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  1. So Xbox now let's you use custom made gamer pics that you can upload, which is great. However, It won't let me change mine because "I need to be older", even though my Microsoft Account age is 24. Please help!
  2. Thanks anyways. I did find a solution: I turned off auto and make the brightness 100% and it fixed itself. kinda sux on how this can happen
  3. You may add me if you want. I'm going to get this game soon.
  4. I bought my LGG5 about 2-3 months ago and i was watching a youtube video on the chrome browser and when I closed out the search bar has burned onto the screen. Anyone know a fix or a similar problem?
  5. Yeah I'll probably have to call them. But I never heard of merging account so I'll ask them about that. Thanks!
  6. I have a very quick question. If I were to close my Microsoft account for Xbox One, would my gamertag also be deleted? Would it become available for others to use? I accidentally made a second account with the Gamertag name I wanted, (Its a long story) and I am hoping I can close that second account and use the name for my primary one.
  7. I do like the setting in SA tho. I'm a huge 80s-90s Gangster Hip Hop Rap fan so the setting is perfect for me
  8. .I do think Vice City was good for it's time but compared to SA it drops.
  9. I really like SA, GTA4, and GTA5. I cant really decide which I like more tbh
  10. It is quite irritating, especially the "meat grinders" in Fort De Vaux in the TSNP DLC
  11. Ay man, it's cool. It was a great review! I loved it. It's good to see you care about your community and your upload schedule. Can't wait till the next video! See you on the next Angry Joe Show!