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  1. Stumbled upon this during a google search on the latest Tomb Raider game. Just watch and prepare to just die of nostalgia. Here is the link to the Youtube video showing gameplay footage of first level of TR2: Dagger of Xian and here's the amazing part, it's Fanmade in Unreal4, led by one guy and a small team of talented, devoted fans who contribute. Here is a link to his website. And you can download the demo from here too. Watching this the first thing that struck me, was something I had forgotten, what Exploration truly means is this... no waypoints, no prompts, no rails. I remember playing this the first time (and TR2 was my first TR game). You are dumped next to the great wall of china, with barely any expository cutscene, just enough to tell you you are at the Great Wall, you have a pair of guns, shotgun, Lara's journal, and that's it. The small manual in the CD jewel case gave a bit more lore/backstory, but more than that, YOU had to find. Let's support these guys and get the whole thing remade.
  2. One thing I would like to see or compile (and help out SpacePope :-) is a Masterlist of every warframe player in the Angry Army. This is intended just for practical purposes to help every Angry Army Space Ninja to connect with each other in game and for folks who can't be awake in EU timezone to attend the Expeditionary Events. NOTE: Signing up here does not imply that you're committing to joining any possible future Angry Army clan. Its just a list folks. So simply post your ingame screen name here, be in Discord when you play, and lets see if we can get the ball rolling. So without further ado, Warframe Screen Name: MagentTanau PS: If you are interested in joining a future Clan, be sure to post that in SpacePope's thread.
  3. Definitely be interested as well.
  4. Greetings, Been a long time follower and subscriber on youtube of the AngryJoeShow, and been popping in on occasion waiting for when the AngryArmy and myself will finally share a mutual interest in a game and at long last it happened with the EF to Warframe. I've been (and still am) mostly in EVE Online (where I'm in management of a corporation), Star Trek Online (though not so much these days) and enjoy story driven single-player experiences mostly, (Fallout series, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Witcher series etc), but have mostly long lost interest in the FPS genre, (COD MW2 was the last one I played.) PC player only, as the prices for consoles and their games in my country are ridiculous. I dislike what gaming has become due to the pervasive, nefarious influence of Corporate Commander . Gaming should be about having fun, and lots of it, especially in a cooperative multiplayer setting. Hoping to have lots of awesome times in the future with the Angry Army.