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  1. I have played warframe with my wife before, but we just ran through those missions without paying much attention to crafting system or character builds and it got repetitive and boring fast. But I bet there more into it, I'll join you. You have my sword...
  2. Will be there.
  3. Recruit, Shitkicker, reporting for duty I have recently moved to other country away form friends. And now I have some spare time on my hands, since I work as a freelancing graphic designer. So I figured, I might as well dust off my gaming shoes I find myself in need of a new community to play online with. I used to be a huge MMO addict back in the day, but right now I'd play anything if its with the right people. Nobody likes grinding alone ;/ Sooo, please be gentle to me and cya all in-game(dic pics provided on request)
  4. Hey, I'm kinda new here... so where do I sign up? Or should I just show up at the right time and place?