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  1. AngryJoe really does not like "horde mode"! As someone who has played ME3 MP to death, I have to say that I loved it. Every single player that i respect tells me that the ME:A MP is frustrating and a disappointment compared to ME3. Maybe ME:A has the potential to be better, but wow - I can't imagine buying this game for £55 or even more and getting this as the product. I get the feeling a lot of faithful fans have been stung with a half baked game that cost way too much money.
  2. Thanks buddy, wheres the ME party? ME:A maybe disappointing but ME3 will live forever
  3. i've played almost 6000 games of ME3 MP, not paid for a single transaction
  4. Hello everybody! I'm a big fan of TheAngryJoeShow, I love your utube channel and I'm a big fan of Mass Effect 3 MP! I've been checking the Twitch stream of ME:A and I have to say that I agree with the criticism of the game, I wanted this game to be the greatest game of all time because of ME3 but it has just turned out to be DA:I in space and the MP of the game is an immature joke right now. I personally love the "Horde Mode" of ME3 but mainly because of the Co-Op and the way that you play with your friends to defeat your opponents, esp on Platinum - its the best multiplayer experience i've ever had and I'd recommend it to everybody! ME:A MP is very immature at this stage but so was the ME3 MP at the same stage in its development. Mr.Joe's review may well be concentrating on the quality of game at release but if you were to play the ME3 MP now I bet that you would agree that its awesome now, so maybe the ME:A MP will be awesome one day too. I just joined the Army as I know Mass Effect is an awesome trilogy and I'd like the ArmyArmy to have its Mass Effect fans too! TheAngryJoeShow is the best Computer Game Review Show on the Net, keep up the good work guys, you are awesome!