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  1. Looks like I'm a bit late for the party (or just in time) since the beta have already started. But if there are still some of you who haven't grouped up yet or are looking for someone to kick some alien ass with. Feel free to add me . Just add PSN: ErikEast and write and include AJSA in the message. See ya in game!
  2. Welcome to the Age of Empires II thread on the AJSA forums! For those that do not know, Age of Empires II is considered a classic of the strategy game genre. So if strategy is what you're looking for (and fun ofcourse) you have come to the right place! Age of Empires II has always been one of my favorite games and I'm extremely happy with it's multiplayer revival on steam after the HD rerelease. However it can sometimes be hard to find people for larger games such as 4v4 or 2v2v2v2 (caotic but fun). Of simply finding people to play with if you want a tactical match. Therefor I have decided to create this thread where you can look for like-minded people to play with, create games events or simply share your experiences regarding Age of Empires II. Don't forget to have fun, and remember as the wise monk once said "Wololo".
  3. Path of Exile is eating up most of my free time together with Battlefield 4. However I want to start playing the witcher 2 aswell since I sadly missed out on that game when it was first released.
  4. Age of Empires II, fantastic game. Still playing it and it is as fun as ever. But just imagine it with up to date graphics! That would be amazing.
  5. Tack så mycket!
  6. Looks like Sweden is late for the party. Guess I'll have to do something about that.^^ Hi everyone, I'm known as ErikEast/Eastron online and my real name is Erik ( Hard to guess, I know). I've been watching videos from angryjoe for a while but I never joined the angry army. So with the relaunch I thought why not give it a shot . I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, and I enjoy games from many genres. Right now I'm keeping myself occupied with Path of Exile and Battlefield 4 on PC, aswell as GTA V on PS3. AJSA seems like an awesome community and I'm looking forward to playing with you all!