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  1. Cyborg-Rox liked a post in a topic by CaptMushy in What is your favorite GTA game?   
    .I do think Vice City was good for it's time but compared to SA it drops.
  2. CaptMushy liked a post in a topic by Hatchetman12988 in New recruit here   
    Whats up everyone I just joined the site but have being a angryjoe fan for a while so ya if you have a ps4 add me my ps id is in my profile hope to see you all on there
  3. CaptMushy liked a post in a topic by Ninjaneer in LG G5 Screen Burn In   
    Hold on let me try to google the answer.
    As far as my knowledge goes I'm not sure if there is a way to fix a screen with a burned in image but hopefully this will help reduce it.
    I'm not sure how much this will help.
  4. CaptMushy liked a post in a topic by theDRUNKpolak in Gamertag Listing - Xbox One AJSA Battlefield 4   
    Not the biggest talker on the mic but I'll take some bullets away from the rest of you!
  5. CaptMushy liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Xbox One Gamertag Question   
    I honestly have no idea. The only thing i can suggest is contact Microsoft customer support and ask them. If the details for both can be verified as yours maybe they can merge the accounts?
  6. CaptMushy liked a post in a topic by RuneX in AJSA Xbox One Club Information & How To Join   
    This thread has been retired and merged with the 'Xbox Information Thread'.
    In November 2016 the long awaited 'Xbox Clubs' feature was released for Xbox One console owners. Clubs are online communities on Xbox One where people can gather together to play and socialize. It is a great way for folks to come together to talk, find like-minded individuals to game with, and helping bring gaming communities like ours closer together.
    Not only will we have our main AJSA Discord channel and the forums to communicate, the Clubs system will make it easier for members to find and game with fellow members in a more efficient fashion on a local level.
    The AJSA Club on Xbox One also has a built in chat system (similar to Discord) and 'Looking for Group' system. Members will also have the ability to view their fellow members online status and see what game they're playing without having to sort through their own friends list.
    How Can I Join the AJSA Club on Xbox One?
    Make sure you have the latest Xbox One console update downloaded. If you are unsure you have the update, on your home console go to your 'Dashboard' and head to the 'Community' tab on the top of your screen. If you do not see "Look for Clubs" on the top right hand side of your screen, you need to download the console update.
    Click on "Look for Clubs". Search for "Official AJSA Xbox One Community". Request for an invite to join the Club and an admin will send you a formal invitation to join. Once you join, you will be able to enjoy all the amenities that the AJSA Xbox Club has to offer.
    Club Activities
    Share your game clips and screenshots to the community Create and respond to Looking for Group posts Participate easily in events and meet new friends Keep up to date on all AJSA events and game sessions Interact daily with other members via gaming or chatting Ground Rules
    The AJSA Community is governed as a whole by the AJSA Code of Conduct:
    Each Xbox Club has tags that describe their Club. Our Official AJSA Xbox One Community tags are:
    No Trash Talking Casual Achievement Hunting Cooperate Player vs Player New Players Welcome Will Help New Players Everyone is welcome Xbox Clubs Walkthrough
    Please contact RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya] if you need assistance to join the Club.
  7. CaptMushy liked a post in a topic by Ninjaneer in What is your favorite GTA game?   
    I would of said Simpson Hit and Run. 
    But seriously I like GTA V a lot.
  8. CaptMushy liked a post in a topic by QwiK in What is your favorite GTA game?   
    GTA 5 for the mods, GTA SA Multiplayer for the online component, damn good old fun times.
  9. CaptMushy liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in What is your favorite GTA game?   
    San Andreas. Classic and king. 
    The most exaggerated and hilarious storyline, but a lot of fun. From being a small time gangster to randomly working for the fucking government and throwing down fucking bombs from jets, fighting the military and breaking into a top secret military facility to steal a top secret military project AND  then after all that, just casually goes back to solving all the gangster shit back at home. 
  10. CaptMushy liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in AJSA Chain of Command - Ranks   
    All [AJSA] Individuals must obey the Chain of Command or Risk Strikes or possibly a Ban. Please be respectful to Officers and obey our structure of order. We anticipate large membership so this is very necessary to make the Angry Army function at its best! If you have a problem with authority or the reverse, with power trips, please do not apply to our community, you will be removed as soon as it become an issue. We are trying to create a fun and friendly gaming environment for all types of Gamers! Thank you for your cooperation.
    The Front Line

    Recruit - New Recruits to the Angry Army are welcomed with open arms! Recruits may participate in the AJSA and open gaming events but must prove their sincerity in participating our gaming community by “Earning their shield” and becoming a full fledged Member of the AJSA! They may do this by proving themselves friendly, dedicated, and competent on the battlefield and by participating actively on our forums.
    Recruits are Automatically Promoted to Full Member after (30 Days) with No Strikes on their Account.
    Veterans and Higher Ranks may recommend a Recruit to be Promoted sooner with at least 2 weeks of high activity.
    Officers will then review the Recruit and approve them for full membership.

    Member - Loyal, Trained and Skilled, these Soldiers are the Heart and Soul of the Angry Army! You have proved yourself among the best, congratulations! Members are also considered first over Recruits for Limited Events, Beta Key Giveaways, and AJSA Internal Prize Tournaments.
    Members represent the Angry Army within the Gaming Community and strive for excellence in any game they play!

    Veteran - Automatically awarded to members who have been in good standing for (90 days) during our first 6 months in operation. This Requirement goes up to (180 days) after our "Launch Window". Members of the Previous Angry Army may become Veterans Automatically with Commander Review and Approval.

    Veterans are considered Members for all rank purposes but whose service has been proven, respected and now recognized.

    Sergeants - An active member who goes above and beyond within the community. Training and Improving other Members gaming skills and offering regular friendly help to new recruits. This is the highest Possible Rank achievable before an Officer Rank.
    Sergeants are Hand Selected by Commanders for grooming towards an Officer Position or to simply help lead our Front Line Troops in battle. It is only from this pool that New Officers are considered in new and current games when needed. Only Sergeants and above may be considered to run new AJSA Official Games.
    When no Officers are present at an event or in-game a Sergeant will lead squads in game by default if they so choose. Sergeants do not have the power to moderate the boards or discipline other members but are trusted to inform Officers of any potential problems.
    Commanding Officers

    Game Specific Officers - These are members who have displayed an aptitude for leadership. An outstanding member of the community, they are responsible for scheduling events, meetings, training sessions and ensuring a positive gaming environment for all members in their respective game.
    Game Officers act as moderators on the forums and in game. They may add events to The Official AJSA Calendar only with Approval from a Commander. Game Officers are considered Sergeants if they are playing in a game other than their specified Game.
    (Coming Soon)
    Game Specific Admins -

    AJSA Commanders - These are Senior Officers who have displayed outstanding leadership skills. They must be diplomatic, decisive and adept at multi-tasking. They have all the powers and permissions Game Officers do. They may also act as the AJSA Server Admin’s if they have the required knowledge.
    This is the highest level of work and responsibility within the AJSA. It requires an immense amount of free time and flexibility. They oversee all of the AJSA activities within all our official games and are ultimately responsible for coordinating regular training, meetings and events with our Officers. Game Commanders are always considered Commanders regardless of what game they are playing in.

    The AJSA Council - These are the specific individuals that Lord Commander Joe relies on for advisement and executive actions. The Council determines the direction and focus of the Angry Army. Council members have the power to manage and administer all aspects of the AJSA’s direction on behalf or in advisement of the Lord Commander through majority votes. Game Commanders report directly to the council in High Command Meetings to give sit-reps on the state of the community in regular monthly meetings.
    Specialized AJSA Members

    AJS Video Personality -
    (Coming Soon)
    AJSA E-Sports Team (Captain/Member) -

    Gold Club -

    Platinum Club -

    Founders Club -

    AJSA Investor -
  11. CaptMushy liked a post in a topic by ACE1918 in Battlefield 1918 3.2 Teaser   
  12. RuneX liked a post in a topic by CaptMushy in Battlefield 1 Grenade spam,   
    It is quite irritating, especially the "meat grinders" in Fort De Vaux in the TSNP DLC