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  1. Steam's been around longer and has less bugs to iron out. But steam has had its issues from my perspective. Most of my games aren't origin exclusives so I've not used that service as much. Around sale times, its servers have been massively overloaded, preventing me from being able to authenticate and play my single player games despite offline mode. Less of an issue over the last 6-12 months but I dont get the people who refuse to buy a game unless its released on steam.
  2. Given the quality of my experience with the game so far, I'd have been happy to pay a small amount to the devs for an expansion. Awesome sauce
  3. Disclaimer: Other bundle sites do exist
  4. The first 4 are technically 'new' and you may want to wait for a sale (though battlefield 4 will probably be the last to drop as it's the most recent). Battlefield 4's got more hype and is likely to generate a greater player base than Arma 3 but it's more arcadey. The other games are technically different genres/styles (and tend not to be as multiplayer orientated). It depends what you want to play. If your bandwidth permits, consider d/ling a few demos Word of warning. Rome 2's still very buggy and I wouldn't recommend it in it's current state. You may want to pick up the Shogun 2 gold edition (with all dlc) instead if you haven't gotten it already.
  5. I joined due to the cult of personality effect that Joe has. Also looking to find some people to play some coop games with/ do some organised team deathmath/ctf (though it's too late for tribes ascend I guess)