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Everything posted by HaruKari

  1. The problem seems to have sorted itself out. Still no idea what the issue was, But thanks anyway for the feedback.
  2. Ok so I've been trying all day to get on the PSN store and I've come across a little problem. The screen just sits on a 'Please wait ...' message for hours without doing anything. According to the Status page the PSN isn't down and I've check my own connect and they seem fine. Any advice?
  3. Very Anime. I Approve.
  4. ... Just seeing how an awesome singer started. Also Pokemon song.
  5. Well ... This game came onto my radar really out of nowhere. I hadn't really been interested in it before but since the new demo came out I'd figure I would download it and give it a go, Wow did it impress. The fusion of the two puzzle games work really well and the mode that switches between the two styles at regular intervals really lead to some chaotic finishes. Yeah, Guess this is another game to add to my Switch checklist.
  6. So, Main bulletpoint from the Direct then. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - All characters will be unlocked from the start, Including the new additions, Playing Battle online will randomised the mode you play if not playing with friends. Ultra Street Fighter II - Adds a Coop mode where two players fight against the CPU, And an easy mode while in handheld where special moves can be performed via the touch screen. Minecraft - Coming to Switch on 11th May, Adds a Mario theme pack, Can be played with four players offline. New E-shop game Project Mekkura announced. Fate/Extella - Coming to Switch on July 25th. Disgaea 5 Complete - Coming to Switch on May 23rd. Puyo Puyo Tetris - Demo on the E-shop now. Sine Mora Ex, Battle Chasers Nightwar and Payday 2 coming to Switch later this year. Arms - Adds a new character Minmin, Release date of June 16th. Spaltoon 2 - Adds a 'horde' mode, Release date of July 21st. Overall not a bad set of info for a pre-E3 Direct, Excited for offline Minecraft and the reveal of Payday 2 really surprised me. The more I see of Arms the more interested I am in it and Splatoon 2 continues to be a must buy for me.
  7. Nintendo has announced it will be hosting a Direct stream on April 12 at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET / 11 PM GMT. The focus of the presentation will primarily be Nintendo Switch titles Splatoon 2 and Arms. Although Nintendo will "mainly" show these two games, it has also teased more "information about Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch games on the way." As always, the event will be streamed on YouTube and the Nintendo Direct website.
  8. Nintendo wants to make sure the Switch and 3DS are as secure as possible, and it's turning to a community of "white-hat hackers" to find any vulnerabilities. The company has taken out a listing on HackerOne, a "bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform," asking for reports on those two systems only. In exchange, Nintendo is offering a "bounty" of up to $20,000 for new information on any of the following: Piracy, Cheating, Dissemination of inappropriate content to children, System vulnerabilities regarding Nintendo Switch, Vulnerabilities regarding Nintendo-published applications for Nintendo Switch, System vulnerabilities regarding the Nintendo 3DS family of systems So how much exactly will you get for a valuable tip? Nintendo says it depends on how important and useful the reported info is. It says, in general, "the importance of the information is higher if the vulnerability is severe, easy-to-exploit." Hackers will have to show a proof of concept or functional exploit code, but if you don’t have that Nintendo is still encouraging you to "report to us sooner rather than later such that you do not to lose the opportunity to become the first reporter." So far three people have reported vulnerabilities and received their bounties. How much, and what bugs they found, are kept secret.
  9. Yeah, Too bad PC users will probably never get to see the second one.
  10. A Mario Kart 8 Switch bundle was accidentally revealed and then quickly removed on the official Russian Nintendo site. Originally discovered by the folks on r/nintendoswitch, the bundle includes a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and either a Gray or Neon Switch console.
  11. Nah, The website is fine as it is. I mean, I'm reletively new to this whole Internet thing and I can navigate it just fine. Plus, I can't really say that the Rooster Teeth one looks any better, To me it looks more bland and uninteresting.
  12. I'm not saying that Nintendo's current business model is right, Heck I'm a diehard Nintendo fan and I currently have no Amiibos to my name. I'm saying that if you don't agree then simply don't buy it, No need to go stealing from them.
  13. Dammit! The annoucment was just a PC port of the original.
  14. Sega appears to be teasing something. The developer and publisher has launched a new teaser site that features a countdown clock that ends in seven days, three hours, and five minutes, as of this writing. People on Reddit believe the teaser may be related to the Bayonetta series, as the character's foot can be seen in the dimly lit background on the teaser page. The header for the teaser site only says, "Coming Soon."
  15. Well, Its a good thing opinions like yours are in the minority then.
  16. If your like me then you've probably played Breath of the Wild to death by now so one day I figure I would start the game over again and restrict myself with so self-imposed limitations. And Since I'm the type that likes to share I'd figure I would let anyone who fancied it have a go too. Note this is a WIP so changes to the rules may occur. Weapons Only the following weapons can be used, And only for the described purpose, None of these weapons can be used to attack enemies. Touch - To carry flames and lit dark areas. Woodcutters Axe - To chop down trees and long grass. Korok Leaf - To move rafts. Drillshaft/Iron Sledgehammer - To mine ore points. Shields No Shields may be used. Bow No rescrictions on Bows. Armour Only the Hylian Hood, Hylian Tunic and the Hylian Trousers can be equiped. The only exception for this is while entering and inside of Gerudo Town where you can use the Gerudo Veil, Gerudo Top and Gerudo Sirwal since I do not believe there is a way to enter this area without that armour set. All Armour must be dyed as soon as possible. Armour can be upgraded at the Great Fairy as normal. Runes No rescrictions on Runes. Shrines and Towers Shrines and Towers can be completed/activated as normal. Fast Travel is not allow, With the exception of returning to the Shrine of Resurrection since I believe there is no other way to return to the Great Plateau. Horses A horse must obtain a horse at the earliest possible location. May not exchanged a stored horse for a newly tamed one. A horse that has died cannot be resurrected. Hearts/Stamina No rescrictions on Hearts or Stamina. Possible problem areas Tunderblight Ganon - I don't believe there is any way to damage Thunderblight Ganon with arrows while his shield is up. Calamity Ganon - I don't believe there is any way to deal damage to Calamity Ganon while he has his red barrier up without using a shield. I will try and find a way around these problems when I get to them in my current playthough.
  17. Thanks for the feed back. Problem is with Daruk's protection is that its only a 3 shot, and I don't think that will be enough to take Ganon down. I'll try it when I get there but thats my main concerned with going with that idea.
  18. Yeah ... Cos thats not highly illigal at all. [/sarcasm]
  19. Personally after playing the Splatoon 2 Beta I can't wait to hear more about it (hopefully a solid release date) but yeah I'm not going to be saying up till midnight to watch it.
  20. If your serious about becoming a proper offical E-Sport team then you might want to also metion that you would probably want to live in close proximity to each other and be willing to travel long distances.
  21. Yeah but facial animation and game breaking glitches apparently isn't one of them.
  22. poll

    Pfft, Clearly Pikachu itself is the best cosplayer But as for the actualy question, I'm going with OtherJoe, Since he shows of him feminie side more and I respect that.
  23. Pretty much this. Destiny 2 needs to do a lot not only to appeal to the fans that are still playing the original but also to bring back those who were dissappointed with the first game (I count myself in the later catagory by the way) and as things currently stand I don't think they have the ability to pull this off.
  24. Come on, there was no way Roman was going to lose this fight, They still need to ram him down out collective gullets a little more. Still, So long Deadman, May you finally REST IN PEACE! ... On a brighter note, Tomorrow ... ... Sorry but I love these guys.