    Crysis 2: Maximum Edition (Origin) 
    F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin (Steam)
    Warlock (Steam)
    Dungeonland (Steam) 
    Natural Selection 2 (Steam)
    Garrys Mod (Steam)
  8. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by darkone778 in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    So to give out some less stressful Black Friday Sales or in this thread a giveaway I got a bunch of steam codes to whom ever wants some.
    Mount & Blade
    Majesty 2 Collection
    Hoard Complete Pack
    Forge Starter Pack
    Crusader Kings Complete
    Rune Classic
    Knights & Merchants 
    NecrovisioN: Lost Company
    The Void
    99 Levels to Hell
    Zombie Bowl-o-Rama 
    Commander: Conquest of the Americas Gold
    WWIII: Black Gold
    East India Company Gold
    WWII Panzer Claws 1 & 2
    Pirates of Black Cove Gold 
    Plus whatever games in my past posts in this thread that are not crossed off are also still available.
  9. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by MrAckle in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    It's my birthday in only a couple of days! feel free to gift me games SteamID: MrAckle or Ajsa MrAckle
  10. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by darkone778 in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    Just to let the community know on top of some of the games that I have already mentioned I will post this coming week. I will also have about another 10 games to go with them as well that I will give out.
  11. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by JoshuaT in *New Idea* AJSA Mankini's!   
    Eh. A bit conservative for my taste.
  12. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by -Jay in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    fun for shits and giggles
    gets repetitive and boring later on, especially when most of the ppl design their castles with pretty much the same tactics
  13. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by Forticon in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    Well there was an EA Humble Bundle (where ALL the money went to charity) and that's what included Mirror's Edge, Crysis 2: Maximum Edition, Medal of Honor, Dead Space 1 and 3, and Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box for $1 or more, and Battlefield 3, The Sims 3, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising and Populous if you beat the average.
    The amazing thing is for games that were on both Steam AND Origin they gave everybody separate Steam and Origin keys (games that were Origin only like Battlefield 3 and Dead Space 3, however, were Origin keys only).
  14. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by iRocket in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    ^ Well, if you're lucky, somebody might have an extra one from the Origin Humble Bundle.
  15. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by Kernyx in X Rebirth - Review   
    That patch might have caused a couple issues, but it's not a bug that the character models look horrible, or that the dialoges are stupid and repetitive, or that the game world just pretends to be huge, etc.
  16. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by Kernyx in X Rebirth - Review   
    Final Verdict: 4.12 / 10
    1 - Stability / Engine
    There have been a couple complaints about FPS drops and crashes.
    That makes me come to the conclusion, that there are some compatiblity issues, but the majority of players seems to be able to play the game at normal framerates and crashfree.
    I myself am using a Radeon HD 7970 and experienced a couple frame rate drops here and there, but until now I didn't have anything dramatic happening to me and I'm playing at pretty high settings.
    There are no hardware caused bugs like graphic bugs, in this perspective it runs without any problems.
    Things that do stop my gameplay and have me lose the progress since my last manual save are UI-Bugs.
    I got stuck in the trading menu with the "save" option turned off. The game kept running, but I couldn't close the menu so I had to quit and start over with an old savegame.
    Another bug is that if you dock on a big carrier with having it's docking platform outside you might experience the carrier flying through everything. It just glitches through the giant space stations as if they aren't there. You better watch your step when going back to your ship.
    I do not wish to have these bugs influence the score too much because Egosoft used to fix such bugs in previous titles.
    2 - Gameplay
    2.1 Learning Curve:
    The game is once again extremely hard to learn how to play.
    I take the risk and dare to say it is far harder to understand the game than in previous titles.
    While previous titles like "X3 Albion Prelude" had icons and colourful effects at every space station and ship telling you "Hey here's a quest!" or "I'm taking damage!" X Rebirth doesn't have that.
    They wanted to make the gaming experience more intuitive but they did that on the cost of obviousness.
    As a new player and even as an experienced player of every single previous title you have absolutely no idea what to do or how to actually do it.
    This comes along with a problem with the UI: it doesn't scale with the resolution!
    At a for today very normal resolution of 1920:1080 your UI becomes so tiny that it's absolutely not the player's fault if they miss something.
    The tutorial uses the same lines as the subtitles.
    Eventhough there is no text overlapping it is still a very bad idea, especially because you constantly get tutorial messages for just piloting the ship during the normal gameplay.
    2.2 - Human Gameplay
    During the gameplay it is necessary to stand up from your seat and walk through your tiny ship or some tiny levels that resemble the interriors of a space station.
    I don't even want to pick on the fact that you don't seem to have a body yourself, what's far worse is that you run through the stations with far too high speed.
    You can barely interact with your environment and the interactions that are actually there feel very clumsy and poorly designed.
    It is clear that the development team or the game engine itself is not capable of implementing an organic gameplay within a space game.
    Together with 3.1, 4.1 and 4.2 the human gameplay is rather a huge bother than an enjoyable side experience.
    The human gameplay is a requirement to play the game properly and overall I'd say it has the level of the worst games that infect the market with their low-quality rip-off poison, I've seen super-low budget games that did a better job, I'm sorry to say.
    2.3 - Ship Gameplay
    I'm pretty nice here because I see the little details they added to the franchise over time.
    Your ship doesn't just "turn" if you move your mouse, it drifts into the previous direction, till your accelleration overcomes the former vector.
    You can see your actual speed in real time, there is no restriction when it comes to flying around.
    I do see the relative speed they added to the game, so you don't get crushed by a carrier, while you're flying inside its docking area or anything.
    I do see that they really did put some effort into it.
    But the ship gameplay is not just the 360° controls, it's also the interaction with your environment and that's where the score dies.
    To interact with a station you have to fly really close to its hovering icon.
    Often you find yourself clicking and clicking and just not getting that stupid icon to highlight.
    If you concentrate too much on keeping the icon in the center of your crosshair you will find yourself crashing into the station with mach1 or faster (that doesn't sound healthy).
    Since they removed the targeting system you're usually left having absolutely no idea where your ships are.
    At the beginning of the story mode you get a large trading ship, but I couldn't find it!
    I had no idea how to get to it.
    It was on my sector map, but I could only get a rough idea of where it must be, I couldn't highlight it.
    When I finally found it I had to go to the front of the ship to be able to access the docking menu.
    Being 10m away from a big moving obstacle and moving to it with the speed of sound is a BAD COMBINATION.
    Aside from that I did notice that the ships you meet in the highway are just there for the minigame.
    If you leave the highway through its gate none of those ships come out, and there are a lot of ships in there.
    Previous titles told you when an enemy gets into or out of your weapon's reach, now you have no idea when to shoot.
    The distances are less detailed now, you only get kilometer displays.
    2.4 - Menus and Control Panels
    I wished there was anything enjoyable but not even the main menu feels good.
    You have to switch to arrow keys + enter/esc to use the menu properly.
    Mouse input doesn't work very well since you often don't know if the game actually took the double click or not.
    There are a lot of issues with things like the trading menu.
    While I already transferred the bugs to the stability rating, the menu also feels unintuitive.
    I had no idea who trades with whom and in which direction the wares are going.
    The few menus and control panels that are present are a bother to use!
    And it's not just what's there: It's also what's not there.
    I have the strong feeling that the game would have been better off with far more control panels than that.
    The "intuitive gameplay" is a huge failure and without a proper control interface with a high grade of obviousity you cannot play the game properly.
    3 - Graphics
    3.1 - Human Character Models
    During the gameplay you will soon notice the incredibly ugly character models.
    Most humans you meet look so old, you'll be afraid they drop dead any second.
    Aside from the age they look like their parents were very sad fishes.
    3.2 - Human Animations
    The models are also barely animated.
    No mocap studio was used for those animations, and you will definately see that.
    The animations are extremely rudimentary.
    It is very obvious that someone doesn't know how to rig clothing to a mesh, so you'll often see hats and glasses move differently than the bodypart they are attached to.
    Also often animations don't fit together and lead to weird dislocations.
    3.3 - Ship and Station Models
    I'm sorry to give this such a low rating, because most ships look very beautiful, especially the larger ones.
    Same goes to the majority of the station models.
    What's a bother though is that not all of the models look good.
    Actually some of the models have an incredibly low polygon count for the fact that during the normal gameplay you have to stare at them closeup.
    Aside from that many parts of the space stations are made of alpha-textures instead of 3D models.
    You often get to see really ugly flat pictures instead of beautiful 3D models, and they will rape your eyes until you hate the game.
    3.4 - Textures and Effects
    Some textures look pretty nice and the effect quality is very high.
    You're often stunned by the beauty of the environment ...
    But the rest of the textures really kill the score.
    There are textures with unreasonably low resolution, especially in human gameplay you're constantly surrounded by them.
    On the highway you have to fly into the backwash of faster ships, having you stare at their super-low resolution textures close-up.
    As in 3.3 described there are a lot of alpha-texture replacements: those usually have incredibly low texture resolution, which makes them such a bother in the end.
    4 - Sound
    4.1 - Voiceover:
    There are many audiofiles missing, leaving the player thinking the game stopped working or they messed something up.
    This lowers the score because I'm not sure if they are going to fill the gaps, voice actors cost money and the game is already a disaster.
    The voice acting that is actually there is pretty good if you ignore the content, that's what 4.2 is for.
    I only got to hear the german voiceover, but that one was pretty ok.
    We've got lips moving automatically to the audio, so you could say when the audiofiles are missing and the character doesn't move its lips, it is lip synced.
    4.2 - Dialogues
    What's more of a tragedy than missing voiceover is the voiceover that's actually not missing!
    But not because of the sound quality or the actors: most dialogues are incredibly dumb - like REALLY dumb!
    Incredible the voice actors did their job anyways.
    You get to play the "smalltalk" minigame very often, it is made to be a constantly present essential part of the game but there are only a couple different discussion topics.
    But it's not even that they're always the same, that lowers the score some but it doesn't ruin it.
    The actual content of the dialogues is a narrative disaster.
    It by no means resembles real life situations, your protagonist is an extremely nerdy creep and everyone loves it, and explains you in every detail the chemistry of their liking to youleaving the player with a huge "WTF?!" in their head.
    Aside from the WTF texts at the early game when you don't know that repetitive phrase yet you get scared the crap out of you when an NPC suddenly says "STOP RIGHT THERE!" leaving you to the idea you just broke the law or anything but being followed by a phrase with the content "buy at my shop".
    4.3 - Background-Music:
    Eventhough the music doesn't sound bad, you'll often feel like something's missing when you're bored the most.
    The quality is okay.
    4.4 - Sound Effects:
    They can get oh so annoying.
    I once docked with a police ship flying past me and I constantly heard it through the whole station, always coming from a new source, so it makes sure I can hear its annoying horns ... through space ...
    Some effects might be good but the sound effects you get to hear the most are always the same, annoying and of low quality.
    5 - World Design
    5.1 - Scale in Space
    The world really is huge.
    Every sector is now a solar system connected with space highways.
    There really is some room for exploration.
    However there is a massive lack of sectors, which absolutely kills the rating.
    5.2 - Scale as Human
    The levels are very small.
    I didn't expect much, but together with some of the other flaws they would have been better off with a control pannel and putting some more effort into some better looking character models.
    Since the human gameplay is not an option but a requirement to be able to play the game properly, I have to let this one have high impact on my final verdict.
    5.3 - Depth of Detail
    The world profits from a wide variety of things to explore.
    Even though some landscapes feel like they're just the same again, you'll often be surprised.
    5.4 - Traveling
    If you have to get somewhere quickly you can do that in general.
    I think the game has the best fast-travel systems I have seen so far.
    6 - Artificial Intelligence
    The AI has its good and its bad sides.
    It reacts to the player in interesting ways, especially the combat now has different behaviours and was enjoyable.
    On the other hand the AI also has some issues, like if you keep orbiting other ships, they take you with them, traveling into the distance.
    Especially the police ships can get very annoying because they stop moving if you stop moving.
    They want to go straight but you're in the way so they stay right in front of you with their sirens on - in space.
    There also have been reports of ships simply flying through stations without provoking any glitches.
    Also it seems like some trading ships trade with the wrong docking stations ... how did that happen?
    7 - Story
    7.1 - Storyline
    Let's put it that way: I played the game for 4 hours, in that time I can play Need For Speed The Run two times through, but the only thing that's at least a trace of a storyline is the fact that an ugly NPC is sitting in my ship talking weird stuff about someone called "Betty".
    7.2 - Lore
    This game doesn't seem to be part of the lore.
    You've got Humans and Teladi inside the space stations and Jumpgates, that's about all the refference to the lore.
    After 4 hours of playing I did not notice any serious connection to the X-Universe.
    It's just a reroll of the franchise that bends the lore as much as just necessary giving you cheap explanations and mostly just tells you "we don't know why that happened".
    That's not how you continue a trilogy.
    8 - Additional Features
    Additional Features bring extra score to the game. They are no requirments for the game to work but increase the experience.
    That's why I decided to give them percentages from 1 to 10 instead of ratings, which could be a downgrade to the core game.
    8.1 - Mods
    + 3%
    The game is modifiable and already has a growing modding community, which could probably upgrade the game experience.
    A negative aspect to this feature is the lack of active support on the side of the game developer.
    They made it possible, but there are no programs like a mod manager or a mod creator, those are all community products.
    The game shows so many problems though that it would be crazy to think anyone could turn it into an enjoyable game.
    Games like "Fallout 3" gained hours over hours of enjoyable gameplay through good mod support, but that game worked!
    But in the end it's an upgrade ... worth +3% at maximum ... everything above 6.5 would be serious user content support, which EQNL attempts to achieve.
    8.2 - Active World & Artificial Life Engine
    + 8%  => +0%
    The Artificial Life Engine is a very unique part of the game, that has been a major upgrade to the whole franchise.
    Being able to experience an actively working world is something that doesn't seem to have been accomplished by anyone before.
    Strategy game developers still struggle with data overflows while this franchise easily handled a massive world.
    However in their latest title they replaced everything by just a bunch of ship models flying between stations without any sense.
  17. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by MonkeyZ666 in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    Do you still have the Mirrors Edge key available? *crosses fingers* Even if not thanks for your time and damn all you guys I'm proud to be part of this community
  18. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by Zheng in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    I still got some steam keys from Humble Bundles:
    Magicka and Crusader Kings 2 Steam Key - i think thats 1 key for the 2 games as a bundle
    F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin - 1 key
    Scribblenauts Unlimited - 1 key
    Defiance - 1 game in my steam inventory for gifting
    War of the Roses: Kingmaker Steam Key - 1 key
    All claimed.
  19. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by darkone778 in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    Oh I suppose I should also mention that I have 4 gifts available on steam as well. And, also a major major gift pack. Something in the neighborhood of 46 games to one user. Still trying to figure out how I am going to give that one away. I might offer it up to our Angry Leader and let him come up with something.
    I have the following
    Dungeon Siege Complete Pack (x2)
    Saints Row the Third The Full Package
  20. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by Forticon in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    I like to give away games so I've got some extra copies I could hand out if people are interested.  All games are Steam keys or gifts unless otherwise stated:
    Krater  *TAKEN*
    DLC Quest  *TAKEN*
    Faerie Solitaire  *TAKEN*
    Serious Sam 2  *TAKEN*
    Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter  *TAKEN*
    Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter  *TAKEN*
    The Showdown Effect   *TAKEN*
    A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2  *TAKEN*
    AI War + 4 DLC Packs & Tidalis  *TAKEN*
    AI War: Vengeance DLC  *TAKEN*
    Dead Space (Origin)   *TAKEN*
    Crysis 2: Maximum Edition (Origin)  *TAKEN*
    Medal of Honor (Origin)  *TAKEN*
    Mirror's Edge (Origin)  *TAKEN*
    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising (Origin)  *TAKEN*
    Only one game per person please, and don't ask for a game if you just intend to trade or sell it away.  Thanks.
  21. TabulateNewt8 liked a post in a topic by Nazar3k in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    just woke up, before i went to sleep  this thread had only 1 page. I'm glad it took off, props to darkone778 for starting it
  22. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by hukkie in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    I have some leftover keys from some humble bundles, mostly origin if you guys are ok with that . Will post ~2 a week until I run out (not many anyway) 
    Week 1: 
    Neighbours from hell - Steam 
    Populous - Origin
    Burnout Paradise : The Ultimate Box - Origin
  23. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by darkone778 in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    So I just wanted to let the community know that I have a rather large number of unused steam keys and gifts ( acquired through helping out a website that I volunteer for.) Some of them are really good games other are just meh. I will post a list of games very week or so that are available as well as when they are gone also. If you have any games yourself that you would like to offer up to the community please also feel free to use this thread.
    So for those that want some new games for their PC collections, options are available to them. So the list below are the games that are available for this week. *Note: The available quantities are 1 unless stated otherwise, and one game per user for the week. Some games are also available on Desura or will be from GOG.com also *
    Survivor Squad- Steam (Claimed) and Desura
    8 bit Commando- Desura Claimed
    Chester- Desura
    Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection- Steam (Claimed) Seraphyx
    Vessel- Steam
    AquaNox- Steam
    Painkiller: Overdose- Steam
    A New Beginning- Final Cut - Steam
    Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition- Steam  Claimed
    Crusader Kings Complete- Steam  Claimed
    Guns of Icarus Online- Steam (Claimed) by Ikarus2100
  24. Nazar3k liked a post in a topic by darkone778 in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    Well my friend I am sure if you message any of these fine people in this thread. We are more than willing to help you remedy this problem!