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  1. Well said
  2. I'm excited to see Raid matchmaking, destiny needed that desperately for players who wanted to play the end game stuff. I like that they added the two main weapon slots. Expanded main story length was really needed. How much new and changed stuff did you expect? We have remakes of old games (Skyrim remastered?) and sequels that do far less. Bungie makes a sequel and they didn't add enough. The game isn't even in beta yet, maybe wait until more news and footage gets released before you start trolling on it, what kind of company is going to blow their whole wad in one go?
  3. Well I see that I am the only one excited for this game
  4. It's ok hun don't get upset, I for one want to see new games. I have a lot of fond memories playing quake on my dads computer. Do you really want to see remakes of everything?
  5. I had this issue a while back I fixed it by going into the network settings and cleared the alternate MAC address. It worked for me.
  6. Why are they reviving all these old games? Quake was fun in its day but that was then. Lets stop playing with my childhood and make new games?
  7. Oh well I think it's just the fast motion. I play on PS4 obviously so there are no settings I can play with. I'll see about trading it at GameStop, get something less puke inducing.
  8. ...Why does this exist?
  9. Hi all, I was playing Doom for the first time and I could only play it for 30 minutes before getting really sick. It's the first FPS I've played that caused me motion sickness. Is this a problem for anyone else? I'm smart why can't I reply? It's a 40 something Inch TV. I don't know what it's refresh rate is. If it was the TV wouldn't other games make me sick?